Game Theory: Nintendo’s SECRET PLAN for the SWITCH!

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The Nintendo Switch is literally releasing in a few hours and there has been a TON of HYPE leading up to this, Nintendo's newest console, but when you stop to look at it, the Switch is a pretty bizarre system. The Switch promises the most advanced Rumble features ever, but lags behind the PlayStation and Xbox when it comes to graphics quality. Nintendo keeps pushing it as a portable gaming device, and yet we all have mobile gaming devices in our pockets in the form of smart phones. So what gives? What's the big plan here for this hybrid console? I think there's A LOT more to the Switch than we initially realized, and in this episode, I’ll reveal Nintendo’s Secret Plan to make the Switch a success!

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Nintendo is hot.
The switch's click/snap, is the ultimate dank meme to calm us down.
The Microphone
the 10ft tall people in Mario are titans(if meters were equavelent to feet)
Dakota McGee
I am a idut
Zack Cooper
In the Nintendo switch trailer I thought the person broke the controller
Michael Dobbin
if you are right about this nintendo might have just creates the most versatile console ever
Logan Sabin
Does anybody else realize he did 6 swi-SNAP-tch puns?
OliverDarkness Gaming
Okay 1. That sailor moon reference. 2. On the subject of childhood shows, I wonder if that means we're one step closer to holographic monster duels. And 3. Was the Switch rushed? Because people are having lots of problems with it, the high pitch noise, the screen failure, the dead pixels.
Nissiz Sky
Switch is a console, a portable console, a VR set, an AR set, a computer, cellphone and tablet in one.

thanks Nintendo. now I will purchase one.
The Lightning Stalker
They could also put a camera in the headset. The Switch would just slide in and connect to it similar to the dock.
What about Microsoft hollolense that's augmented reality
Oni- Linkle
the yo-kai fan
not going to buy a switch right now, too glitchy
Really hope it gets rid of mobile games. Hate touch screen
Manko Cheung
The size of the people are the size of teletubies😱
11:12 you can see a swastika.
lps fan 253
who else likes the intro
Cat MixMeow
Aja Reynolds
limb pine
forget the test project Wiiu for switch
Frankenstein gaming
All gamers who hate Nintendo Switch like my comment
Lucien LaChance
I think Nintendo's plan with the Switch is to recuperate the losses they took from the failure that was the Wii U (it was literally just the Wii... again. It was liked they releases a new console strictly because everyone else was and they didn't want their fans to feel like they were "left behind" in the technological race, but actually didn't make any technological leaps while developing the Wii U from the Wii. Essentially, the Wii U is just a repackaged Wii with a different look ((kinda)) and everybody figured that out pretty damn quick, which led to the massive slowly of their sells like what, just a week or two after the console released?)
joycon have camera
Tochau Lam
I like the neon red and blue
Loding pixel /:
it is 4 months later and I have a switch and in 1 2 switch it has augmented reality
Dat lazy sunday girl 4554
I'm only 11 and Ima girl I'm taller than Mario 😂😂
Roosevelt May
Soon, Nintendo will be able to control all companies.
Except Google. Maybe.
Nintendo will be the only company that has every game experience you want.
Whereas Sony and Microsoft try to be computers when REAL computers have surpassed consoles in performance, Nintendo tries new approaches, innovation rather than raw power. Augmented reality doesn't make you vomit nor destroys your eyes like VR does. Nintendo has the correct approach here.
lizzy jones!!!
when is FNAF ?!?!??!?!
I think Mario is human because I haven't seen 10 ft tall people walking in New York
Super Kawaii Neko Girl
Mario is a midget
James Allen
Wow I'm going to buy this and the new oculus price rift is less then the money I'll need for the switch
Douglas Wein
Douglas Wein
not the memes anythang but the memes please😯
Douglas Wein
to creppy😈🐂🗼😯
Shane Pierson
what if waluigui was just as tall as an average human and Mario was just half the size
but matt pat. the swtich does support any streaming services like youtube, twitch, netlifx (or others).
Dgr Rdz
subnautica theory let's see it
Terry McUzi
Mario is a "Nintendonian" according to Nintendo, not a human.
Ash Greninja
I admit it we r in future
Aaron Azzcalibur
pretty much is like some player in game
1 player mostly increase stuff and upgrade
while other pretty much get the stuff before upgrading
Aaliyah Rangel
Remember mat pat at the end of your "what height is Mario" you said "But hey that's just a theory a game theory"!
Game theorists... more like retardtheorists
Just another septic fan
A Nintendo switch advertisement came on before I watched this video.
Anthony Gutierrez
It makes mario a might
aphasforeva27 animaljam
I'm so getting a switch now, only thing I want
Jace Blair
good job on the thing where game theroy sign snaps
Angery McTryna-Chil
But I actually like the colours of the new controllers...
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