Lonzo Ball scores 2 points vs the 76ers - Is it too early to panic over his struggles? | UNDISPUTED

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Earl Watson joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk about Lonzo Ball's struggles against the 76ers.  Is it too early to panic in LA?

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Lonzo Ball scores 2 points vs the 76ers - Is it too early to panic over  his struggles? | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
What do you think about Lonzo's struggles?
El Manyacko
In nba2k19 will they make his 3 point shot attempts clank off the rim and backboard like in real life?
In a word: Yes.
jem Ogn
2 points? Your in the NBA !
Lonzo sucks
daniel j
Jesus Christ loves everyone.Repent and believe that He is the Son of God and you will get to heaven. Seek Him while you still have breath. God bless everyone.Repent and have a great day: )
Rubin Turner
Tell these guys Earl. Watson spitting straight facts. Wait until Lonzo figures out how to get his game meshed with how the NBA is run. You can't think he was going to be LeBron like great in his first year. We have a list of hall of fame guards who first few years were hardly noteworthy, let alone this era of 24hr social media watch every move they make world we live in today. Don't give me that Lavar caused this stuff, either. Lonzo is hardly like his dad in the least.

ed a nut
luke need to hire Earl cuz he knows what he's talking about instead of the dleague coach he hired
Earl Watson is absolute perfection. He spoke so candidly and wasn't going to let Skip or Shannon dictate what they felt should happen to Lonzo.
Mike Rawlings
Russel was and is way better then ball ,I'm 😐
Marvin Storks
He doesn't have the body for that but get in the weight room
Marvin Storks
Just pass the ball
Ramione Gordon
Joy is the star of the show
Eskimoney Husselesen
Daamn! 2 point 😂🤷🏼‍♂️
Laquinta Mentlow
too much pressure on him sad
Michael Velissaris
Earl Watson is damn articulate, he going to be a analyst at some stage
Chris Nelson
skip is Napoleon dynamite
Greg Duron
Damn, Earl Watson sounds like a great coach. I'm sure he'll get another opportunity to coach again.
s d
david williams
Listen hes a bust get over it. This happens to every team
ignatious Wheatley
he still young but stop giving excuses he looked awful last night, but i know he can be better players yrs to come but just not this yr
Just In
And no speak of his triple double AGAIN? Wow, these shows loove to hate the kid.
Skip will never let go of that one and only good game lonzo had against one of the worst teams in the league lol
mauricio krebs
i feel no need to bring apologists to the show. We want analisys not excuses.
Hochi Fu
Stop hatting on Lonzo, why you never talk when he play well _
Malikah Brown-Henry
...only time i disagree with shannon
Forrest Mann
Skip has stopped defending it. Talk about something else. There are other rookies in the NBA 100x better than Lonzo Ball like Jayson Tatum and Ben Simmons!!!
Forrest Mann
Lonzo is better than Jason Kidd only because he is not alcoholic and into domestic violence!!!😂😂😂
Will Cline
Who is worse Bayless or Sharpe?
Jonathan Douglas
When r we gonna stop making excuses for this boy tebow had haters n ppl sayin he was garbage while taking a team to playoffs n still ppl sayin he was garbage ... yet this kid hasn't won a game for his team yet (in fact his team is better without him n ppl sayin he's still awesome
Jose Ocasio
🖕🏽lonzo suxs
Plain Simple
Lonzo Ball is not struggling at all, he's just not that good, at least right now. He should improve but his shot selection and aggression have to improve... it's all on him. I don't even think he's wanting to play basketball based upon how he's responding... he's just a quiet guy who is passive and learning but the hype has put a spotlight on him which isn't real.
Eli Vicaldo
It might just be this cat got fired recently but I don't trust anything he has to say
king vegeta
Skip is the fakest personality of all time who gets mad at other people for being subjective even though hes not objective at all in any way
Huey John Villanueva
Funny how skip defends lonzo after many bad games but attacks lebron for a bad game. SMH
Danny Wilkes
lonzo is the 2nd tallest PG in the league. he's gotta learn to get in the post and score on shorter opponents. That can happen way quicker than the time it will take to fix his jumpshot
Why does everybody have an excuse for him? Dude is trash & people just won’t admit it
Daniel Parker
@6:18 Earl brought up Durant. Durant avg 20 and 5 his rookie season on a bad team . NOT A GOOD ANOLOGY, No wonder he was fired
Lol leave the kid alone, let him learn the NBA pace first, he can play we've all seen it, he's just gotta get comfortable, it's all mental with him right now
Night Rose
earl is totally wrong on this one. They are putting way too much on him way too early in the season. bring in jordan clarkson maybe let gonzo come off the bench sometimes. i am a kings fan and thats what we are doing with deaaron fox. You don't just throw him into the fire and criticize him. luke needs to make some smart adjustments that will benefit the team and benefit lonzo
k yk
Why they fired earl? He needs to be coaching again
Rase -iwnl-
This is why I don't take these sports shows seriously! THE KID IS A BUST!
Hot News
next jason kidd
Shanice Brooks
What about the other rooks???? Good gosh man
Outgarth Loki
He's under cooked, he should have stayed at UCLA to finish his degree and mature physically and mentally.
Ray Gonzalez
lonzo is heading to a dark abbys
of shame he just cant
prove all the comotion
Nikola Zivkovic
Lonzo gonna be great
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