Game Theory: Nintendo’s SECRET PLAN for the SWITCH!

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The Nintendo Switch is literally releasing in a few hours and there has been a TON of HYPE leading up to this, Nintendo's newest console, but when you stop to look at it, the Switch is a pretty bizarre system. The Switch promises the most advanced Rumble features ever, but lags behind the PlayStation and Xbox when it comes to graphics quality. Nintendo keeps pushing it as a portable gaming device, and yet we all have mobile gaming devices in our pockets in the form of smart phones. So what gives? What's the big plan here for this hybrid console? I think there's A LOT more to the Switch than we initially realized, and in this episode, I’ll reveal Nintendo’s Secret Plan to make the Switch a success!

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Flotts Gryffin
720p for VR would be absolute garbage, just saying
Hans Bjørn Vikesdal
Get you're Ugly face off youtube
Hope this comes true!
vinsoy20 Playz Overwatch & Stuff
This is Nintendo See not Switch
gamer guy
Mighty Waffle
They've been hiding from us they managed to make an amazing console oh wait where's your theory?
Unknown Commentary
I hate Nintendo now
I think I need me some new pants
Monster Amin
your theroy or should i say fact is real the one about the vr
The youtuber "nintendrew" made the nintendo switch a vr machin by using a ta let vr headset
the company"nintendo" will think in it if the users are comfortable and having fun with it.
Jean Fernandez
One system to rule them all.
hush matpat sony or microsoft could be listening but i had the same thought's well at least about the AR part
3:25 Is this what it was like before I was born?? GRANDMA!!! TELL ME!!!
Mason Miller
1:57 you mean Soleanna, Crisi City was a different location
why all hate vrboy its my one of fav nintendo console
Derek Pham
Sony and Microsoft r panicking
Zulf Cook
Okay, I just thought about this, Mario and Luigi, Parterners in time, Princess Shroob, You need to do a video on her, Including a race of similar looking toads, And her sister was trapped in the cobalt star, BY PEACH, PEACH GOSH DARN IT, peach "brought the toads" the parasitic toads, See video, Into the mushroom kingdom, yes I beleive that Princess Shroob and Princess Peach have a long backstory, That toads, and the Shroobs in mario and luigi partners in time, are infact the same
never thought Nintendo would fight Sony, Xbox, and other big guys
Dail Telegraph
I don't get you, people. I like Switch's colors, and I'd rather buy the colorful one than the all black and grey one. :( Srsl, what's wrong with pastels? What's wrong with pretty?
That Sailor Moon reference was awesome. #SailorMatPat

Hey Mat, so if you have seen the new SAO Movie then why doesn't Nintendo try to re-create it's AR/VR mechanics. In the movie they have "headsets" connected to ears where a hud pops up in front of them while they can still see in front of them. They can interact with using their hands, so why doesn't Nintendo try to make a "system" using AR mechanics that lets you play while on the move where you can run around while attacking enemies, talking to NPC's, etc. In other words you have a screen in front of your face with a camera on the other side so you can see what's in front of you and you are able to stab, slash, punch, shoot, and blow up enemies using either the infa red to detect your hands or something like the joycons.
Protagnis YT
If it helps, Mat, the humans in Odyssey are just the Humanoid nobodies from Mario Tennis
I feel like I'm the odd one out here. I understand Nintendo's perspective and know what it's like to be the kid who doesn't follow trends and I just want to be me.

Yet I much prefer to play on PlayStation because I just like the games on there better as I find them more fun. I would like to try the PSVR though ^w^
The Dark Ray Ultimate Demon Gaming
umm bruh
Included in Augmented Reality is Microsoft's HoloLens?
Howdy Tale
Do abzu
BonesFnafFan CZ
Does anyone remember that REAL videogame revolution was with nvidia shield tablet?
Brian Trochowski
Is VR a valid option with the weak CPU that is packed into the Switch? I know Nintendo doesn't pride itself on the best graphics or the highest frame rate, but VR is a whole different beast compared to just simple gaming and inherently requires quite a bit more horsepower.
Imagineer DT
The Nintendo Switch is the PERFECT game console but there are two things they need to improve on for it to really make it big: More Third Party Games and a wider Game Library and maybe a better screen but the more games thing is much more important.
Fancy Fred
Man, you better switch up the content!
Nostalgic Programing
When put together like that it really makes sense but now that its out a nother switch video is needed
Eli Holt
W...wait my mind just snapped (no pun intended) I mean seriously I haven't even thought that the switch or nintendo in general would try to make vr and ar

but then again thats just a theory A game theory
ramen noodle
remember sword art online.......we need nervegear. NOW!!!!
Grant Yoches
How many times did he say switch in this video?
the problem is there so hard to find that they cost 500 dollars and up if you find one. why are they so rare?
Karlo Tendero
snap!* NOW DO ANOTHER!!!
jokupoju 12
Could I get the your intro song from you? It's veri gut :)
thank God, my friend said ps5 will be the best console. nup. not anymore
Alicia Lerma
y is the intro soooo good
Luci Anna
this makes me want to buy it now
Nekovat Cat
I just kept coming back for MatPat's rant on Super Mario Odyssey XD
Olivier Drolet
I can't believe i spent a whole day just watching this challenge......LOVE IT!!!
Aik Ealodiir
My VR headset cost me $9.99.... Works just as well as my Oculus if not better.
Omar Dames
I need one now
Christian Carlan
Even if this were true, the 720p display of the Switch would make VR look just as pixelated as the 3ds, even worse since it's around you and not in front of you. The Gear VR uses the Galaxy's QHD+ display and both oculus and vive have QHD displays (1440p)
well, the reason mario might not be as tall as humans is because he's not human. His species is homo nintendonus according to the nintendo character guide.
Karel Plets
Nintendo Switch? More like Nintendo Swiss pocket console.
Rouge Cray Lord
He said "In one swoop they WOULD have created one system..." notice the wording. hmm.. I'm stroking my chin...
Rouge Cray Lord
the nintedo 3ds has ar function so they have been experimenting
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