VIRAL: Putin makes fun of Angela Merkel, Merkel gives him stern look

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Oldie but a goldie... Putin made a joke about the West and to that Angela Merkel had quite a reaction. Humiliated by Putin she stares back for a second and ultimately has to swallow the insult.
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Problems of Our Time
Great propaganda Russia insider. Russian propaganda has infested all the internet.
Javier Vargas
She's accustomed to European eunuchs, not real men.
Micky Odenwalder
Angie saves her cute face for muzzies and Obama.
Cara pálida
Taco Cherub
Man why are Russians so trashy.
Joe H
Stephen Livers
merkil...obamas little play hitler she is nothing but a socialist your country is infested with bed bugs if you know what i mean........he's gone and what are you gonna do now........ you little puppit.........
Elite PixelWarfare
I hate Trump,I Hate Hillary

Lets see how fast people get butthurt experiment
she looks soo fuccking ugly omfg skank whore
aiste bia
That's how she looks all the time. Remember Chancellor Merkel is East German.
Kaptan Gezer
and the difference is: Putin is not silly.
do not compare him with anyone else
Charles Ingals
Merkel is a woman who have balls !!!&
everyone forgets Merkel is an east German marxist
ram ram
Oh! Common Uncle Putin Ji Granny Angela merkel isn't a good Milf to play with !...
John Smith
Germany is a fascist islamist state now. The Left must be proud.
John Smith
Merkel is a cunt
Aditya Singh
and this became reason for world war 3
Venkatesh Ravi
That comment was stupid !
IsotopeIvan Tarasov
The western media spews just as much propaganda and lies. As a person that has been to both countries, I can say, media aside, that both countries have serious internal problems. I think one of the major differences is the US is bound for financial disaster, or at least massive austerity eventually, and those kind of hardships will hurt a lot of Americans where it truly hurts, their plump over sized belly's. Education won't help, your English major isn't going to feed you. Better get used to gruel, can't really say the same for poor Russians, they already live on much less. As far as I know Russian debt is either non existent or much much less than American. Can American debt ever fully be paid back? Makes you wonder why there are no boots on the ground in Syria? I think it's because they just can't afford it monetarily. I'm not saying that Russia can or anything, but the greatest superpower the world has ever seen probably can't afford to send soldiers abroad nearly as much as they used to. Canadian debt also looks very bad. How do it's citizens sit there and let this continue? Have they been drugged? Are they that sedate and obedient? Those same people once stormed the beaches of France and beat back Nazi strongholds. What a joke that would be today, they've gone soft, they are ripe for being taken over. Women now rule, men do as their told like good little boys, and maybe if they bow hard enough to their feminist overlord they will get a treat or a bone, probably a bone from a foreigner in a sexual emergency, and the boner will get off (no pun) scott free while the bonee will go to jail for not smiling and lubing up first, you know because of tolerance. It's a hate crime if you don't let a foreigner rape you. The only news worth watching is independent news. People who take a camera and aim it out there window, or go out on the street and film a situation. You see a lot of things that the MSM skips, it doesn't fit their narrative.
IsotopeIvan Tarasov
Baaahahahaha this is awesome!!!
YouTubeSearch ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX
Bwahahahaha Merkel stare soooo STUPID!!!
Mohamed K.
The "Nein Nein Nein Nein!!!" look.
david gregory
All these leaders are corrupted to the core. They will be the end of us all. Russia, China, or USA. pick your ruin.
Royale with cheese
rule #1: never make jokes with foreigners. it almost never works.
blue green
stupid bitch.
I love how Russia is trying to infiltrate social media and spread it's propaganda. Putin is just as corrupt if not more corrupt than Trump because he actually has intelligence. There's no one in power who isn't corrupt. Everyone is just as shitty. It's a matter of choosing our poison. I choose liberalism than an automatic government any day.
The main prob with Putin is that he's human so he'll die at some point. Unfortunatelly for Russians, their history is full or examples of the kinds of things that can happen when he dies. After any massive fail (social, economic, diplomatic) anything that makes you look/sound/feel less crappy is a "miracle" and anybody that appears in command and control of things is a "great leader". That's Putin's story in one sentence. Sadly, history teaches us that in a post-Putin era a Yeltsin-style leader is probably just the best case scenario.
Rahul M
well said mr. putin 👍👍😂😂😂
merkel is so embarassing 😂😂😂
Lone Reader
ok, so im searching is this video fake or not. and the outcome is not.
this is not a fake video

dont let the troll in the comment confuse you
Tony Fat
Trump got the same look when he give her a bill for NATO contributions And when she went for the hand shake trump looked he had gone in a coma.
Steve .Spaar
Ich kann diese scheiss Fresse von der alten Fotze nicht mehr sehen
Vinit Grover
fabricated to mislead
lijep dan
merkel is sexy
Lol. Merkel thinks "You think you're funny, but you're an idiot" and she lets him know it.
Guest Guest
What Putin said him too can if screwed
Nigel Shirlin
Merkel is thinking maybe we should let more Syrians in
Irina Kaiser
What did he say?
Dennis Durkop
Merkel the worst leader in Europe!
Christoph Grambach
hihihihihihihihih, i die of laughing!! genius , dear vladimir putin!
Andrew Valdivia
fuck Putin america will fuck Russia up any day Russia stands no chance against NATO
Ardalan Ardalan
Long life Russia long life putting the man of act
Shawn C
You know.. I'm American but Putin seems like a pretty cool guy. I can't say much more then that. I don't know much about his policies and leadership. But I'd have a drink with him. He seems like Obama but with balls. lol✌🇺🇸
why doesn't he just speak German, he learnt it while being a kgb donkey in eastern Germany!
It's time Merkel paid for her crimes against Europe. She must be hanged from the neck until dead.
Samuel Montw
russia fuckyeah
The best joke here is the russian economy
Thanks for ruining europe merkel.
Sergi Hernz
Fuck Europe!
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