This Pen Might Save Your Life!

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Luca Bonnici
Ronit Bonifacious
Awsome video
Stylish Lps
Tbh If I owned that pen I would be so anxious in every car ride I would break every window I see-
Mr. Hyde
Good tool for a car thief.
Raiyan Awesome
1:12 glass breaks
Super Stryker
Always break car windows near the edges. Less glass shards go flying and easier to break.
Harley Quinn
Your like my favorite youtuber
I only play yasuo
asus gaming laptop wow.
The Orange Mapper
Ur suppose to break windows from the corners
Kitty Playz
If u watched the richest never open the car underwater
Cooper Florio
Mohamad Ahmad
why In 2:23 hi is wearing another t-shirt and a cap and he is outdoorsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Scorpion Shield
whos gonna be carnap??
Randy Randomness
0:15 taras just saw his friend graduate
never do a middle of window always corner
The Mr. Man
Russian weapon testing.
killem_ softlie
1:28 when mu gf breaks up with me
thanks for helping me break into that car
Laura Metheny
Pretty nifty doodad crazy dude! TY!πŸ˜‚βœŒ
MasterRainer 251
taras are you gamer , look even taras have gaming laptop its the asus ROG nice !!!!
Stephen C
I clicked this vid of the dog...
Melinda Lane
you are soposd to do it on the side of window
Blazingfire Gaming
Reading the title without watching the full video yet....."This Pen Might Save You Life??? huh."(burns house and using the pen to extinguish the fire)
aden danos
you have to break the window in the sides
1:28 and pause
look at that beauty!
Brandon Warino
I wonder if I can bring this to school.
PaulArvey D
The title should be: This Pen might break your skull!
Yeah, Soon people are gonna break into cars! This is gonna start a war!!! EVERY 5th liked will get a free gun GOODLUCK!
Jake TJC
Turn the captions on at 1:19
Infired Trash
1:19 turn on the captions
Plantium_ Damage
1:26 he has a gaming laptop
CrazyRussianGamer Confirmed
Aksel Steeves
Or id just use my forehead...
JapKiller 666
Nice gaming laptop
Chicken Nugget
When he said he would test breaking the car window i actually expected him going to an actual car to break and the window
Are you a gamer? Cuz you have an ASUS gaming pc.
Great review. Nice and Short!!!
Brevity is the Soul of Wit.
Robert Rittenhouse
turn on cc at 50
Samantha Noble
guys, shame does anyone hear larger than this verxion#wyf
abeee __
so cool!!
When you break a car window your suppose to hit the corners because it is easier to break
Indirect hits DIY
What pen was that
10kk incoming
Night of Flames
Your post to break it on the side.
Undertalelover 9000
1:19 with captions on
LooK at that gl(ass)!
I was like: what the heck YouTube?
jan Koper
deffinitely putin in my car
Lulu Batarseh
Benjamin Joa
once burglars get that car will be gone
Tan Jin Ung Leslie
break in water pls...
rdtv 5
that jacket looks gud on taras
JakeTheCake BoyHoward
1:59 is the best
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