The Truth About Sweden

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Trump is right. Mass immigration has ruined Sweden.

Statistics cited can be found at the following links:

The Angry Foreigner - Trump and The Truth about Sweden -

Ami Horowitz - Stockholm Syndrome -

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UPDATE: Journalist Forced to Leave Migrant Suburb in Sweden After Being Followed by Masked Men -
i dont cate abou sweden . for me u can be dead . Hi from Poland
Seejay Cheong
euro ppl will be slave by muslim...they r religious slavery.
Simon Clegg
Sorry, I'm a bit behind. Did you get anybody to take you up in your offer? Was your offer genuine? I can't believe that not one journalist wanted to have a go.
Liberty and Justice for All
The Democrats are leftist Muslim scum.
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Dirty Harry
We have more violent gangs in America. People that move into those hoods will get there stuff blown off if they don't mind there own business or the boys will get you. We don't have pussies over here. Come to America the meet, the meet grinder. Therre gonna wanna keep there asses in the Mosque like Christians stay in the church.
Wake up Europe ...
Fuck Sweden they went from the biggest NAZIS ( i know such an trendy word but i mean it literally) to servant's of niggers 😂😂😂👏👏👏 they are gay loving, Christianity haters. And now like the pagan sodomites that they are they need to perish.
Vanessa Chamas
Tragic. The same thing happened to parts of Sydney. The idea that a country can't or shouldn't choose migrants based on cultural compatibility is madness.
"Yesterday morning a 21 year old boy named Abul tried to stab me in the neck. I immediately disarmed him and looked into his eyes. He did not mean to hurt me, he simply did not know any better. Can we really blame him? He did not have access to college education to teach him the moral ideas we all hold so dear. Education is simply a fundamental human right. Tonight, I ask Americans to join me in the pursuit of compassion and a moral idea...yes, I did go to college, unlike Phrumf... America, join me in the fight to give free education to all our diverse immigrants!" -Steven Colbert 2022
I had a dream that one day I would travel the world and visit every country that I possibly could...

Until I discovered YouTube. #MAGA
IT'S NOT THE RAPE CENTRE OF EUROPE!! people are just good at reporting it and grabbing someone counts as a rape in Sweden. And in most countries you would report one case of rape even if a person was raped every day for a year, while in Sweden 365 cases of rape would be reported. Plus the Swedish school encourage people as young as 12 to report these kinds of things.
Chicago ball
Soon there will be a immigrant to America and others north and South American countries from Europe and they all will be white
Sara Larsson
don´t you dare talk shit about sweden you fucking peice of shit far åt helvete ditt jävla rövhål jag hoppas du dör din jävla fitta gå och en kuk ditt jävla äckel jag ska slita ut din jävla inälvor fan ta dig jävla missfoster
ColdDead Hands
Europe has gone to shit thanks to Muslims!
lukasz szybki
sweden =kalifat in nex 10y
There is only one answer for good people everywhere............................BUY GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is only one answer for good people everywhere............................BUY GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Ho
I'm Russian and just don't understand why Sweden men have been looking calmly at all those criminals? Why can't they just gather in big groups and begin beat arabians to death? They should always have knives with them in order to defend their women! When they beat to death at least hundred enemies,arabians understand that they should obey the law. IF YOU CAN'T SUPPORT THE LAW WITH LEGAL ACTIONS, YOU SHOULD SUPPORT IT WITH ILLEGAL ACTIONS! Besides,you should understand that there's a war against the whole Europe. Replace your politicians which supported the intrusion of enemies or die.
You've forgotten to mention that Jews support mass immigration into white countries
Australian journalists have deliberately failed to reports attacks in Australia. Kill the lot of the cvnts.
Bojan Land
floo kabl eidkj wodp s kdls vul akcm eop alwk d'dl fjei.x.x.
damian 376
R.I.P. Sweden.
Yassen Yankov
What to expect from a nation who didn't fight for more than two centuries? Even the Swedish king is a French refugee. Napoleon Bonaparte installed his field marshal Bernadotte on Swedish throne. Men are bullied by vicious feminists, lesbians and two legged crocodiles. Leftists and liberals must be happy! They destroyed Sweden! Come to Bulgaria to spot the difference! After Sunset people in Sweden and Germany lock themselves in and innocent ,,immigrants" go out! After Sunset innocent ,,immigrants" in Bulgaria lock themselves in and Bulgarian MEN go out! in 717 - 718 AD Bulgarian Khan (Tsar) Tervel defeated the Arab immigrants under the walls of Constantinople and saved Europeans from eating baklava and shis kebabs . The savior of Europe! Actually, he is a xenophobic, sexiest, racist, right wing straight male militarist! Shame on him!
Arie Ravestein
Total scum.
Maciej Korzeniewski
Koniec Szwecji bliski,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
سوف قبض قطب لن يكون الشفقة
Voice of Reason
Mr Potato Head (Stuchbery) says Islam is quintessentially Swedish.
Voice of Reason
Saying "There's no need to be unkind" didn't stop their behavior? Well, that's her out of ideas.
The Irreverend
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The Irreverend
This is one of the best compilated-reports you've ever done. And that's saying a lot.

