7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby (solves all your problems)

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I didn't really talk about this in the video, but you guys should go vegan! (for a week) Just to see what all the hypes about. come on, do it. Supposedly, veganism does do wonders on the body like clearer skin. Have you ever seen a vegan with gross skin? (I haven't) 

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Expired Ink
I'm a vegetarian trying to become a vegan and it makes me so happy that people are trying the vegan diet. Maybe there is hope for the world?
Julian Juarez
Dose anyone else think in the thumbnail he looks like Jesus
Johanna Phillips
Bees aren't useless,without bees we wouldn't be alive because bees pollenate and that's what keeps trees and plants alive and without trees we won't have oxygen to keep us alive.🐝
Robin Thompson
Okay. 🛎🔑⚱️🖼💰💸💰💸💵💳💴💶💷💷📯🔒🔓🔐
valejennifer Sanchez

Ruby Guard
don't bash guava
Citizen Puppet
bro when you ate the cereal with milk!!! you failed the challenge )))))))))):
Guccii_girl 2004
I like hot pockets
Derpy Cow
0:06, anyone noticed Bastion from Overwatch on Cancer?
Anime Princess
one time i had a veggie burger at school....and...i puked and went home
Run AloneTogether
Lol the cereal had milk vegans don't drink milk
Mia Putman
What's in'n'out?
Casual Walrus
When you made the cereal thing i relisied milk is not vegan because it comes from a animal

sophia ventura
I'm just waiting for my hand sanitizer slime to freeze so I'm just binge watching his videos (and I love hot pockets I like the ham and cheese ones)
Natalee Wells
i threw up once because my mom was doing some weight loss thing and made a vegan burger
TheAJ Adventurer
1:41, whoa does the odd1sout play animaljam ;)
tabitha palmer
Okay, I would never be able to do this. Why, you ask? Because last week on Saturday we ran out of milk at my house and my grandma went out to buy groceries and she was gone for like an hour and I constantly drink milk so I kept opening the fridge and reaching for the milk then realizing it wasn't there. If I can't go an hour without drinking milk, how would I be able to go SEVEN DAYS??!!
Question Mark
If you want to save the animals, then why are you eating their food?
Empress Spirit Cat
OMG 1:41 there's an animal Jam video 😂
razzer 120
Every vegan who read that, shit up I eat only meat and most times I killed this meat
Nick Wolf
Well guess it's time to upgrade from ovo-lacto vegitarian to a full flagged vegan (getting them vegan powers son)
*has a hot pocket in their hand
Me:I eat hot pockets😢
Sans Skeleton
Well, I'm not EVER going to do that.
Jacob Mcguire
who dislikes is Dum
JayThePandaMan /JTPM
Lol guava juice
Gabbymar123 Kittens1017
I saw wisteriamoon lol
Szymon dyboski
Aj hate VEGENS
Lol Guava Juice
Miss N
at 1:41 it says guava juice and I watch he but the way he acts is um...... I um..... unnecessary (BTW look at the likes and subscribes)
Bearite Fanta
I can't believe he was talking about guqva juicr
Josh Sidhu
ores have milk so u didn't do it
DandelionQueen 18
try vegetarianism
Naheem Boss
no dood dont hat on other youtuber
Anneliese Hebert
Hey I like guava juice but I subscribed to u :)
DONT MAKE FUN OF GUAVA JUICE but I still like your channel
Bradley Hoke
You can still buy non-vegan food during the challenge, just that you can't eat it, so put it in the fridge until it's over.
Unicorns r Awesome!!
My mom is a vegan
Jeremy Outdated
I have never had a speck of meat in my life, same with my dad. Im the 3rd generation vegetarian. So you dint really miss what you've never had. Plus im one of the most fit people in my age group, your body learns to rely on getting nutrients from whatever your diet contains.
lucky man
0:06 cancer as bastion
Michael Johns
did you know that the guy you showed had more sub's than you right
blastoise gamer
Um so this go for girls. So if a girl is vegan she can't eat a man's sausage 😏
cattie cattie
ellis johnson
im vegetarian
Gaming Master
Interviewer:congratulations you got the job
Her:I'm vegan
Interviewer:You're fired
Julia Gorska
I watch Ralph he's amazing 😍❤💙💚💛💜
Riz Mighty
I'm a vegetarian but i eat like ice cream and stuff but not meat I have meat you stinky lemon drizzle smelly cheese puff
Micah Murray
ps you failed because milk aint vegan
Micah Murray
nice i saw a team edge vid about popping balloons over peoples heads with underwear inside the (wh..wa....why?)
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