Anthony Bourdain Documents the Return of First Celebrity Chef from Exile

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Anthony Bourdain chats about his documentary Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent, about a little-known American chef who revolutionized the way we dine and then disappeared.

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Anthony Bourdain Documents the Return of First Celebrity Chef from Exile

Jay Ziffel
Bourdain is nothing more than a sell out. Those in the "real" working kitchens laugh at him. He talks a good game, but that is where it ends.
PJ Muller
he's so brown​....
Rachmi Abdullah
Ah, Anthony is ageless
Watching Jimmy try and conduct an interview is like trying to watch a monkey fuck a football. Bourdain saved his ass.
Lauren Taylor
Uhh sorry, Julia fucking Child?
This guy Jeremiah Tower IS NOT THE FIRST CELEBRITY CHEF !!!!!!!!!!!!
He became a chef in the late 1960s and early 1970s
Julia Child is the first celebrity chef who was famous before Jeremiah was born
Whats wrong with this idiot Anthony whats his name ????????
Where can I watch the documentary
Malcolm Trachtenberg
I worked with Jeremiah during the last years of Stars( 97-99) and even did a James Beard dinner with him..definitely an interesting person...good times
So fake reactions, James.
He looks like Freddie Mercury to me...specially his mouth for some reason
Anthony Bourdain interviews Jimmy Fallon ...
Boring as fk
Mark Lee
I'm going to say it: Bourdain is a writer first, and then a chef. While his kitchen skills are impressive, his writing (insights) is superior.
2:55 whoa dude
Dawn Stott
I USED TO GO TO 'STARS' IN SF EVERY MONDAY NIGHT! Best shark kebab appetizer and martini ever.
Wayne Harris
This was boring......
Carl Dela Cruz
Anthony Bourdain is living my dream
Badger Studios
The last time I saw him was on ATV, why is everyone getting so old.
fallons interviews are cringe worthy at best, impeach fallon!
Yvette H
love your show
Jimaro Morales
Anthony Bourdain just put me in a coma!
New Message
twitchy li'll bugger ain't he?
Number 14
Rafael Miranda
jimmy spoiling the documentary
Christine Haynes
Where can we see this documentary?
Ansh Kekre
X Notification squad x
Kable Kars
i'll give u a cookie!!
Logan Moodley
1st comment and 2nd like ❤️ notification squad show me who you are
wiz 7 production
firstt ..... dislike !!
Liv Stape
Early Squad where we at?
wiz 7 production
Tashabear21 M
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