Searching for River Treasure! - GoPro, 2 Phones, 2 Sunglasses, Fishing Tackle and MORE!

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In this video I search for river treasure in Columbus, GA! See all of the finds at 4:25
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Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to search for some river treasure today! The water isn't super clear yet, but it's clear enough to search for some cool stuff! Hope you guys enjoy the new video!

Check out the previous episode of Searching for River Treasure:

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Location: Columbus, Georgia
Date: June 14, 2016

My Address 
PO Box 211 
Phenix City, Alabama, 36868-0211

Music Provided by Monstercat:
Aero Chord - Surface [Monstercat Release]
Video Link:

Music Provided by Jeff Kaale
The Art Of Cool:

Cameras used: GoPro Hero 4 Black, Galaxy S7

taj Poidevin
nice vid
Lps CryofTears
Wait a second... My Glasses! I See my Glasses! I Remember Going To the River and Dropped my Sunglaseses.. But i dont need them. I Have the same ones only new. (Mine where the girl ones)
river boy
i found gopro 5 but no vidoes
William Ramirez
whenever i bye dark water i have this typ of feeling that somthing might get me or something else
Snivy The lazy one23
Hey I found a working iphone in the river near my house what do I do with it?
sorry but it's not a fork it was under the water so it is a dinglhopper.
matthew lowe
so many cool river where i am i really want to start doing vids like this but go pros are so much to buy and the cheap fake ones are no good
sarah hall
look like condoms in the thumbnail
Ruben Guerrero
take the music away
Christian Art Lopez
the song : make the ground shake
Matt Slycord
what's the song at 4:30?
Mr.Waffle Speed
I hate when he always smiles and puts the camera close to his face like omg just stop
in the end when he showed us the go pro I was just waiting for him to drop it into the water
александр доилович
Great mens)
that beat
tjat beat tho to get a fish .lol damn son
Panda Black
the baby turtle was cute
Rainbow_ Gaming_
What the song called that seis wild trait or somthing
Kevin gates get out of the title
Henry Beltran
are you a fan of monsters pls. like if you agree
Scale Lily
The catfish, too awesome!
Cole Myrick
That catfish was cool.
Raygan Townsend
you are so helpful to wildlife
Double JJB
This guy has some Bals
I big fan
Jayce Holmes
Once I found a GoPro in the ocean
Zuri Gutierrez
i Lost a go pro at that river give it back plaese
Caitlin Paszicki
I could use one of those go pros you find to help me extended to YouTube channel
ronin jaramillo
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY FORK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Santiago Car
Alguien habla español?
Lynette Hansen
OMG it's surface by areo chord!!!!!!!!!!
Slime Crafter
Love ur vids! I subbed and turned on notifications! And left a like
Dreyvenguile brionessgwapo
lol "I found a Fork, anybody missin' a Fork?" haha Lol :)
Dreyvenguile brionessgwapo
Brave guy tho.. ;)
Jenn Griffith
Your really brave
Julissa Andrade
nice vid :)
Nae Nae Carnevale
He dose
Ethan Arce
can I hav the go or
Plasma HD
I like your braces. ❤️
julian labonte
You are the best youtuber
Earl McCoy
What was on the GoPro?
Killcode 102
I love when he's nice to the aquatic life
hello dallmyd this is my fifth of your video i have watched because i was watching a show and on the section to get more videos of the person your watching.i saw your video watched it and you were awesome
Tyrone Relaponi
When he made this vid
It was on my birthday 🙂
Gamer god 1200
U r so lucky u found all of that stuff
Why is everyone replying to my comment?!
hmm let me guess this guy always bait me by the thumbnail get it?
bad pun i im sorry bad pun
Christina Marchione
What happens to the first rod you found in the beginning
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