Finally, Stephen's Tolkien Geekdom Pays Off

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A man in Turkey is on trial for comparing President Erdogan to Gollum. But was it really Gollum? Stephen makes the defendant's case in the courtroom of being on television.

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mike kenneth
i fucking love hearing stephen rant about lord of the rings..
Cheesycurve 54
In most countries people have free speech.
Stephen totally nails that Gregory Peck impression!
Brad Weisman
To Kill a Mockingbird + LOTR + Stephen Colbert ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m swooning right now
STOP the PRESSES! Sadly, a Turkish man named Rifat Cetin was found guilty of posting a picture comparing Erdogan to Gollum. According to the BBC, he was given "a suspended one-year jail sentence and he was stripped of parental custody rights".
In case you wondered what happened to poor Bilgin "Not a Hobbit" Çiftçi, he was finally aquitted in April 2017. Remember the Facebook post was back on August 23, 2014; well, he got fired from his job as a public servant in October. In an article published by the "Turkish Minute" on April 18, 2017, world-wide exposure of this case and the big question, "Was Erdogan really being defamed?" prompted "director Peter Jackson to issue a statement saying the images posted by Çiftçi were actually of Sméagol, Gollum’s benign alter ego." If you want to read details about how crazy things got, check out
Alpha January
Did someone say Tolkien? See my avatar. It's been my avatar of Tolkien's initials JRRT for decades.
Surely you meant the dungeons of Morgoth, not Sauron ...
Donna Campbell
Gah-lum not go-lum.
Abby The Kat
Finally, all those times I said Steven looks like Atticus Finch paid off! And literally, that impression was perfect
Celeste Lyons
FYI: on April 17, 2017, Bilgin Ciftci was acquitted by Aydin's Third Criminal Court of violating Article 301 of the Turkish constitution, which censures anyone who "publicly denigrates state officials, the government and the judicial institutions of the state". The defense that Smeagol wasn't an evil character (Gollum was) and all the pictures were of Smeagol WORKED. The court agreed and let him off.
Elendil Anduril
Oh I have someone who could put Colbert’s knowledge to the test: my father. He has literally read Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, Children of Hurin, and now he can add Luthien and Beren to the list, at least 3 times each year for the last 30-40 years...
Shawn Etlinger
Brilliant job impersonating Gregory Peck!!!
I am glad I live in a country where anyone can openly make jokes without incurring jail time.
LoL ReplayBaby
Lol he does look like golum lmao
Leaf by Niggle wooooooo
James Rx
Stephens trampstamp says "one ring to rule them all" with an arrow
James P
The Silmarillion audiobook narrator pronounces Iluvatar like, "Ill-ooh-vaht-ar", but Stephen says "Ill-loov-atar" Who is the true master?
macey T
This guy is amazing. I've read the Silmarillon!
Benson Rosenstein
this is proof that being a huge geek pays off!!!!! go stephen!!!!!!!!
The Silmarillion is actually my favourite Tolkien book.
"Famous People Who Seriously Let Themselves Go"
George R
Who the fuck would down vote this?? He's awesome!
Must be the same idiots who down bite everything Colbert does without even watching it.
Shaun L
Gollum, not ‘goalum’
ebandru nesku
when you're dumb fuck murican and can pronounce names correctly...
Brian Ski
I would pay for a DVD of you just talking about Lord of the Rings for hours, Stephen. ♥
Nick Oscar
Tolkien wouldn't have respected a new wave liberal. First world veteran containing his experiences into a magnificent story telling of bravery again all odds. Colbert is a fake faggot. No respect from the dead genius. Stop talking about him, its gross and werid. "lol, i talk fast and am aboot feminism". You're fake or pretending. only idiots fall for your boring trump jokes ya queer
try to make fun about muslims and feminists
Shadow Heart
Nearly two years later, I wonder what did happen with that guy?
Also, fuck that Gollum look-alike. Anyone that uses a nation's army against it's own people should be impeached and face a trial.
bagel my sandwich
Id argue that when smeagol/gollum is eating the raw rabbit, that it is indeed gollum and not smeagol. Samwise, a very respectable hobbit, sees the creature consuming the rabbit and is disgusted, as is frodo. Now if 2 hobbits can't stand the sight of rabbits being eaten raw, then how can it be smeagol, a hobbit, that is eating them. I rest my case.
I thought I could not love this man any more ❤
Ya'el Rothke
He should've told the audience the story of Beren and Lúthien. I don't usually go for love stories but that particular one gets me every time. And the whole backstory with Tolkien and his wife...listen, being a nerd isn't all about drawing up family trees and analyzing Quenya verb structure.
Miguel Sanchez
He bit Frodos finger.... yeah hero
Holy shit he looks just like Atticus !!
turkish man calls for aid ! and stephen will answer!
Adam Winkelmann
I have this amazingly strong feeling they just said "Cut the teleprompts, he's got this..."
jim stineman
Trump would love this law...
Arda Ergör
Hello everyone who bothers to read this comment. My name is Arda and I'm an 18 years old and from Turkey. I just so happened to come upon this video more than 2 years after it's release, and I was touched by the sincerety of Mr.Colbert and the time he put aside for a matter that is so distant to his world. Even though the points he makes during the trial scene are absolutely reasonable and correct, unfortunately that is not what we base our justice system upon in my country. This particular case admittably seems odd, but it is sadly one of many of it's kind. I know how greatly the freedom of speech is valued in your country, yet it has basically no importance in Turkey, whereas there are 156 journalists in prison at this moment. With that I would like to use this as an opportunity to bring your attention to the outmost injustice happening in Turkey, and thank Mr. Colbert for this wonderful segment. #FreeTurkishJournalists
Sarmin Islam
Holy crap this is the best comment section I've ever read through in my life XD
Ron Raynaldo
I would love to get to read those books he named.
Freedom my ass
Steve McCord
*dungeons of Morgoth
Eddie Romero
If there ever was a live reenactment play of To Kill a Mockingbird on CBS, Stephen should play the role of Atticus again! He’s perfect!
Ziva David
Smeagol's people were not of the hobbit folk,stated by JRR, in The Return of The King appendicies
People still read The Silmarillion Stephen. I assure you. 👍
Not helping Cifti's case here.
Boo Radley!
It´s not a punishable offence anywhere to make fun of foreign names, but it´s not cool either.
Shannon Lopez
I LOVE the Silmarillion! My favorite of Tolkin's works. ^_^
Fun With Failure
I've read the silmarillion at least 4 times. I love that book. I love comparing the maps of Middle Earth from before the war of wrath and at the time when The Lord of The Rings was set.
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