The Truth About Sweden

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Trump is right. Mass immigration has ruined Sweden.

Statistics cited can be found at the following links:

The Angry Foreigner - Trump and The Truth about Sweden -

Ami Horowitz - Stockholm Syndrome -

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UPDATE: Journalist Forced to Leave Migrant Suburb in Sweden After Being Followed by Masked Men -
Mohamed Derouiche
i hate my name now !
Jose Colasito
Jesus Christ, 80-100% percent of Sweden's population's been sexually harrassed?
Sigh, why do people keep bringing up the rapes? Sweden is the country where most people REPORT rapes. That dosen't mean most rapes happen in Sweden. DO YOUR REASERCH!

Ugh, I'm just so annoyed people keep going on about that so I had to take it up
Marcus Dennis
Paul Joseph Watson Do you think one of the reason the left is pandering to islam is for futruee votes since they outbreed the west 3to1?
In the long run there are certainly major issues to combat & overturn but in the short run the answer lies in personal tasers. Fry those sexually deviant migrant bastards & aim for the balls...Lower than swine rolling in & eating it's own shit!
kulot gentibano
I'm from the future so please don't call Sweden Sweden
Ahmet Barac
pls shut up
Ahmet Barac
wtf the misile is a fake new
-sweden is fucked-stefan lofven
boom baam
Vikings time if no food, if have alot mony and food humen be come chicken.but why cry uoro meny women sex with anima with dog and donky why cry if get rape.
Mata Pendejos
Who is Ebba Akerlund?
At least the Slavic countries were smart enough to close their borders.
Otto Vuori
You really hate sweden. Thanks from Finland
Rūdolfs Rubenis
Paul Joseph Watson, do you support Populism or Nationalism?
Mad Gamer
I'm not justifying rape! What does animals are doing are wrong but Sweden was once Vikings who use to raid and rape the rest of Europe! Karma's a Bitch!
AHEM! This is ONE of the reason why Sweden has highest reported rape in Europe. "In Sweden, each case of sexual violence is recorded as a separate incident. So for example, if someone says they were raped by a partner every day for a fortnight, officers will record 14 potential crimes. In other countries the claim could be logged as a single incident." You clearly know nothing about Sweden and just want to find something to complain about and it makes me extremely sad. Kill yourself.
Xenos One
Sounds like leftisist that live far away from problems are the problem. Liberalism is a disease, just like stagnation.
Willit Hurtin
common sense could have predicted this would happen. you take a bunch of people that have been in a war torn country for years without doing any background checks and you expect things to go swimmingly? lol the US do take refugees but we conduct extensive background checks and take in a low number.
The world is imploding under the pressure of pisslam. There is no getting away from this inevitability. They breed like cockroaches. Look in any little crevice or lift any little pebble and hundreds of theses muslimes will scatter just like cockroaches. They are a curse and and a cancer upon us all. I have noticed elements of dormant violence and contempt for non-muslims in every SINGLE "moderate" muslime I've met. NO EXCEPTIONS. They hide it very well MOST of the time. The second they feel they have the upper hand, they are going to turn on us all here in the US and other Western countries and the globalist bastards are going to cover it up as per usual.
Lukas Sversepa
Just kill them before they lay eggs
Amanda Johansson
I love my country, but I don't feel very safe here (especially as a girl) anymore.
Adasena Cojocaru
:((( nooo.....anyway thanks for the info
Graeme Oxley
what's people views on Sweden supposedly having lower rape rates than what's been said because there laws on rape don't just include penetration
Aryan Soul
Thank you from Sweden. SOS.
Fuck Sweden!!!
Fuck Sweden's problem with immigration. Have a good day fools....
AsapNicky Bars
Paul Watson is doing us a valuable service.
Hitler Did Nothing Wrong.
Ade Saunders
Once a place of beautiful people and destroyed
Chris Biss
More likely to carry out rape because they are more likely to be living in poverty. Issue is poverty not migration.
Chris Biss
Rape high because they record rape differently, alleged rapes are included in official statistics. Try another one. More migrants increases migrant on migrant rape because of poor living conditions. The one things statistically proven over and over again to increase rape, crime, drugs is poverty.
omg you fucking racist shit
Neutral Sweden allowed Nazis to use their railways to occupy Norway... and transfer Jews to death camps.
Use of Swedish SJ rail system helped Germany win battle of Narvik
Troops and war materials transferred through country, while iron ore and Jews for death camps were taken out
Bia Crashonauta
I'm scared and angry
Warden w
As a Turkish ex-Muslim.
Holy shit Europe.
WTF is going on down there...
Thor Hakkuh
Why can't we let them have Sweden while we go to the moon?
let them kill themselves!
We can watch in 8k from the moon!
Patrick Bateman
fuck muslims, islam, isis, allah, the koran, muhammad and jihads....all of it! they all should be killed off as they are all fucked up ugly people with fucked up beliefs, I simply can't stand them. they are like a plague, a virus, a disease to anyone they come into contact with. i see a dune coon, i treat them like pure shit because that is what they are in my eyes. this world would be better off without any of them, you simply can't trust them. call me racist, hateful, whatever you want as my feelings for them will never change.
Lee Walton
The Mobility Scooter Guy deserves a knighthood!
Sir Wheels Of Sweden!!!!
Marie Kazazian
Paul Joseph Watson you are on target all the time. Listening to you is a reality check on my sanity. Thank you for that and your humor too. We must have humor to keep from screaming.
Omg why do you hate Sweden! It's pathetic
Manuela Jimenez
Europeans always criticize Americans and our "obsession" with guns.. HELLO?? People are getting raped in your backyard what the fuck are you gonna do about it? Cry? In America these Muslim faggot savages would be shot dead on the spot, no questions asked.
at 2:38 that handicapped person intervened BRILLIANTLY! HERO!
Ruben Hägg
Ruben Hägg
Ruben Hägg
SHUT THE FUCK / Sweden is a safe country your idiot / No-go zone was a exampel not a real thing / WHICH COUNTRY DO TOU LIVE IN ???????
Hard-core mobility scooter take down. Viking style.
Linda Marie
And now we had an terror attack as well! Only expected it's going to Hell here
That Bro HH
Here after the most recent terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden. Thoughts and prayers with those affected :(
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