Xenokrates Oskuraz
technically Smeagol was a hero. if it wasn't for him, the ring may have never been destroyed.
victoria azula
so....what happened to the Turkish guy?
BUUUUT Smeagol was not a hobbit
Muhammed Dogru
sadly its true,i m live in turkey i am telling you! its just a little part of insanity of my country
Topi Viljamaa
This is one of the most inspirational videos I know.
Never get tired of this...
charlie awsome
You are the king nerd all hail king stephen
Roberta Millett
I need to watch the movie "Inherit the Wind" again.... that was a great reference / send up. Stephen Colbert is the best!
Oncomingstorm DBZ
If that law was in america, half the population would be locked up by now
Excellent Gregory Peck!
Trainer Black
he really does look like atticus finch
sv 93
I miss Colbert like this. Still with his Comedy Central. Now it's just like CNN with less comedy and Trump Trump Trump Russia Russia Russia blah
Donna Gould
I am in love with this man.
Laura Boury
Can we all just stop for a moment and appreciate that someone's future is being determined by the legal distinction of smeagol and Gollum?
Angel Key
omg i love this hahahahahahaha
Cyrus Dee
Movie Lord of the Ring must have paid Stephen good money to do publicity for the film. it's all money-talk.
Cyrus Dee
Stephen's ears aren't symmetric.
Thomas Walder
It's still not exactly a flattering comparison.
Louis Smets
Parking report regional gosfh black cover religion glance ban decision dramatic.
"Like watching grass grow but with people in the way."

The longer I thought about it, the funnier it got.

5:47 lol Col Sanders brother?
I had no idea he was in the movies.
It's really quite amazing how an extremely unspecific rule such as "you can't insult the president" can lead into situations like these. There's no clear definition of insulting someone. If you compare him with a character that some like and some don't, you can't say whether or not that's considered an insult.
Travvis Todd
"Leaf by Niggle" is one of the most beautiful short stories ever written. It's astounding to see it referenced on a late night talk show.
Link Hylian
I've read the Silmarillion.
stupid law
Michelle K.Rowe
Hate to be the bearer of bad news (because I really do love this show--monologuing):


Hot dogs, apple pie and baseball are not EVERYTHING about America. There's also bad healthcare, police shooting civilians, and millions of students in thousands of dollars in debt they'll never be able to pay off.
If you love everything about America, you love those, too.
Niki Sikk
sick fucking tkamb reference !!
LotR Jedi
Like or respond if you got all of the references!
For those who haven't ever seen "To Kill a Mockingbird". do yourself a favour and watch one of the most enduring, deeply loved, emotionally satisfying, and critically acclaimed films ever made. The late great Gregory Peck's portrayal of Atticus Finch, the widower father of the film's protagonist and narrator,( a young girl named Scout) not only won him critical acclaim, but even 30 years after the film's release, in a survey asking people to name the man past or present, real or fictional, who represented the ideal father and ...you guessed it, Atticus Finch won by a landslide, This Colbert bit is an EXCELLENT parody of an important scene from T.K.a M. which still today ranks as one of greatest dramatic monologues in all of filmdom. The scene takes place in the courtroom of a small town in the Deep South, during the Depression Atticus, a gentle, principled lawyer defending a black man falsely accused of raping a white woman. delivers his summation to the all-white jury In this parody of that memorable moment of film history, Colbert's "Atticus" absolutely STUNNED me! As you might guess, I know the scene well, and the show's writers mirrored a sentence structure here, an nearly identical string of words there to so strongly put lovers of that classic back to an exact moment in the film, the illusion escalating nearly to unreal as Colbert displayed a nuanced mimicry which by, say, the guttural quality of a key words initial consonant, triggered a memory of Peck's delivery of that same word - an exceptionally minute detail of memory that the viewer would not likely credit themselves to posses! Anyone who hopes to fully appreciate what a gem this show just delivered (and btw, HOW did they do it so fast!?), surely owes it to themselves to check out the original scene (I haven't checked, but 100% sure its a YouTube clip) and THEN watch Colbert again. One last thing: in my lifetime, much of it spent discussing films, I NEVER ONCE heard a negative (or even NEUTRAL) comment directed towards "To Kil A Mockingbird", a claim I do not think I could honestly make for any other film. Thanks
That was an awesome Atticus Finch. LotR is the most over-hyped juvenile rubbish ever.
Gollum bites off Frodo's finger, and falls into Mount Doom with the ring. It could be argued that Gollum was the creature who removed the evil of the ring from the world, and is therefore the hero.
Sarah Munro
this man is hot in a white suit!!!!!!!!
Big Head
Stephen is the most talented and intelligent late night host we've ever had
Legend tells of a show in England where masters of their domain are tested, and be their mettle strong and hard are forged as MasterMinds of their specialization. I would wish to see Stephen take on this show and display his knowledge and wit.
Ander Irisarri
3:30, does he mean the dungeons of Morgoth?
Do you also like the highest homeless population?
Oh ye and 90 gun deaths a day.
ivan rodriguez
Hey love from el paso Stephen lol
Michael Roberts
This guy is satanic, don't be deceived.
Mr. Colbert, I never thought I'd say this, but you messed up when talking about Lord of the Rings. It's "gall-um", not "goal-um". A golem is a magical creature made from clay, Gollum is Sméagol's dark other half after the One Ring corrupted him.
Roger Muller
Cassuttus Tshirt
Stephen says Gollum strangely. He pronounces it like 'golem'.
This video is Precious :)
Jussi Raitoniemi
Who did they choose then? ;)-
Josh Alexander
I thinks it's funny how his reasons for loving American apply to almost every country and the one thing he doesn't like is exclusively American
Max Wilson
Need update!!!
Herge Tintin
Wow, Colbert looks so similar to Gregory Peck he
Alec R
C'mon Stephen, Luthien freed Beren from the dungeons of Morgoth, not Sauron
S. M. Price
Edane? EDANE?!

Stephen Colbert just mispronounced Edain. I'm done with you, Stephen.
Ariel Don't Worry
Racist much
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