Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch

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Jimmy and Benedict Cumberbatch perform an intense scene they've written together using Mad Libs.

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Mad Lib Theater with Benedict Cumberbatch

Lera Shvets
Well, at least somewhere Ukriane was mentioned) Good enough for me
Vicky Bryan
now he has so many words, great words! lol
Hahahahaha that mouth !!! 4:28
Moonlight Wolf
Madeline Olivares
I feel like benedict's been watching doctor who
Hannah Simmons
Oh Martin. Look what you've done. Lol
Yuki Heymer
Did he really say Geronimo? xD That's so me
Luna Ro'Meave
Put this on the small list of things that will always make me die of laughter.
George Hallit
Benedict: I'm Detective Rory--
Me: No, you're Sherlock Holmes.
Paola Hernandez
Rory? Geronimo?
Doctor Who anyone?
Кира Мейдрим
Wats in English "жопка "
Alisha Rogers
You know someone's British when they're complicated
Scott Edelman
Exclamation: F@$&!!!!!!!! Oh that's not aloud
Body part: Butthole
Lilith Kooks
Laetitia Sherry Purnama
His american accent tho
i'm still not over the Ukraine part, makes me die every time
Darth Esbee
My mom just called him "Kemberbutch Batchydick." I don't understand.
was he in doctor strange?
Izzy Kitty
Emily Mizzi
Bookish Isabela Louise
idk y but i watch this every 3 months...
Never had there been any interaction more British on American Television than Benedict Cumberbatch giving madlib words
Nathan Rouse
4:26 I lose it everytime 😂
Advika Narayanan
Cumberbitches, where you at?!
half a milimeter from the crime scene.....OMG
The Criminal Violin
Well, it's five minutes later... and I still can barely breathe through all the laughing this has caused me. "Why'd I find you gyrating a half a millimeter from the crime scene?" I can't handle this level of stupid comedy.
Kat Pardoe
I've watched this 4 times and I still die everytime I come across.
Does anyone ever think that there is a family of bears that think the highlight of their day is wiping their ass.
Red Moon 96
Honestly I thought Benedict was wearing a bdsm harness
Niveditha Rukmani
I thing that I understood from the video that Benedict is a doctor who fan (whovian)....
I mean
Danielle Salomon
I am graduating this Thursday.
Cassandra Butler
this guy reminds me of Dan Howell
Where were you on the night of Hanukkah
Wolf Lykaios
I need more of Mad Lib Theater
Leila Middleton
I was just giggling all the way through that bc it was so awkward.
omg I cried watching this
vineeta shankar
I keep replaying this video😂😂
MacheteTalk Studios
4:25 I cant xD!!!
I I ah someone help me
Olha Huska
Sara Mosier
We need this same thing with Tom Hiddleston!!!!!
Na Mo
that feeling when you're from Ukraine...
Joseph Taggart
- Who are you?

- Mrs Tate

Saisha Awasthi
this was so funny lol
TGQueen 33
"Your handwriting is worse than mine"
I wish I could listen English more better...
Cinnamon Brekker
Jimmy: Exclamation?
Gracey Freeman
That got me cracking! ahahahahaha shoot
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