Kaiver Teo
qwik u my dog
Winnie the poo
I wish this was the NBA it would be more interesting
Josh CousinsBrand
Just get rid of the other 8 guys.. why they even out there?
Joe Stuehmer
He said u had a screen not a streak.. Step your subtitle game up lol
Sergio Talamantes
these fools are trash
Big Chief
DyNo Mite lol
Eunmin Choi
jalyen hand did a good job of fighting
Bruno Breezy
tha future we will See us in the nba 2023
Matt Zaremba
Why future lamelo sitting on the bench?
xavier talavera
basketball has hope
Lzzz-opzz Lol
Collin mad cause jaylen better then him
this is what bb is about....competition enough of this friendly shit
Stone Flips77
Collins drop shot is wet but his hairline is wack
jordan murdock
Too bad both of the kids are trash lol
Richard Ford
these grandiose narcissists are very angry... haha :D
Women problem,,,lol
audes sredo
love it
Why everybody have the same goofy ass haircut
Sexton is a better than average defender.
Brandon Ali
Is this a parody or did someone really name these kids after pornstars
MickeyKnowledge 97
Either you not one of the Ball brothers...or you not one of the Ball brothers...who tf is that??!! Lmaooooooo ole Generic Version
Lil Dayvo
Jaylen Told dat nigga "did you score over 3 points 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂"
Breezy Elias
Lamelo grew up so fast
Real People Real Talk
jalen nasty
Chris Eye
They were getting physical alright. rough dancing.
That was funny
Vince Her
too much pride.. they both suck.. going nowhere
CashNasty Splash
jaylen bettee
J Blasko
I thought that was lamelo that whole time
Adam Jackson
Colin is a lottery pick 2018 thumbs up if you agree
David Beltran
Andy Ripke
Lol, that one guy looks like lamelo ball with that blond hair.😂🏀
Jalen Thomas
Do you guys ever look back at one of your comments and think why'd I write that stupid shit
anybody recognize ole noodle ramen hair having ass nigga, come get this dude some clippers B
_ Jay
Hands better than sexton
Dakota Blakney
ramen noodle head needs to cut that ugly shit.
Mystic Kryptic
Lol good competition. He starting a rivalry already.
Max Rarogal
Anyone else saw Lamelo ball 😂😂
Black people
I enjoy this more than watching Lamelo play.
ice rymes
jaylen hands held his own but in my opinion this is exactly what nba needs see sexton and hands did not fight each other they settled it on the court
S Williams
got into his head
Bob Larkin
It's a shame 80's hair is coming back with kids nowadays, I thought we left those dark days behind.
Anyone else thought the guy with the yellow hair was Lamelo Ball for a second?😂😂
Atleast Jaylen aint fouling that physical...
Jayy's Daily
I like these kids. Nice competitiveness to them. Hope to see them both succeed in college & even pro if they make it.
did lamelo have a growth spurt
nothing happen they both pussy af
Andrew Kim
why is collin sexton so ugly compared to the other
Jaylen and Collin bring back the oldskool basketball. they ain't in the soft era.
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