Paul Joseph Watson
UPDATE: Journalist Forced to Leave Migrant Suburb in Sweden After Being Followed by Masked Men -
We need to start a crusade
Duvet Feffe
2.25 Thats not swedish Guys they are from Africa or something but not sweden
Deport anyone causing violence back to their shithole country. Then close the borders.
Rise up my fellow vikings! SIEG HEIL to our hero templar Anders Breivik.
Takuya Yamamoto
What's going on? I feel like we are going to get fucked in a near future. How do we get out of this situation? How do we fight with ISIS? I know there must be assholes but I don't know how to stop them completely. Anybody,any idea?
Mobility scooter guy is my idol
Darth Vader
sees one part of the video "Wheres 'ma gun"

sees 4 minutes of the video... *calling friend to borrow M134D"

sees half of the video.. "where are the BLOODY keys to MY TANK!!"
They are well knackered
artie whitefox
Can racism exist when we are the human race? People worthy of eternal soul death will insist on beating people calling them racist even when they know that we are one race. They gain pleasure out of beating people using any excuse to do that. God's light will incinerate them body and soul on the last day.
Conrad Von Hotzendorf
When the immigrants you already have want to leave, something bad is happening
Charles Bronson
FUCK SWEDish government!.That's what they get for allowing desert niggers migrant scum to take over your streets? Fucken uthanize them because your doing THE SOMALI VERMIN a favor to end their miserable lives...FUCK MUSLIM SOMALIS!
Josephine Murphy
thank you ,but thy don't want you to tell the truth
Come on Germany and Sweden! You have forgotten where you come from... The "ancient Germanic tribes", "Vikings" and " Spanish Iberian and Celtic people" where one of the bravest and toughest people who have ever existed on the earth, in Spain we resisted for more than 500 years constant attacks from the Roman Empire, which, in the end, had to bring "all the army" of the Roman Empire just to take "Navarra" in the north of Spain, and even so, they were about to lose the battle. After Roman Empire, the Spaniards won the war against the Arab Empire and we expelled them from Spain and Europe. Then Spain was fighting against half of Europe, America, and the North of Africa, for more than one thousand years.
In Spain, we don't forget who we are, just until a few decades ago, we have been fighting against Muslims, without great military weapons or a lot of money... We fought just like the real men do: face to face, man to man, under a rain of bullets and piercing the enemy's chest with a bayonet, no fighter planes, no tanks, no helicopters... just blood and fire, sweat and tears, courage and honor of the Spanish Legion.
You can do it as well, just remember who really you are... about the Germanic Tribes, the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar said in his book the Gallic Wars "I have never seen such a warlike and brave people like the Germanic tribes" Not even the Roman Empire was able to defeat Vikings and Germanic Tribes and now, Are you overwhelmed and humiliated by a bunch of hungry and lousy Moors ?¿?¿
Come on!! Stand up and fight back against these parasites!! What are you waiting for!!!
Let them know who are dealing with.. if not, they will never respect you... Believe me, in Spain we know very well how to deal with Moors and Muslims, and the only way to keep them at bay is flooring and beating them up!
nealanilove life
fucking black and smelly monkeys.Hate them Fuck you bastards back to your fucking shithole cowards and lazy pricks
The Dark Lord Of The Sith
countries owned by the left are just as bad as f*cking middle east!!
i hope things get better in sweden
tc 10
Fuck off America u Gud are worst fucking motherfucker
Mass immigration was never in the cards for the U.S. so why the fear mongering?

All poor areas have people who are traumatized, (including u.s.a) so you will have to have the resources and community to help or else they will act out. Look at your returning soldiers. They were used and abused and now they and their families and their community suffer.
Quit blaming the victims and do something about foreign policy that traumatizes for generations.

Anger is not the answer, stopping the bullying policies is. I do not give the OK to abuse but I do understand it when there is trauma and no help to live through it.

