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Hi Eftsei Gaming i like your channel very much good work :)
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sa stiti ca apatosaurul este mai mic decat diplodocus
Eftsei Gaming
00:00 Ceratosaurus
01:26 Compsognathus
03:11 Spinosaurus
04:52 Tyranosaurus Rex
06:32 Brachiosaurus
07:57 Pteranodon
09:27 Stegasaurus
10:55 Triceratops
12:18 Carnotaurus
13:40 Diplodocus
15:12 Parasaurolophus
16:39 Ankylosaurus
18:07 Wuerhosaurus
19:28 Pachyrhinosaurus
20:49 Apatosaurus
22:12 Charonosaurus
23:42 Pterodactylus
25:33 Argentinosaurus
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