VIRAL: Putin makes fun of Angela Merkel, Merkel gives him stern look

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Oldie but a goldie... Putin made a joke about the West and to that Angela Merkel had quite a reaction. Humiliated by Putin she stares back for a second and ultimately has to swallow the insult.
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Sui Ling Thang
putin asking her phone no . but Merkel didn't allow it putin looking a wife he still a single men ohhh Merkel just give him other wise he gonna do again band job hahahaahah putin dreaming about marriage Merkel hahah good luck miss putin...
Oswaldo Vasquez
Putin will be a bitch of higher interest. Fuck him. Fuck Putin.
Abigail Sockeye
Surprise! Butt secks!
Finter 67
Merkel NWO puppet....witch
This is looser propaganda
Khaled Haitham
inner nazi intensifies
The Templar
fantastic man!
Hobbesian Thinker
Fuck that cunt.
Qing Dynastie
she looks like a zombie that search for brains
I'm laughing my arse off
Carl G
Putin... what a complete and utter knob!
Ron Mexico
Merkel is a giant progressive piece of shit who is poisoning her country.
Omowonuola Akande
Putin is God ordained to save the world from western lies and propaganda...they ve taken the world 🌎 for a fool for more than 100years now...enough of western lies.
MrCool Mug
She doesn't like that. But you know what Mama Merkel, nor does Europe like them rapes.
God, how smart to you have to think something like this up and how smart do you have to be to instantly understand it? Putin IQ over 9000!! He's going to have a ton of fun with Trump the guy with the IQ of a retarded squirrel.
Himanta Phukan
he is a leader
Hitler look
Ray Baez
This channel is clearly a joke...telling fake ass stories...sources like this is why media is no longer trusted....there too busy tryna create drama out of nothing
Or, is he referring to the US Regime screwing Germany (not returning Germany's gold) and/or Obama screwing Merkel (NSA bugging her phone!) ?? (And it's supposed to be some 'wonderful marriage' between "USA" and "Germany".)
Paul Tarzanov
ha ha that was funny :)
thucydides Neo
Do not under-estimate the humorlessness of German chicks.
Horst Schlemmer
Fun Fact: 90% of these comments sucks
Singen Klatschen Kiffen
die dreckige beschnittene verräterhure
Upendra Chaubey
fuck EU
Fake news. Edited lie.
Dogg D'Bountyhunter
You're fake news.
fuck this stupid bich!
she should be hung along with Blair and all his cronies.
Hey Boi
1 min in dabate and chill and she gives you that look
Hey Boi
Putin is savage
Titties Bigglesby
I know as an American I'm supposed to hate Putin....but Vlad is one slick & smart fucker
G. West
Merkel is a large pile of left wing loon shit.
Ramzi Salman
man with balls.
Le Douce
hahahaha Putin the ol' Pussy Slayer 5000
Radz G
love putin
Russia Insider is Russia propaganda machine
Nirdesh Singh
poor angela
Super Awesome Space Paladin
I loved that time when Putin let his dog run lose in his study during his negotiations with Merkel, fully knowing that she has a deep fear of dogs.
Dracula Reloaded
stupid women need a bullet from Russian .....
Cristian Tamas
Angela Merkel uluminatii sclave
Sa Ha
Merkels Germany is all submissive cuckolds and cowards. No threat to Russia at all
Mattress Boy
Merkel is a shrill bitch Americans hate her, Germans hate her, everyone hates her
for what you idiot @russianinsider
ayatollah Vladimir Putin
Blessings to you faithful sheep
Angela Squirrelkels face is permanently stuck in that position. a common problem among treasonous globalists like her. Germany is a dead self-hating country thanks to her.
Ali Mohamed
omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Riyo Al
Putin put that cunt in her place
Enes Oezer
Putin ist einfach der Boss😂😂
Menace Man
Angela Merkel is a disgrace.
Kapil Sharma Comedy Circus
I request North Korea and Russia to nuke USA, so as to bring world peace.
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