5 Awesome Life Hacks For Toothbrush

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5 Awesome Life Hacks For Toothbrush

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Erin Brooks
What is the song that is playing throughout the whole video. Plzzz anybody its been driving me insane for 4 months
сук, ну вот как ? как блядь такая хуйня людям в голову лезет? вот просто логически подумать, это вот чем надо заниматься что бы в голове такой кисель образовался, или дома просто тонна крышек , горячего клея и зубных щеток лежит, и тип подумал как бы их побыстрее захуярить в говно.... ну что же, Аплодисменты автору!, ржу в голосину от такого слабоумия.. это прорыв бро.. просто ПРОРЫВ в современный век технологий есть некий процент людей которые остаются быть древолазами.... и уж на то пошло, чистый ноут можно и тряпочкой протереть микро фиброй блядь понимаешь?, а для нормальных людей в магазинах продают баллоны с жатым воздухом... ну уж на край сделал баллон сам с ниппелем от авто колеса , качай насосом и чисти потом хоть весь ноут.. не ну.. бляя.. это просто зашквар тупых идей и он все это с интузиазмом.. пздц просто пздц..
Mom, why are there big holes in my teeth???
MahBoyMel - Minecraft
What was that intro?
Yeah, if you put your tootbrush in hot water... erm... it'll get hot for a bit. Then take it out of the water. Cools down again. #toothbrushhack
0:15 toothbrush porn
Mathias Brobech
"Shut The Fuck Up"
succ ess
I hit the thumb down and then watch the video for those life hack vids
Asher Daniel
When are we ever gonna see the actual thumbnail?
greg rocketman
hopefully you don't get the job at the NASA space program. This is the most ridiculous hacks I've ever seen!
Stalin Natarajan
Nina 1995
Baby you don't hablve to rush...
Duck Speaker
#4 made #5 look way less cool
naruto- anime
brushing your teeth with a nail in it is it a life hack to brake your teeth
Patricia McGill
What if you drilled it and installed the screw BEFORE you cut the handle off, dumb ass?
David Marskell
I wish all these people with their "life hacks" and "magic tricks explained" etc., could all combine their creative forces and figure out a way to get that crazy fucking Trump out of office. Now that's a life hack I'd like to see.
why have so many people watched this lol
Keith D
Laya Bro
osman sekerci
Song name please ?
lee fagan
really cheap...just buy a tooth brush holder...and btw that tap is so dirty and rusty, disgusting!!
The toothbrush needs replacing not put in hot water! Teeth can't be replaced, a toothbrush can.
Abir Paramanik
very good
Wretched Fretched
Thumbs down. It's just another idiot misusing the term Life Hack.
Cam Moto
How to wear off the paint from your keyboard by attaching an old toothbrush to a drill.
Shirley Tiumalu
your title should say WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOUR STUPID
Åke Wittzell
Panda Kai
dumbest video ever
These are easy life hacks but I probably wouldn't of thought of them myself 😂
xbell 123
oh yea i put a screw through my toothbrush and i used it

my mouth is full of blood help me
Benten Forceg
Everyone likes drilling holes in their teeth with toothbrushes that have screws in them!, right?........guys?, anyone? ok just me.😰
supersonic fan 13
huuu I guess this is lop
klara Dilbren
hvor meget, du er dum. idiot )-:
Squirrel Duck
Or I could just buy a fucking toothbrush holder :/
Jake Hofferber
The dude making these videos is a jerk
Troy Nunes
What exactly was the hot water for?
Daniēls Sedliņš-Brūders
your thumbnais are the worst clickbait ive seen - typical american
Matthew Howe
Thats 5min of my life im never gonna get back.
Kerbin5150 YT
My favorite part was from 0:08 0:10 oh yea awesome back ground!!
Kerbin5150 YT
Next s/he should see what happens when a 1000 degree knife slices your neck?
Tyuhe ·
BloodyVids The copy
scott_ smith-scooters n trampolines
sup instead of using it for key board use it for teeth
Huy Kim
you copy Mr.gear
Wow someone who actually knows what a hack is. Sick of all these people making "hack videos" when really its just arts and crafts with random shit. OOh look at me, I took a cup and added some motors and shit and stuck it to a door now its a alarm.
Joris Alkema
Rainbow Queen Megan
As awesome as that is to fix a frayed toothbrush, you are supposed to toss it when its too frayed for hygiene reasons. You just taught people how to be dirty and unhygienic and save money by buying toothbrushes less often. Gross!
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