Guy North
I wonder just how much mileage I may get off these video's of Melissa portraying Spicy, seeing them again they are seriously hilarious!
Kilana kawaiola Kahaleuahi-Manners family is watching giving you all the Emo of Lol's you're AWESOME
I love Melissa! Keep doing whatcha doing GIRL!
Wanda Johnson
What's even funnier is how New Yorkers seemed to do a double take, like Spicer, aka
"Spicey" really was out there! HIGHLARIOUS!
make me love usa again
it's hope when you have "guys"like that!
B4 Trump
She wears it well....
stacey bair
Homegirl is FUNNY as
hell!!! Ooowee, u kno
those mofos in D.C.
are pissed off😮😂😂😂😝
Mireya Garcia
So fake news cnn going to be working as clowns now? that there news now? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
How is this shit even funny, spicer does not even talk like that
right after this Sean Spicer was raped by trump. when he make it to trump.
Sandra Powell
Would you mind sharing a link to the music being played at the beginning of this segment? Thanks!
William Johnson
To make it hilarious, she should be t-boned by a crosstown bus
Sharon H
This is funny , but why are you making fun of the President Trump administration. This is very funny , but , you commentators on CNN taking it over the edge.
omar non
THIS IS A MUST READ..GOP LAUNDERING RUSSIAN MONEY (it aint just Trump going to jail)
rage against bs
Whenever I watch McCarthy play Spicer, I get a feeling that she somehow makes him look like a stronger guy than he is.. It's hilarious, but probably I'm the only one thinking it defeats the purpose of satire..
Rainbow Writer
I wish I could have been in that traffic jam. I bet they couldn't believe it!
Globalization News
SNL Baldwin Returns - Funny 'Trump Kisses Spicer':
Taylor Kendricks
Don your smile is so infectious.Melissa tore the frame out of this performance.No need for the White House to be upset cause y'all gave her all ammunition she needed to literally make a mockery of you.
Ambiguous-1 araLeD
run over the fat bitch lol
hahaha. take a joke Hillary supporters.
it's amazing how obvious it is ur all in this sick joke.....ur all corrupted and blind to facts....keep pumping non facts as ur narrative....seems to be working for ur ratings so far
shuab duale
wow is that spicer wow trump will like tis fun@#ahahhahah
Spicer is probably crying in the corner.
Kenneth Freed
These looney liberals can't understand that the President can multitask. Just because they can't multitask, they think nobody can! It is possible to do more than one thing at a time! Plus, the tweet to Rosie was hilarious!
Kenneth Freed
These looney liberals can't understand that the President can multitask. Just because they can't multitask, they think nobody can! It is possible to do more than one thing at a time! Plus, the tweet to Rosie was hilarious!
Ksi Roby
so funny
Damon Graham
she is fat and not funny whatsoever... just like her pet gorilla Leslie jones
धनंजय गजानन परुळेकर
after Trump, the fake media is living off others, who bring ratings....pathetic SNL
धनंजय गजानन परुळेकर
why SNL has no CNN anchors skit...cause then ratings will b worse than don lemons
Don Lemon is a cuck left wing bloggist!
I bet Spicer is so pissed that a woman is playing him, and playing him so well. She is hilarious as Sean Spicer.
roberto padilla
Too bad a car didn't run over that fat cow
govinda sharma
Don lemon laugh all you want but trump is still our president
Pale Rider
Don Lemon is only laughing cause he has a vibrating black rhino butt plug up his ass.
Kurt Matheson
CNN and Don Lemon are fake news. Not even respected anymore.

Though that moving podium is hilarious.
Mohamed Hassan
she is very disrespectful person , shame on you , she is destroying the man who is highly respectful in to the white house.
Victor Da Silva
I wonder if he would laugh at obama
bee ware
one day the lemon is gonna laugh yellowish
Ur Nonya
Don lemon was back stage getting figure banged by Anderson Cooper. now that's funny shit and u don't think so then ur a libtard.
Old Yeller
Despite that fact that Melissa seems to be taking her life in her hands by riding a Motorized Podium down a very busy street,
and yes it IS funny, the looks on the faces of New Yorkers...just another day...they do not seem to be surprised in any way.
Like this happens every day...nothing to see here...they don't even react.
THAT is funny!!
Heather Garcia
I don't like snl but this is hilarious
rock star
i laugh every time i watch the elections or the polls saying hillary will win
Don 🍋 is nothing but a little cabin boy wuss. he eliminates the credibility of American journalism.
liline volcy
I can't wait to see this 😂😂😭😭😭😭
Henry Marcial
ur sad yet ur gay Don. 😁
Verborgene Wahrheit
Who let Buckwheat from the Little Rascals on The Fake News Network? Was that you, Lemon head?
Daniel De Jesus-Gerena
Hey CNN, MSNBC and Hillary supporters, WHY YOU MAD ?
Stanley Hudson
This administration is nothing but material for SNL. LOL they do it to themselves! The craziest shit I've ever seen!
Yahshua Elohim
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