pst, let me tell you a secret. You're NOT a genius if you're watching and believing videos like these.
Manu Martín
Well, I'm a drunk, lazy, weird doodler genius... Or maybe is just the weed typing...
Mano Mano
I was done with this stupid video after the blue eye shit
violsansgames violtale
I'm lazy am I a genius even tho I don't do anything else
genetics and logic thought overide a dumwit primary teacher
Ruth Mbarika
So basically if you have bad habits your a genius?
Owwwwwwwewwwww that must hert
Julie Coando
I stay up until 11amor more
Akshay Sharma
You forgot to tell one thing: Many geniuses are going to make fool of themselves by believing in these facts.
real music
I'm all of that exept my eyes are brown
EM Hashimi
the eye color assumption is biased. Maybe that person should watch the documentary on " blue eye brown eye" made in the 60s
Abode. Challenge
navaneeth murugesan
I have subscribed
stupid every body has that
Pinky Heart204
I got all of them but blue eyes and achol abuse but I heard that it doesn't have to be achol it could be a strange or wird addiction
Nipples C.
The blue-eye thing is interesting. I have a pretty impressive iq, but I have brown-eyes. I am super great at all sports (better than any amateur), and can do things that most other people cannot, and at a split-second's notice. I am very well coordinated. Balancing and dancing seems to me to be second nature. I was able to do a perfect hand stand after one try, and my running form is immaculate (They video taped me in highschool track for our training). But I do not have very good study habits. I want everything to be fast paced. I want every new thing to fall into a place where it fits perfectly like juggling, or hand stands, or billiards, where my brain and body suddenly "knows" what it needs to do (this happens to me for math, because math is so dynamic). But studying is not like that. and that is why college is hard for most people. You need long-term, consistent habits to get you good grades in college. But my dad was blue-eyed, and he had two degrees in psychology and mathematics, graduated summa cum lauda and went to caltech for grad school on a full-ride scholarship, and ended up working for NASA as a mathemetician (He loved to study and do math problems). But my uncle is also blue-eyed and he is one of the worlds best kayakers (he also has a perfect linkage between his mental intent and the physical outcome). I want to preach that success in college (minus research projects or anything extracurricular where your creativity is involved) is about you being able to develop good and consistent study habits. Study every day, dont procrastinate. STUDY EVERYDAY.
Stëllä Hërnãndëz
I'm staying up late too its 2:40am 😂
Supergirl 319
Oh my God, everything is true about me, except the travel and the alcoholism. I like to stay at home, and I have taken a solemn Val that I will never drink a drop of alcohol in my life. But everything else is relatable. I have blue eyes, I’m lazy, I’m kind of a slob, I think before I sleep all the time, I have bad habits, I love to doodle, and I absolutely hate when people make noises at the dinner table.
Olga Klimova
The worst video i have ever seen, according to it an average human is a genius! It feels like was made to make average underachievers feel good about themselves. All the traits i used to hate in me and got rid of to make my life much better are listed here, LOL
Mysterious X Filming
People with blue eyes are more likely to be geniuses...but then they forgot about Ben Shapiro, lol.
Joel Finley
made your own statistics.
mike jones
who"s the genuis that clicked on this thinking there thumb looked like the one on the right
Chili Dogheart
you are a genius if you dont watch stupid top 10 videos and actually study
Prince Shah
Ladis and gentmen ...
U r 100% genius...

If u r genius ....
Thnks....i dont clapping....hehe
Gabe Epstein
Lol I already knew I was a genius 😂 this just confirmed it
Young King
So people with blue eyes are more strategic thinkers and the back up basis for this belief is “because she said she came up with this after thorough research”??? What research? 0 reasoning.
Emanuel B.
Just wondering what their sources are. They base their video on a whole lot of sources that are just refered to as 'recent studies'. This has the feeling of Trumpism
Emo chick13
I have insomnia, i make everyone laugh, i have weird hobbies, im the laziest person in my neighborhood, i start fights when people make noises at dinner, i love traveling, i abuse "stuff", i have green eyes, i draw on my paper in class untill the teacher screams at me, i think so much before i sleep, my room is a pigsty. Yea i might be a genius.
Crunchy Emily
Um, as a white, blue-eyed individual, I gotta take exception to that blue-eyed thing. Maybe that particular researcher was a little biased?
Yuno {Neko, Maid}
It says I'm a genious and I already am.

Proof: sin(π÷2=1000E12 (I think.. I just did it in my head)
fake vid
Are you really sure its a prove by scientists?
Trinity Thomas
I got all 10 soooo
Name Less
The thing is, if you in fact are a genius you are more likely to have these traits. But having these traits doesn't necessarily mean you're a genius. It doesn't go both directions.
Sy K
Yaaaaawwwwnnnn. Waste of time. Time to do something productive.
LPS Magic
I’m a genius!!!
Blade Gamer
O me gud this is so 7 of these things are things I have.That means, I'm a super genius!!!
Tyler Uhry
shit im a fucking genius
Kawaii Demon
Cool I do all of theses except for traveling, dranking (cuz I'm too young), and blue eye (cuz I'm black) lol but other than that yeah xD
Wtf is this thumbnail its retarded
Trip Nils
Yeah sure. I have 9 out of 10 signs but all I do is playing video games and smoke weed, wasting my life.
To watch this for validation, only makes you unaware of who you TRULY are. Everybody is a genius.
William John
Genius are stupid and stupids are genius!
Ahmed Ali
this is not true
breanna ray
I have this
fun with nickarmel and more
yay i have it on my thumb
Roca Gamer11
If you are a genius you get A's and B's
The Patient Collector
That's it, guys. I'm a fucking genius!
Dejun Johnson
Gorf Gapley
Dang I’m not a genius I don’t thing before sleep or have thumbs
Garu Ookami Kyutama
I'm a total genius I have blue eyes I draw I am lazy I love Smirnoff and I close my fist like the first one my room is usually messy
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