Miriam Springett
He really loves to brag about how much of a geek he is :P
Bacon Sizzler
Um actually, it's pronounced gollum (gah-lum) nice try stephen or should I say (step-hen)
Lisa Mercado
I love the parody of Gregory Peck in "To Kill a Mocking Bird" 😂
Trine Langohr
Stephen... Those who have read the books already KNOW. Those who haven't won't get it, because they haven't read it. You cameo was okay, but this is really just you jerking off publicly to Tolkien porn.
Zebi Bolyard
Smeagol/Gollum was not a hobbit, just related to hobbits
sad to think how little interest the next generation has for all things literature. In part why seeing this makes me so happy.
How can you be a tolkien expert when you cant pronounce gollum properly? XD
Arturas Karbocius
Erdogan sound like duchess of Aragon (Arrogant) and he is very Douchebag of Turkey .
Evolved Turtle Productions
What do you mean it "finally" pays off? You can never go wrong with Middle-Earth knowledge!
Grim Knight
Did the man get saved.
Stephanie Fahey
Stephen Colbert does a wicked Gregory Peck impression lol look up Stephen Colbert as Gregory Peck... you're welcome!
Oscar Siri
I read the Silmarillion twice! .... because the first time I didn't get who was alive when and what cities where there or waht battles or what valar did what or maiar or.... but it was great! (the second time)
He's right the Silmarillion is the best book concerning Middle Earth
Sybille Stahl
......and what about The Homecoming of Beortnoth, Beorthelm's Son?
garrett thurman
actually he is wrong about smegol being corrupted by the 1 ring and it giving him split personalities it was his own family that cursed him with the split personalities the ring only prolonged his life 10 lifetimes longer than any normal hobbit
i dedicated my college days to tolkien but can we talk about the amazing gregory peck impression???
Erin F
I love baseball. ⚾️ ❤️
Nawshaba Aziz
The Silmarillion is my favourite too Stephen! :')
eh... my mom would beat steven in a tolkien nerd out
Louie Fletcher
Claims to be a lord of the rings expert, can't even pronounce gollum correctly.
So, I lately started thinking of this trial after rewatching the series again. Did he win his trial, or was he found guilty?
Mac Miller
hell yea. love leaf by niggle.
Hana Miller
Smeagol was actually not a Hobbit, he was Riverfolk. Truthfully, the two communities are both closely related, however, they are still different. I apologize, but I am the nerdiest 14-year-old girl you will ever meet and I can not stand by idly and watch the 'biggest LOTR geek" make such a grievous error! :)
Mark Nicholson
The story of the silmarils is so sad though.
stephen west
I just now noticed his right ear
Reid Simonson
If he is this big of a nerd, he would know that Smeagol wasn't just a hobbit he was a Stoor, which is a hobbit but not like the other hobbits as they were river folk and males could grow beards.
Hey I read the Silmarillion .
Graham Palmer
Gregory Peck?
Dr. Caesars Palace MD
Lora Z
Stephen Colbert.. Gregory Peck.. Atticus Finch.. overload of people I would marry.
Luthien freed Beren from MORGOTH, and NOT from SAURON. How dare you call yourself a Tolkien nerd and make such a basic mistake!
Shelby Marx
wow, that was awesome. that's quite an achievement merging Lord of the Rings and To Kill a Mockingbird into a comedy sketch. Bravo, Bravo
J.T. Cremeans
Colbert before he was corrupted by the hate for the One Trump
Julian Sloman
So, did he live? :D
Anyone notice one of his ears is like point horizontal almost?
Gunslinging Bird
Lúthien freed Beren from Angband, which was Morgoth's prison, not Sauron's.
Oana Cosanzeana
I read the Silmarillion :) It's my favorite book too. I hope Peter Jackson takes on the challenge and turns it into a movie
Stephen as Atticus is 10/10, even to this day.
When Peter Jackson gave you that title, it was only because he hasn't met me.
If anyone is curious, the guy was convicted and given a suspended sentence, but he also lost custody of his kids:

"A man who depicted Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the Lord of the Rings character Gollum has been convicted of insulting the Turkish president and handed a suspended jail sentence.

According to Turkish media reports, a court in the south-west province of Antalya on Thursday sentenced Rifat Çetin to a year in prison, suspended for five years. The court also stripped Cetin of his parental custody rights."
Laura Veapi
CORRECTION: Sméagol is NOT a Hobbit - the riverfolk was SIMILAR to Hobbits, but not actually named Hobbits
Cruel Sun
Tolkien is living it up in middle earth right now, RIP.
Daniel/ Luca Jackson
I want to know if it worked and if the man was released😂😂😂
Doug Hagler
Oh, fail. Luthien saved Beren from the dungeons of Morgoth. :p
Jacob Sotelo
That's not true, the first picture is gollum calling smeagol a murderer
He should do a follow up to this story!
Connor Haines
Why did it sound like Stephen was trying to do Morgan Freeman?
Olivia Lim
It's pronounced, E-Dine, not, E-Dane! lol That said, Stephen Colbert, I love this so much.
Xenokrates Oskuraz
technically Smeagol was a hero. if it wasn't for him, the ring may have never been destroyed.
victoria azula
so....what happened to the Turkish guy?
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