Zaid Gaibi
I want that wallpaper on my X !!!!
RobertJW 4ever
Andrés Villarreal
This video is AMAZING!
Rodrigo Andrés
McDonalds is always lit yo!
Wait, is that dog a service dog?
El Chapito
Where can I get that wallpaper
Tejan Singh
940,000 email!!! no wonder he never replied
DAO Reactions
The iPhone X review is here
Chahat Chawla
Do anyone know which screen protector they have actually what’s the name of the screen protector ?
Alina Shamsutdinova
The best iphone x case is this one
Flago Man
hello. on the keyboard. where's the numbers line?
:58 and had to go. Ugh. It is never about the item only.
Garth Jacobs
Nice vid tks and ur a hottie ;) I think the note 8 is better tho
Does your girl have a channel? I wanna sub to her!
Hezi Shmuel
?can you please share your iphonescrren wallpaper
Chicken Pie
13:38 THERE IS 940,000 EMAILS?!?!?!
07:51 maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ... I m in Love ,,with yo wife,,,,
Your wife or girlfriend,,,, is freaking adorable ..I love her sooo much,,, great personality and seems a sweet heart . You are a lucky Man
Bruh I'm using a Samsung s5 and when I get the iPhone x, it's gonna be a huge change, also I never had an iphone
Anki Minami
nice video man
Where do I get your wallpaper in the thumbnail
WTF with ur email
Nate Luy
Once again another great review, i enjoy watching them, keeps me informed
Should I get 256gb or 64gb?
Thomas Nguyen
What is that wallpaper
T's Channel
Ugly phone, and a waste of money
where can i get the gundam collection? a link would be highly appreciated.thank you!
Wendy Myrtil
That wallpaper raw asf
Iphone X, Dope or nope
Greg Ross
What kind of screen protector is he using?
NK Math Sessions
What is arie's channel name
David Schertz
Love those glowing pink ears you're sporting in the opening shot.
11:48 don't you mean the Ten-Box One-Ten launch event? lol
Vikas Jha
Friend take your it ur face(without you realizing)...bamn! Unlocked...

zhoufeng xie
i do like that big computer screen in the office,will it great for the game ? i like full screen cellphone view , it wil great for game,but hope the game app will adjust the iphone x soon. anyway iphone x take over $1000, i really didn`t want it fall down when i play the games, but Lucky thing is i got this ,make my iphone x full protect and looks awesome
Frank Sanchez
Can you provide a link to the wallpaper on your video image?
Paul Wiggins
Tight and right. This video is a masterclass in how to do an engaging video on YouTube,
Aria J
UrAugConsumer you should do a room tour.
Saikot Khan
6:26 Active your windows man! ~,~
You sound kinda lifeless lately. Everything good man?
vito libido
You can tap the screen you don’t have to press the side button
Abel Wee
all i care is the squall and tidus wallpaper lol
Lance Dudley
I subbed
Lance Dudley
11:30 Thank u have a good nite eeh
Crystal Given
Lol @940k emails 😂, trying to match your subscriber amount?? 😏😏
Great video! Where is the wallpaper on the phone from?
Ben Verhaegen
I'm pretty sure that 'bee' is a wasp...
Jonathan Alex
The video must be called "Day with a rich person life"
Musab Abed
10:41 look at the black guy in the back he’s like wtf 😂
Christian Ventura
Thumbnail wallpaper ?
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