Game Theory: Nintendo’s SECRET PLAN for the SWITCH!

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The Nintendo Switch is literally releasing in a few hours and there has been a TON of HYPE leading up to this, Nintendo's newest console, but when you stop to look at it, the Switch is a pretty bizarre system. The Switch promises the most advanced Rumble features ever, but lags behind the PlayStation and Xbox when it comes to graphics quality. Nintendo keeps pushing it as a portable gaming device, and yet we all have mobile gaming devices in our pockets in the form of smart phones. So what gives? What's the big plan here for this hybrid console? I think there's A LOT more to the Switch than we initially realized, and in this episode, I’ll reveal Nintendo’s Secret Plan to make the Switch a success!

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Definite Faller
I got a Nentendo ad before this video.
Wicked Bat
Hearing MatPat rage is one of life's greatest gifts.
ur local meme
so like
nintendo is the good guy
I don't get it... You just said that the Switch can't do VR and then talk about how the Switch will be able to everything... Including VR?
I don't know that I understand how you can do AR with a camera that doesn't work in the visible spectrum. What would it show? Is it AR if you have no visual feedback whatsoever?
If your theory proves out I don't see how they will be able to do it with the current switch without a lot of add-ons. Hop on the upgrade treadmill everyone!

iFixit says the vibration motor inside the Joycon is an off the shelf unit identical to the one in the Oculus Touch controller, by the way.
Treeko Kid ONLY Animates
im so used to hearing "and that's the story... you never knew"
Metal Michael
Is this Jacob from Hot Tub Time Machine!?!?!?
Giovanni Lewis
just? 😜😊☺😞😉😜☺😜😜
Jeffstike 31
doesn't Mario eats mushrooms to change his size.
so mabey he just ate a mushroom
TheSeven ChaosEmralds
I got the switch before watching this and now I feel like my money was spent way better on this rather than a PS4 Pro
You see what I wanna know is if the science behind a Full Dive System like the Matrix or Sword Art Online can really happen
No more undertale plz!
NoGravity Studios
I have a gamecube.
One also with the handle.
Who else has one still that works
Monroe Harmon
i think mario is a midget. and his 5'1 height is only with a mushroom.

that's just a theory, a bad theory.
lps gameslilyanna
actually, doesn't the switch have 2 cameras, if it doesn't, uhhhh... what's that camera thing on the front and back?
Kids Rojo
All switch puns:







Caleb Taylor
Who else thought of The Incredibles when GT said "Coincidence? I think not!!!"
Frenchiest Fry
Nintendo snap? I think you have the wrong system.....*Cough cough 3ds cough cough*
Lil P5ych0
I'm playing my switch while watching this.
Santiago Araiza
yes, yes i know its good but the vita remake also deserves a chance
just switch to pc guys
albert DIY and vlogs
u mean
sportVIDs & jokes
i got a nitendo ad before this video
James Daly
I think the main reason why they released Zelda for the Wii U and Nintendo switch is because the switch is cheaper, and if most people don't have either consoles, they would want to buy the less expensive item, cue, the Nintendo switch.
Sans the Boss
I swear I saw “Secret Switch".
Tefen M
This was SO DUMB that I HAD to Unsubscribe!
You say that it can't do VR due to having a 720p screen after saying that it is for VR, then continue to state that it would be for VR.
I want to watch your film but I don't understand English T_T
A reboot fan?

Well met.
Luke Dudley
Now I want one of these!
The one system
Lily Ely
Now I want a Switch even more...
Obnoxious Generic YouTuber #342
I wish Christmas would come sooner lmao
PokemonMaster XD
Sao sword art onswitch
Make a Terraria theory please MatPat I'm begging you.
Gray Lowe
Switching to Focus ;D
Escudero Calidah
you're so cringey
E money
@3:44 Can we not throw mental illnesses around so nonchalant? Controllers not being the same colour may be irritating since many of us like order and symmetry but unless they bring on disruptive distressing thoughts and behaviours, please don't refer to little quirks and idiosyncrasies being "OCD infuriating". You're a smart man and so I'm sure you can appreciate not misusing terms surrounding mental illness
el calabozo del androide
hey man, i just wanna say you do absolutely AMAZING work. keep it up. i really enjoy watching your vids.
Notification Squad
But matpatty. wut does have all to do with sony, xbox and those other company consoles?!
Ruby Rose
Sorry about this but augmented reality sounds like the new Sao movie
Every time a snap happens on the Nintendo switch presentation it's the entire library of game theory and every time matpat makes a terrible joke it it's five secs of a dancing dog 🐶 takes 2 times the time of the universe
Peggy Hinson
What if Mario and the "humans" in Mario's universe were just humanoid creatures instead of actual humans. Think of it like a plantain and a banana, they both look a lot alike but are two different things. Mario, Peach, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi,etcetera all look like humans but what if they weren't.
gamer Kid24353
I love the intro
Lea Butler
@MatPat have you heard what Lenovo has put on recently? It sounds a lot like what you describe in this video. Did Nintendo get beat to the punch? Or are they already trying to out do what Lenovo has already done. Just food for thought.
Geek forlife
I won't buy the switch beacuse it only has Zelda,i will wait until the switch has more games
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