Childhood Cartoon Characters Turned Into Monsters

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In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to the top famous and most beloved childhood cartoon characters imagined as disgusting monsters. This was actually really cool yet really disturbing.

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gerard valdez
oh no
Krysta Carmona
Julia MacLeod
that was friged
Ballo Meme
Five Nights at Dennis Carlsson
Bad Ending: Evil Elmo or Cookie Monster appears while Normal Elmo or Cookie Monster dies
Good Ending: All Characters are back to normal yay
Nicole Richardson
HunnyWas not spelled right
lol me pls ok
My childhood 2006 - 2017
Aylin The Kitty
My childhood
2008~ 2017
Chesire Cat
I like it
Make a part 2
Ashton Benton
Team Epiphany Jeremiah
part 2
Blue Rose
well My childhood was already ruinned(idk how to spell) so this is not so bad.
Music Freak49
3:00 sorry if I ruin your childhood and your hole perspective of Winnie the Pooh but this is what happen to Christopher Robin when Winnie became a cannabal
Hajiman Milsin Hazin
I like subscribed
you ruined my childhood.. EYOR WAS MY FAVORITE
cassara caeleen
it is nice when they are monsters i like it😊
L. Noote
Who else thought the minion looks like a old dryer up Twinkie
Addison Haertner
Does anyone realize he called tweety a girl
Jayvee Parfan
Do a part 2 please
Angel Najera
if i saw pikachu i would get nightmares
Joseph Bitzer
not Pikachu
alexandru paceana
do another video about this
Killer453 echotale
so creepy im watching at 3:00 in the morning
Ian Marsh
my child hood is ruin
Kitty Cookie
OMFG!!! I got rid of my stuffed characters. I collected them when I was younger...They are gone now.
Cookie and Endingsatsuma07 And c.j 12345678910
Luna Hernandez
WHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why did they do this to pikachu?
Jaina Benton
The minion looked like a fried Twinkie, or minion tempura
i still create cartoons into wrathful beasts
MagicalSugar The Kawaii Girl
omg the minion was still cute
Thank you, thank you Tal for ruining my child hood appreciate it😉
Matloob Siddiqui
Dat was freaking gross
Tabatha Sena - San Martin
OK who ever drew those drawings has now destroyed my childhood 😣😟really trying not to THINK ABOUT IT!!!!
jacob Sullender
tweetie is actually a boy
Victoria Moncrief
I'm a kid and my childhood just got a lot better >:)
Kirk Bauer
at the Pikachu I was holding a Pikachu figurine and I started to cry I watched a whole bunch of Pokemon episodes yesterday and I have over 100 Pokemon cards
Kirk Bauer
at the Pikachu I was holding a Pikachu figurine and I started to cry I watched a whole bunch of Pokemon episodes yesterday and I have over 100
Pikachu and eevee's chanel!
kyry George
love ethis
Cruz Cruz
nooo waaaaáaáá
KYNSLLE Rodrigez
Abs Cole
Tigger looks awesome
Dean Shaw
Who wishes they would remake the minions cartoon with those in it lol i do
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Yandere Chan
nóri sticza
r.i.p my childhood 2007-2017
Tweety! Tweety! She has...

WAIT. She? I thought it's he.
Anabell Navarro
why Picacho. I'm dead r.i.p from 2009 to 2017
Katherine Poole
do a part 2 please please please
what is this??creepypasta..
Harley Quinn
its to scary
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