Childhood Cartoon Characters Turned Into Monsters

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In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to the top famous and most beloved childhood cartoon characters imagined as disgusting monsters. This was actually really cool yet really disturbing.

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Sofia Canchola
Hey tal where is the part two?!?
jose bayani villadolid
Well this is not disturbing it's actually coolπŸ˜‚
jose bayani villadolid
Says "Mike wazowski" imitates homer's wife-simsons
Meyer Ali
The scariest one is tigger, in my opinion
Sharon bell
Annabelle Cliff
Arturo Amaro
Jesus Rodriguez
No Tweety and Pikachu
Sarina Skiles
If thats real i have guns
milk milky
My childhood
Elijah Makaea
But still make part 2 plz
Elijah Makaea
For real even Pooh is a Savage looking ting
Robert Sargee
I know right they do look like there from five nights at freddys i was gonna say that like tweety tweety looks like a mini chica
Charlize Mckeithen
Jordan 05230523
Thats good i loved it i love your vids i laugh so hard
sem pai
sees pikachu
throws away my Nintendo and Pokemon games
Taren Zietlow
I couldn't look away
Tekina Daniel
it does it ruin my childhood but we were so innocent oh my God none of it is it cool but it's weird it's just disturbing
Andy Bradford
This is not scary
2:59 dud it says "honney" that means its not honney
Dre Davies
Rip my childhood

Abram Ortiz
I gave up in number 1
Midge The Warrior
R.I.P to my childhood...
2007~2017 ;(
Died because I saw this amazingly drawn cartoons as monsters...
Kevin Garcia
Nooooooooooo what did you do to pickachu
EJ Hayes
It would bde even creper with mucic and im a kid
Juan Miguel Montejo Montejo
Rip my childhood 2005~2017
Ella Peng
Why does the 2nd one have a butthole mouth tho
Anonymous Mode
Erza Scarlet
I've seen monsters that would scare your monsters....
there is a rip off guys a rip off! Its mike wasouzki he is a monster and turn him into a monster
Ashleyjo Nembalemba
Please do a part 2
Ashleyjo Nembalemba
R.I.P my first 10 uears of my childhood ruined by these ugly monster
Bloodyskullovers SKULL ARMY
But the still look amazing
Bloodyskullovers SKULL ARMY
The only one that made my childhood done is the picachu
Bloodyskullovers SKULL ARMY
They look so cool it dose not worren my childhood but it makes them FREAKING SICK
Ghost Rider
Love it make more I'm twisted
Danae Bilbao
This video is a creepy
priscilla arbogast
mikes already a monster from MONSTERS UNIVERSITY >:c so gimme a mike now
I'm sacred for life... plus rip childhood
Maria M. Castillo
My childhood
2005 2017
Niva and me
Holy cow
Was it weird that I liked this?
Junior Vegas
3:16 pika-chewed
Kimberly Beals
My child hood has died
Kimberly Beals
Fashionable Sruthi
The music is as creepy as these innocent characters turned into hideous monsters
Marwan Alshishani
I dont wanna live beside these anymore i hate my childhood and i am a child rip my child hood 2005 - 2017
Rolblox Lover
Kyle Slania
Mike good Mike bad
Erendira Cuellar
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