You should overtake Alex Jones one day, at Infowars - but for now, we're glad you're overseeing Prison Planet.
Zac Webster
A.J. Deutsch
I was arguing with a Socialist in a comment and he said that Sweden is a good country. He also said that Sweden had no idea what Trump said and showed me and numerous other smart people a CNN article! I laughed and just said your a lost case buddy. Sweden in three words is, rape, violent muslims, and more rape.
Roel Doumen
In self-declared feminist Sweden women are afraid to go out. Oh the irony...
Factz Knight
i have Noric heritage, my ancestors must be rolling in their graves right now.... what has happened to sweden
Mr Meener
most of the blonde swedish girls drool over the ugly cannibal niggers
Tony Branco
I just had a sweet thought of lifting that skinny refugee who attacked the journalist off his legs and power bombing him
Starting now any white person has the right to kill a black man at random as they see fit...Because I SAID So...if you don't like it ..shotgun blast to your face will will make you understand...copy? Do You Fucking Understand!
Fucking beat their brains out...why do you people put up with I would shoot those niggers in the face
Juba Numidia
No one can stop human immigration,
the problèm is out there
Juba Numidia
GTA 6 must took place in sweden <3
fuck those rapefugees
Bobby Blackbeard
Would love to know updates on Sweden if they are falling or doing better !
Jacob George
I love Sweden but i dislike Swedish ppl
fcking immigrants
its 2017 and yet people refuse to see the bigger picture. so you think islam is encouraging all this? maybe it does, i havent read it, but thats not the problem here.
the problem is that this was allowed by the highest order of government, you can see that by the fact that there was a working immigration system which all of a sudden just stopped and everyone came pouring in. not just in sweden, this happened in all of europe.
so the question we need to ask us is who has that power to influence the whole of eu?
well there you go, its the eu.

so what the fuck is the european union? well to make this short ill briefly explain how the american government works instead.

the american central bank is a private bank.
that means that the american economy is being controlled by a private bank.
which means that your democratically elected government does not hold power in your country, its the private federal reserve.

just to put it into perspective, say you live in a house with a mate and you both have your own room, but its your friend that stands for all the costs. so if he one day comes up and says "i need your room to make space for all my stuff", youre not in a position to say anything because youve been living off of his money.

and thats the same in america, say your government wants to build a bridge over a river, but the bank doesnt want to build it. who is ultimately deciding if the bridge gets built or not? the one who lends out the money, which is the private bank. and by the way, this money thats being loaned out is not printed based on anything of value, its basically printed paper with no worth at all, then the interest that you pay back needs to be backed by a sufficient fund. and thats why your national debt is sky high and increasing by the minute, youre put in a system that will never allow that debt to be repayed.

so thats a pretty chilling thought, to know that basically the whole western world is controlled by a private group (what small european country would start arguing with the us? none) but the thing thats even more scary is that it has been a private bank for over 100 years, which... yeah, it makes you question everything thats happened in the last 100 years if it really is as it seems.

but the fact that the bank is private doesnt really prove anything by itself, but you also need to learn about wars from the business perspective:
war is good for business!

you need oil for cars, planes, trucks
you need food for troops, civilians
you need weapons and ammo
there is a lot you need, but when you want to loan money to not lose the war, youre given paper money and demanded "real" money back on the interest, and when you want to rebuild you loan the same money with interest on it.

and that my friends, is where our knowledge stops. we dont really know what the plan of this massive immigration is, we can only specualte. and my specualation is that the muslims are imported into europe, and the justice system is rigged to favour the immigrants to spark fury in the europeans, so much that there will be a direct war between europeans and muslims which will cause complete chaos. and in the midst of that chaos europe will be very easy to take control over, and thats what i think the role of the european union is.
and looking at the recent years, maybe its not far from the truth?
Mr. Death
Just want to know if you are against all migrants and want all white Europe or just against refugees.
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