Americans Try Korean McDonald's

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"A.K.A. Mac-do-nal-deu"

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Fast Food Chicken Burger
Spencer_Whalen/Getty Images

Created by

Rita Hong
Omg I should work for buzzfeed Haha im so bubbly
Deez Nutz
Take me with you
Brianne Morris
that chicken burger reminds me of the KFC chicken burger in canada
Dillon Wages
worth it before it was cool XD
TheLastSniper TLS
better hurry up and eat before kim jun un eats it.
Astetically Technically
now i want a nice big juicy chicken burger from KFC
Chun Libby
Its been a month. Im still waiting on that (those) Worth It episode(s) from Korea.
Dominic Stevenson
Lauren A
I have never had a churro. :'( Also are they filming Worth It episodes while in Korea?
She's Baby
Mc Donald-duh
Julia lam
Oops. Thought this was the $1 McDonalds vs. $267 McDonalds.
Asians trying american food in Korea.
They we're probably there because of the Korean BBQ
Lol did you notice Andrews last name? I cant even pronounce it XD
Saniatun Nahar
"mcdonald's in asia is so upscale" literally not in the philippines
Selena Pama
Ayre Blossum
A video where Adam actually speaks!
Tia Cox
Adammmmmmmm ..... you're talking a whole lot
alireza zarrineghbal
what about north korean famous atomic bombs ?
Know wonder why why they went to south korea
Beats By Younging
North korea looks nice.
garret sanlayan
im so exited when i saw a korean video
because i love kpop and korea
silu wang
goddamn evan is hot
Nick Gomez
Definitely not North Korea
Evette Ernestine Cabangon
I love the voice of Adam. super cute. hahahaha! I'm used to him being the quiet type.
Aïda Sagne
You should have compared with Korean Burger King! It was much better when I went there.
Annie Butler
Ive never seen Adam talk that much
Amy Park
everytime they say "say___in korean" it's just like???? its just the same words with different accents because its an english word
LaSombra CS:GO
I need to go to Korea....
Alicia Grimes
The 2 white guys have zero personality
The real question is: Is their ice cream machine broken?
Fluffy Puffy
I'm allergic to shrimp too :D
Catherine Tran
I'm honestly glad it was them in the video
Every time the camera guy says something, it takes 2 seconds before I laugh.
Autumn Austin
Guys you smell that! It's smell like we are going to get a worth it episode in Korea.😂👌
Diamond 05
We need more Evan 😍😍
Oh Adaaaam!
This is the most I've seen Adam talk
Macron 2017
Are their Hot Dogs real dog?
They're not even Americans. No offense.
Jonathan Hoyte
That was the most Adam has spoken in 3 mins compared to the entire WorthIt series so far.
ive never seen adam talk this much
Maricela Huidor Figueroa
If I ever went to South Korea I would not eat McDonalds either. I would be in the food markets!
McDonald's in China have egg tarts
Al Ellis
why did evan remind me of yeol
lmao so-seu-bo-yi
phas motus
okay now I wanna try all of that
this is the most i've seen and heard adam talk
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