Bullet Ant Kryptonite?

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On this episode of On Location, Coyote tries out an insect sting antidote just after being STUNG by a Bullet Ant! 

The company Sting Kill reached out to the team just before the Bullet Ant challenge to see if Coyote would be interested in using their maximum strength sting relief product on his Bullet Ant wound in hopes that it might help relieve the searing pain…unfortunately it had never been tested on Bullet Ant venom before but the team said “sure, anything’s worth a try!”  

Will Sting Kill be like Kryptonite to the Bullet Ant?

Get ready to find out! 

Thank you to Sting Kill for sponsoring this video and providing their sting relief products to help Coyote treat his infamous Bullet Ant sting! For more info on Sting Kill products please visit their website - http://bit.ly/STINGKILL

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FuZe MaVeRiCkZ
You have problems
HDmusicVideos 21
cayote try getting a sting from all of them at once 😂 jk don't do that
Robbie Rotten #1
Its number 1 i thought i was number 1
Lexiana Sollers
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RarePepeMeme TrojanExe
sponsored? Oh yep read the description... Thought you were going to do a T martin and Prosyndicate.
Tnts mopwolf2006
your videos are lit cyote
LA BEAST took like 100 bites from bullet ants. He posted it on YouTube
Yunni Plays
Oh my gosh
Doh my gosh
Arianna Davia
wtf coyote
The things he does for us, thank you.
Coyote, i'm warning you..
Your outro will become a meme..
The difference:
Yea.. i can tell.. the difference. like from the side of ur arm...

seems legit.
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Osas
Spoopy Doopy (Irn mon)
I would like to see you be stung by a rare bee pepe
When I was I kid I got bit by one it just sting what's the deal?????
Joshy Anderson
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with the begging music I expected Optimus prime to jump out the Bushes
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we're all dead
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think about dam indian guys with millions in gloves for 10 min
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