The Data Center Mural Project: Keeping Cool in Dublin

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Artist Fuchsia MacAree creates a playful mural inspired by how the Google data center in Dublin uses fresh air to keep cool instead of mechanical cooling. 

Find out more about the mural and Fuchsia at

Samuel Boczek
These paintings are awesome O.O
Bernd H. Grosser Kanal100.
Google VR Brille > [Bearbeiten.] >>>
Kong Her
Zdenek Kuchta
So cute, collaborating between technology and arts.
Stop evading taxes if you want to improve your reputation. Shame on you Google.
Adam Lambe
that's amazing I'm going to work for Google in Dublin when I'm older 100%
Midnight Iridescent
Cool, thanks for subscribing me to your channel google. And thanks for letting me unsub asap.
Vinnie Sims
Loving it, Google!
alma full
Mr Calligraphy
This is cool because so often grey blocks of building make up the landscape, so adding colour makes it more lively.
Radioactive Snake
She must have done some google doodles right? That art style is familiar!
A wee bit childish.
What is the google data centre for?
Of course it's Dublin, Ireland ...the primary location of their tax shelter/haven.
Opening the windows of a car is less efficient than the AC (at least at higher speeds)...
Ulf Ramstedt
Luvai Darwajawala
Whoah awesome !!
Did someone notice she was using the iPad pro an apple pencil and the Mac...
Was she using an iPad Pro? wtf
gerald miller
Why is it in Delaware we can't build a data center and they build them everywhere else?
Ted Carson
This is beautiful.
wait her name is fuchsia, isn't that the rumored name of the new Google os?
Colin Mao
I love the colour of this video
Dude it's Dexter
jacksepticeye needs to see this
Satch Patch
11th woahhhhhhh
Arman Chatikyan
Kasim Momin
love you Google:)
Ward Pieters
Fervort HD
Cool Video! :)
if anyone ever needs some new fire Hip Hop/RnB/Pop music for their channel(non copyright of course) come give me a look! Just helping promote smaller artists and helping youtubers use better music for their videos!
Johnny Bernard
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