VIRAL: Putin makes fun of Angela Merkel, Merkel gives him stern look

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Oldie but a goldie... Putin made a joke about the West and to that Angela Merkel had quite a reaction. Humiliated by Putin she stares back for a second and ultimately has to swallow the insult.
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Problems of Our Time
Great propaganda Russia insider. Russian propaganda has infested all the internet.
"You are... FAKE NEWS" -Donald Trump
Sun Nbass
Local Power
Vlado Rodenburg
Why does everyone hate Merkel so much?? I think she's an amazing leader, helping thousands of refugees, standing up for human rights and climate change. I'm proud of her.
Zachary Legaspi
"I will anschluss Moscow and every other city in Europe and free Crimea"
Tomas Grimm
Lol, Merkel started to look at Putin like that when he started killing civilians in the Ukraine and Syria for its own geopolitical interests, I doubt with all that in mind she cared about this joke of russian president
Mike Moli
FUCK Putin dictator threat to world peace..
Jo Peskett
Look her face like a slapped ass ugly bitch
Andy Melo
liberals only like to give it, but they dont take anything well
cool delhiwale
That old lady OWNED :P
Katerina Patiniotis
I wish someone from the audience wolf whistled at her...😂😂...The whole chamber would burst into laughing!! Putin too...
Scott Haselbery
Merkel is death by slow poison by importing muslims by the tens of thousands
banana snapper
mana bad
Putin tells Merkel she fucked her country up!!! GOLD #realtalk 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chris Bolgar
OK but what was the question???
Classic look)))
Whoever's joking about that woman has my support. From Italy.
Shawn Taylor
What an embarrassing idiot.
Conflicted Celery
Putin stopped Merkel as she was walking by today, immediately she rolls her eyes
RMH 666
HAHAHAHAH her face though HAHAHAH
putin for president!!!! merkel to siberia!!!!
M. Faizan
that look will make me pee myself
Gow Foryt
hahaha. basically what putin says : you like it or not , you gonna get fucked. hahaha
Nadiia Bella
Not funny in germany, go back to wörk
Die verzweifelte russischen Barbaren sind Bewässerung an der Mündung Einfluss in Deutschland zu gewinnen, was glaubst du, warum diese Merkel Kommentar Boards sind 99% von Putins unzivilisierten Propaganda Diebe befallen? Hüten Sie sich vor DEUTSCHEN, INSTALLIEREN SIE KEINE PUTIN MARIONETTE ZU FÜHREN DEUTSCHLAND!
The desperate russian barbarians are watering at the mouth to gain influence in Germany , why do you think these Merkel comment boards are 99% infested by putins uncivilized propaganda thieves ? BEWARE GERMAN PEOPLE , DO NOT INSTALL A PUTIN PUPPET TO LEAD GERMANY !
Buttmunch McDickson
Merkel is a joke
shit Putin
profit mermaid
merkel is fuhrers love child..she got same face..minus the moustache..still handsome though
Tuckpoint Paint
Merkel is the trash of satan
Vidash Dalmotra
Thats why Putin in my fav. after Modi ..
Manu Ramesh
super super
Fucken russian primitive scum all over these Merkel comment boards !Fuck you , the German people will do as France did , no putin puppet for Germany
Ich hoffe, daß das deutsche Volk erkennen, dass Putin ist jetzt in einem verzweifelten attemp Einfluss in Deutschland zu gewinnen, er weiß sehr gut, wie Merkel, ihn in den Arsch mit Sanktionen fest! Vorsicht deutsche Volk den ESEL BOHRUNG PUTIN KOMMT, NACHDEM SIE!
I hope the German people realise that putin is now in a desperate attemp to gain influence in Germany , he knows very well how Merkel stuck him in the ass with sanctions ! BEWARE GERMAN PEOPLE THE ASS HOLE PUTIN IS COMING AFTER YOU !
mac james
why everybody is against angela merkel
pkk zken
nededi lan merkel öyle baktı türkçesini bilen varsa yazabilir mi
Рэндал Роадс
Earlier I was afraid that the United States would strike a military strike on my Russia now I'm afraid that the US will not do it!
Putin kills us every day, please help....
135 IQ
C'est qui ce type?
Russia coudnt tie Germanys shoe laces...Merkel is a controlled puppet...but Germany on a world scale is a powerhouse...UNTOUCHABLE!
Srbenda Prava
Merkel can only give look 😂 nothing more She is a Ugly old Nazy woman in a Dead Nazy empire full of Islamic imigrants 😂
Suren Kalantarian
😐shit that can russians say
truth be told; a joint EU effort against Russia (without US help) will end in disaster for them . The French be the first ones to surrender
Sal Rodriguez
Look at all these dumb Europeans they think Putin is their friend and that Muslim migrants are the cause of all their problems, Europe is not far away from becoming the nazi right wing bastian it has always been historically and then WWIII will begin and it will be the end of the world , we Muslims are not afarid of any racist or challenge you hurl at us. The European countries are all failing including countries like America with that dufus they have in the white house now.
The idea of heterosexual sex really seems to disgust Merkel the man thing.
Putin's intelligence seems to match Trump's
nirmal joishi
Kian Tube365
Nice Propaganda I still love russia
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