green eyes like planets of apes
Χρηστος Ντ.
If you were a genius you would not have wached the video
All these except for blue eyes and drug abuse =D
Jeremias Gaming
Who els was watching this at like 1:00 AM no was like
Massey Z
Bernie Hammond
This video is so ignorant. Does the description really say that you can only become a genius by studying... but suggest that genetic characteristics are common in geniuses. Does studying change your genetic makeup? You do not study to become a genius. Genius is the measure of your innate intellect. You study to become educated. Idiotic.
Blue eyes makes you a genius? You just disqualified the whole Asian race so you know this videos wrong. lol
Behramand Akbar
if u watched this video to determine if u r a genius then u are not a genius
Sharp -Private match team
lol he's right
The master The master
I'm a genius
Badb0y L1fe
I thought i am a genius...
1. living at nights.
2. sense of humour
3. stupid hobbies (collecting keys, knives, and some other useless stuffs)
4. laziness (because there's time for everyting, not needed many time)
5. sound perception
6. urge for traveling
7. automatic doodling
8. sloppiness - but i know where's everything

but actually, i am not blue eye'd alkoholic... god damn. :|
Conrad Monroe
He just listed everything millinials do
Akash Jayaprakash
Mr Bean is a genius!
Felicia Timmy
I can't even see my nails ... they're painted
I have everything but except having blue eyes. So I need to find someone who have blue eyes and take it away from them.

Then I will be a mastermind.
I don't need 10 signs to tell me I'm a genius. I only need one. And that sign is me not being subscribed to Mind warehouse.
Killer Joking Kid King
that's me
DMA Lewis
You know, I have extremely dark brown eyes, the exact opposite to the eye color, blue, and I have a pretty damn high IQ.
Abby SFM
I'm all of them lol
lisa ward
You lost me at blue eyes.
Abominated Films
high waisted pants? they are called trousers, full stop. btw thats not period either.
Thành Phạm Duy
So Asian can't be geniuses because they all have black eyes
MetalRock 771
this doesn't make sense everything fits me but not the eye color
dota 2 for beginners
oh only if this were true.
mikaylie Hansen
I related to a lot of these.... I am NOT a genius though...
sagi barel
Amine Silver
Wait... is angelina jolie a genius?
Stranger Things
That's it I'm a GENIUS
I found out I'm retarded
Mmmm Blue eyes... alcohol...
Father Leo
I cannot stand hearing pots and pans moving around in the kitchen, especially when they fall on the floor! Grrrragg pisses me off. I'm very sensitive to sound.
Homie Fox
So you're saying that if I started snorting cocaine on the daily, I would become smarter?
Jeremy Roe
Apparently I'm a genius
Flint's random videos
I used to collect dice when I was 10
Sydney Ling
Great video! All of this information may fairly well be correct. However, this video does have some hasty generalizations, or logical fallacies. Just because a lot of geniuses have similar traits doesn't mean that you can say that basically everyone who has those traits are geniuses. Nobody is born a genius... it depends on your education, supporters, and how much you try. Even if you have some natural talent, if you don't really try you will never improve. But, with all matters aside, great job!:)
Qveen Victoria
what is that movie @1:00
Tim Boland
What's that song playing in the background
alcohol rly ?
All rubbish....
So jewish people must be dumb as shit, cause they usually don't have blue eyes. Mind Warehouse, you tell us lies. Some old lady wanted some attention and created another rassist theory. Bet, she doesn't believe what she is saying.
Stacey21680 Ssch
not true
According to This test I'm a genius still get shitty grades in School tho i might be more a crazy fanatic then a genius
"If dysfunction is a function
Then I must be some kind of GENIUS!" (Pitchshifter) - i wonder what taste of music a genius has?
Cj Porta
Holy shit I'm a genius
James Lee
You completely lost me when you said "blue eyes". Heck..you saying Asians (or other non-Caucasians) cannot be geniuses?
I call BS on the blue eyed one, my whole family has blue eyes and they are IDIOTS. I got 11/11
Many of these characteristics, especially those associated with spontinueity in action and brain activity seem to describe ADHD more than anything else.
just me
Ok so these traits might be found in people who are geniuses but i really don't think any of these things necessarily makes you a genius
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