The Android iPhone Case - What Magic Is This?

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -

Eye Smart iPhone Case -

This is one of the craziest gadgets I've ever seen on Unbox Therapy. The Eye Smart Case for iPhone lets you carry both Android and iPhone everywhere you go.

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Unbox Therapy
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video -
Chazman 365
Chazman365 is a channel you need to subscribe to
Aniket Ghosh
hey i really need this shit ya
Justin Luke
Awesome :)
Jake Brown
Please do a follow up video on the finished product
Carmela Africa
iphones suck so much that they need a case that runs on android
Life Negotiator
what if I get very important calls on iPhone and and android at the same time?
when the case is better than the phone
Caneron Falcon
Would u be able to send me a iPhone 7 pulse jet black
Now, if you're using one side and someone's a fanboy of the other, all you have to do is flip it!
Fire Angel
What's next is to develop an iPhone case for Android, which it'll never happen.
hmmm I see a piracy app on the android
so.. you could call yourself and talk to yourself split personality style.
Papy Alex
ESTI? more like " esti de tabarnaque" lol
Steve Jobs has to be rolling around in his grave..
Anom Mona
I got 2, phones

One on the front and one on the back
ahmed Azzam
iPhone be ya main phone and the back is ya trap phone
Mr Boss
Greg Robertrson
Have to make this comment be careful backing this one I backed a similar dual screen thing like this called pop slate they got a huge response to it and had plenty of money to develope it and still failed thus I lost my money as they went under be warned
what about an apple android case?
Ryan Batt
Can I have that one
This is fucking badass. Very impressive the creator was able to create this.
Yuvraj Sangha
He said much love for iPhone before android #SponsoredByApple
this video is painful to watch
George Erfesoglou
Why? Who needs this?
Video starts at 1:08

Seriously man get to the fucking point
peter petersilie
holy shit this fag is the most annoying piece of shit u acn watch....
When the screen on your case is better than the one on your $1k iPhone
Kyle Fehr
Can you make another video when you get the retail version of the case please?
Fanboys on both sides are hilarious.. I own and use both, they're both awesome in their own ways
Apacaveli Tha Don
Lol fucking stupid
choo snau
I want it just to be able to take selfies with the better camera
Devansh shah
Try testing the Android side's gfx benchmarks
random vids random vids
help me make money
وسام عيدان
fuck you man
Nico Cahyadi
wow now i can text myself!
Keetun Pierce
Great, two screens for me to break 😂
Tape Android to iPhone ,voila!
Asad Ali
can i have a separate cover for my android cover ?
Asad Ali
will it explode?
its like a hackintosh phone ✌️
Mohammad Safi
will android work without plugging in iPhone plz tell me
Kartikey sharma
s8 windows
Andrew Dave
Take my money !
1 phone for hotspot, 1 phone for streaming Pornhub
joseph hillers
I want this so bad
Huh, put a iPhone-sized battery in there instead of an iPhone, that might not be too bad
Why don't you just strap an android to the back of an iPhone with duct tape
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