Blame your corporate greedos, not victims...and do not fight their wars that create troubled souls.
The redundant format you've chosen to use in this video makes it unwatchable.
Henri Nieminen
This is a perfect reason for a "new genocide"
Roboten Faffa
Trump was lying.
Beverley Wells
What about the right, though?
Joeldudee gunnarsson
Americans Are angry because the only thing they can do is to eat pizza and drink cola
Richard Hewit
Once upon a time these people were Vikings. What comes around
Richard Hewit
They asked for it. Our left wing is their right.
Vertical Boom
Im swedish and this is super sad but true. I hate our gouverment with a passion, and the liberals. And then they wonder WHY the anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats IS BIGGER AND BIGGER. Yes, hmm HOW could that be? Maybe we swedes are tired of your lies? Probably just right-wing propaganda
Alpha wolf
I have a belief system on Muslim refugees. When there are only about, let's say 1000 refugees entering a country of 50,000,000 a year, since they are not a vast majority or feel "welcomed" from all the difference from the country they came from, they are forced to imbrace the culture and become, what I call the average Joe, who has his beliefs as a Muslim but isn't throwing gays off buildings. BUT when a large number of refugees come into a country, let's say about 2,000,000 a year, they have more of their own people, which means their belief system is more widely excepted, which allows them to do the things they would do in a country full of muslims, go full out Throwing gays off roof tops, and slitting christians throats. I don't believe all muslims are bad, I have exactly 3 Muslim friends, all of them are fluent in English, two of them play basketball and are damn good at it, but do I want these fresh out the Syrian war, jihadists who come in swarms and rape and murder, FUCK NO!! the point is refugees are like wolves, it's not the first or second that are gonna kill the moose, it's when the pack starts chasing it.
Meme Lord
This shit is making me so fucking angry. We need concentration camps back.
Eventually a Swede patriot will go Bernie Goetz on a bunch of criminals... then the shitshow will really start
Dennis Hernden
the same thing that is wong with the sweds is wrong with everyone else that brings them in....
Well, we now have a setting for FarCry 6. Malmo, Sweden.
Chris Ray
Great Video Dude
Thank's ! ! !
wild knights™
fuck sweden,,they brought it on themselves for being so migrant friendly left
Just saying, not all people who are labelled 'left' agree with poorly designed immigration policies. Please don't alienate people by harassing them and sarcasm, we need to come together on this! Just giving the facts without the constant repetitive sarcasm "Integration of immigrants in Sweden been sooo successful that...' would make a video like this more informative and easier to watch for people who really need to see it, with the current level of disdain it just feels like some gloating for the existing supporters. Can you make a shorter, informative without arrogance version that could actually be shared with pro-mass immigration people? A version that doesn't include labelling 'left' - to enable people (as distinct from politicians) who may support other policies designated 'left' (for example environmental stewardship or renewable energy) to openly absorb some of the detail without getting offended? Thank you.
My mother country is slowly falling :(
When im growing up im leaving sweden i think.
European should learn from what China do to the
Muslim. If they are disobedient,just kill them all
Vaclav Haval
All of Sweden's men, women and children will be enslaved, raped, and murdered by these mud savages. But at least Swedes weren't called racists.
Peter Nouveaux
The truth about........
These fatass lies I'm about to tell
Maryelsa Taylor
The Trojan Horse has arrived. The lemmings are running in fear......without brains, just blindly following toward the cliffs.
The people started throwing rocks because the filming cunts come there and treat them like dogs, so fix your fucking facts you disgusting piece of illiterate shit
White Duck
Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice is the man on this subject. Why haven't you interviewed him yet? He is Swedish and knows far more.
Dark heart 4ever
Lmfao many Europeans look down at America and claim their government is so much better. Well go fuck yourselves, most of you are destined to be a third world shithole in 20 years and you have no way to defend yourselves. and Americans will just laugh at your self righteous high and mighty principles. You all deserve every terror attack, every rape, every murder.
Lucas Blomberg DRe
Visste inte att "wallah han filmar" va arabiska.
The Scans need to unleash their Viking fury upon these immigrants.
You may call yourself cool, but you'll never be as savage is an old man on a scooter ramming a scumbag gang immigrant.
Gatling G
All the Arab muslims refugees,together with people from Marokko/Turkey/Tunesia etc..must stay in their own country,cause Europe/America/South America etc,.. don't need them at all!
Joseph Stalin
This how America is gonna be like if you let the fucking​ liberals (A.K.A BLM, Feminist,and SJWs) take over
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