The Android iPhone Case - What Magic Is This?

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -

Eye Smart iPhone Case -

This is one of the craziest gadgets I've ever seen on Unbox Therapy. The Eye Smart Case for iPhone lets you carry both Android and iPhone everywhere you go.

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Unbox Therapy
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -
Robert Snyder
As an android owner, and loyalist lol, I prefer this to run iOS on the back of an android phone. iPhone almost always gets games first, so I would use it exclusively for gaming while using my android for everything else!
Floyd Keeler
Can you pls send me one
Sub Ripper
That is insanely cool. You have this massively superior device with a ton more features and the like, and now you can actually wrap it around a $1000 paperweight. :D
so do you need a case for your case now??
Deranged Monkeys
so android and iphone had sex?
Irok 121
Please do this
I see the craziest things on this channel!
Hector Blackbourn
look at goophone if you want an android in an iphone finish.
Ronald Chen
it's been such a long time since I backed the product twice, haven't recieved it yet, no use now really since I switched to S8... but it's quite frustrating... seeing as how I'm not the only one, of all the angry and pissed off people leaving messages on their webpage...

maybe Inbox Therapy would consider taking down this vid, preventing others from falling into the same hole...

and furthermore, do a little more research before advertising for these products...

appreciate your time
Benjamin Bee
Now they need a case for an android, with IOS on the back
Josiah Lauby
Hold up it ads an ir blaster. Wow I’m sold. They need to start putting those back on phones
blue light
So is that a idroid or a anphone lol
hope they make this case for androids too. so I'll get 2 androids in one
Daiva Sumner
This is crazyyyyyy
Christian Davis
andphone idroid
Sam Adams
All I want is to take selfies with my back camera.....
Marina DU
but they work as two separate phones right?. it'd be cool if you could, for example, pass files from one another just by swiping or something like that
It will start without iPhone?????
Dénes Farkas
Jordan Brown
Anyone else wondering if there is a iPhone case for Android as well? xD (But seriously though, that would be awesome! To bad only Apple makes anything with iOS in it, where as Android is "practically" open for anyone to use.)
Gabriel Stein
is it a start from Quebec? (some will understand)
Legends will remain legends
Barbu Stefanescudelavrancea
I bet you some pussy that this fucking cellphone will go in muslim mode, by blowing up.
I'm calling it, this shit will blow up.
D Snakez
What the magic is?***
Faye Sophia Colle
So whatever side you drop the phone youll still end up with a broken screen
Do they make one for the iPhone SE?
Rexhepi Dorian
Rexhepi Dorian
Rexhepi Dorian
Rexhepi Dorian
Karl trembath
This is genius
swaveboii713 Game play videos
This video was posted on my birthday
Victor Rojas
So that means I will be taking double radiation for my balls with his case?
iPhone kids are like "Apple is the best, they can game! They can open exes. Your complaining because you cant afford it"
Diego Montoya
If im buying an iphone, this will be my first iphone case.
just a regular guy
Can i get ios case for my android
SAS Productions
sick i want 1
Emanuel negrete
How about a case for Android to make it iphone
Kage Hasegawa 影長谷川
I want him to revisit this to see the updates on the product
Arab Show
Is there a case for andriod
That include ios system???
Drug dealer shit
nadzim pagek
this is freaking cool
Tariq Wiliams
If they made a case for andriod that would be sweet. Also how did they fit all that
Andi Rachmat
This remind me of idroid from mgs
J Holyfield
Oh wow, a kick starter which HAS A WORKING PROTOTYPE? What is this
Kemily Play
muito legal
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