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best games hack
Question to Desmond
How do you feel to have a girlfriend
I love youuuu desss 😊
Mr. RunningMan
He has that Gary Oldman Fifth Element hair
abigail xx
desmond's eyes when he's excited is so funny 😂
Mike Kun
Quinn M93
I love desmond more than other kids and now I get it why because we both love japan, cheesecake and want to be a cat. He is adorable
lelly nurlaily
kiss and hug from Indonesian fans Desmond😘
Ritchie Wolf
Mom & Dad must be a couple of snowflake freaks
Desmond is soooo cute.
Dah Dah
Wait, I’ve been watching 100 videos of hiho and thought Desmond was a girl. 😂
Esabel Abriam
People behind camera: "Desmond, are you biracial?"
Desmond: "Nooo, I'm Desmond!"
julia shinta
More desmound’s video please 😂
Lorielle Dolorosa
I just do really love Desmond; his accent his cuteness and his shirts(it always has a cat design yipeee <3 )
Idonot Wanto
Awww no potato related questions?
Dinda Dewi
He's gonna be a movie star. (As Draco Malfoy's son)
Eunmun Shin
Hes so cool plus the hair
Malaysian in uk foofoo
Does he have a father?
Marcela Echeverria
no, I’m Desmond OMG HAHAHA SO CUTE
Narcissa Malfoy: crying
Draco Malfoy: "Mother why are you crying? Malfoys do not cry"
Narcissa: "I found your brother Draco"
Draco: stares at mother for 5 minutes "Good." *turns away crying*😂
MERC Obsidia
Is it just me that wants to kidnap Desmond?
"Are you biracial?" "NO, I'm Desmond" aaaah he's too cute
white horse
he also have big fan in Pakistan...lov u little kiddie r so adorable
lilly bee
Wait hold up people think he looks like a girl. I've never thought about that. I don't see it but ok
Dinda Luna
draco malfoy????????????? HAHAHAHAHA
i feel kinda stupid but i never noticed that he is half japanese o.O
anyway i love him, he and clara are my favourites :)
Whaaaat he's japanese 😮
First time i watched him, tought he's malfoy 😂
Rachel Mbokane
"are you biracial?"
"no, I am Desmond"
suman ghale
What's your favourite colour
Ron Burgundy
no this is patrick
Delilah R
Does Desmond have a personal channel?
king lit
you remind me draco malfoy from harry potter.....
Nicole Mariano
I love desmond because he's so cute and I am from Philippines too
Sofia Loves cats
Cats really are the best your adorable desmon
Th Voul
Love from greeece crystal!!where are you from
Nerf Bros
thomas daily
putri taurusia
love to hear that Desmond love cats
unknown swag
So cute
unknown swag
So cute
x Strafinq
2:42 XD
MaliaTheDoggie _RS
Desmond was sting a wasp in the eye. When the pic was posted to instagram I cried. It was so sad. Also the pic when he had asthma
April Magno
I love Desmond but I loved him more since he loves cats too! ♡♡♡
HeyitsZaip Antiojo
ur so cute Desmondddd💕
Ma. Luningning Tolentino
I love desmond.
Toast Of Bread
You're already a cat because your cute
Toast Of Bread
Is desmond japanese or british
ป้าอ้วน ชวนหลานเล่น
I do love your hair. So cute.
kaitlyn griffith
He's Japanese, yet he disrespects tf out of their food smh
Orion Yong
OMG I Looooooove KFC even if I ate it everyday I wouldn't get sick of it!!!
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