7 Day Vegan Challenge Baby (solves all your problems)

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I didn't really talk about this in the video, but you guys should go vegan! (for a week) Just to see what all the hypes about. come on, do it. Supposedly, veganism does do wonders on the body like clearer skin. Have you ever seen a vegan with gross skin? (I haven't) 

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shadow wolf
What would you eat ice cream or candy ...? 🍦🍬
Josie Yanez
tears falls

he said guava juice was bad James how dare you I love you but that's cold 😓
404 Nameunkown
Reese's Puffs and Oreos are Vegan..... But milk isn't......
Lighting McQueen
Fuck u I like guava juice
Jacksepticgirl Jacksepticgirl
Am I the only one that thought of the Avatar: the Last Airbender when he said "Chakras"?
WHOLE GRAIN WAFFLES? You are my idol. I would never be able to do that...
Felicity Mossrock
How about the 7 Day Vegetarian Challenge Baby?
That's seems easier.
Swishy Cat
My sister once turned vegan

She got stomach ulcers a few months later
Noob Gamer
well......the vegan challenge git you your subs and likes
Rick and Morty
milk and oreos aren't vegan, you failed
Rachel Signori
Owlgirl 1206
I'm not vegan, and I respect all of them. The thing is, I'm not interested or OBSESSED with meat. But I needed milk. Every. Single. Day. Not because I wanted to drink it, but I need them.
tbh, don't get TRIGGERED you vegans but in the end we as him and we kill majority of animals and plants soooo. We all kill something. (I eat Soobway every twice a week, I guess it's kinda vegan then again it's a sandwich prepared by other people and in the end you eat it, I'll go now since idk what I'm talking about.) (0 )________( 0)
CriminalBoss 238
Zodiac signs. I believe in it now. Bastion truly is cancer
Roman Perry YT
brianna nelson
what are hot pockets please let me know
Josh Schumacher
I like hot pockets
flower cat
i will try it
i saw minecraft on james PC not that its important
Kyu Le
Isn't milk not vegan
JackPlayz Games
HEY guava juice is awesome
Crazy Vids Daily
Requirements Of Being A Vegan
1.) Non-GMO Products.
2.) No Meat.
3.) No Dairy.
4.) Don't Eat Anything With Animal Products.
5.) Eat Nuts, Berries, Fruit, Vegetables and Anything With A Vegan Sticker On It.
Gamer Lola
Now that I see those Oreos!!!! YUMMY!!
Snug Burrito
I eat candy all the time (I don't know why I typed candy considering I'm BRITISH) And if you look at me in my videos IM A FRICKIN' TWIG
Lakai Wiggins
I saw on cancer as bastiob seems legit
#Sassy Fox
Arielle Butterfield
When you said wi dose this exists that guys name is guava juice 😐😐😐👍🏻😜
Cdino Boy
3:14 introducing hippie James
Andro King™
GO AT 4:06 and look at Up-Left corner!
Random Gamer
Your NOT vegan
Mariam Mohamed
who spot Rosanna pansino
ILike ToDraw
I think I'm the only one that assume he was like lip syncing? (in ralph's intro...)
Qiao James
That boss just fired the vegan person, did anyone see that?!!
I like hot pockets :(
I have officially done the 14 year vegan chalange
if anyone plays animal jam wisteriamoon was in the video when james was scrolling thru videos
angie the wolf
Hay u showed wisteramoon |8(
Slasher 1987
Me too
Comic Sansy
OH look, Guava Juice.....one of the youtubers I watch sometimes....
Leonel Perez
James not trying too be roud but roi is awesome his challenges are way better than you think
Dashy 10
Me: tries 7 Day Vegan Challenge (Baby solves all yo problems)

First Day: Screw It! eats steak
Chunky Smith
milk is not vegan
Rymael Xynn
There are some extremest vegans out there, where they act like "you have to go vegan! otherwise you're an awful person who hates animals!" well my response to such a thing would be to eat a greasy cheese burger while silently staring at them. You can't reason with such people, so might as well torment them lol.
lk xk
how dare you hate on guava juice.
Julian Myers
WUTs or next video called
Star Girl Gaming4211
My seven day vegan challenge

Water water water water water water
kimberly Valverde
...................you got some of my favorite youtubers and said why is this even a thing.... Ghana juice and his cousin marlin...... OTS CALLED ENTERTAINMENT BY NOW I THOUGHT YOU KNEW THAT FUN AND ENTERTAIEMT ITS WHAT YOUTUBE IS ABOUT WHIXCH I THOUGHT YOU KNEW!!!!! Guava juice is a funny skilled man SKILLED MAN!!!!!! Unlike you who just draws your way into a thousand subs some people actually have TALENT TALENT!!!!!!!! Your drawings basically look like a whight blob in the form of a human with a face it doesn't even have fingers OR cloth that's one of the worst drawings ever even I can draw better and secretly my sister to you need to have REAL talent like guava juice who does cool challenges with ACTUAL entertainment your vids are just about your everyday life why is THAT a thing its just plain boredom he even plays actual video games like he once tried minecraft...... Didn't end well AND he has a good sense of humor A REALLY good sense of humor out of every single video there is in the YouTube community you pick a very talented man and say what is this shame SHAAAAAME!!!!!
Indiana Mapping
isn't Glozell Vegan?
MEMeadowlady Cutie
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