Unbox Therapy
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video - https://youtu.be/wCfClc8ssOU
Oh wow, a kick starter which HAS A WORKING PROTOTYPE? What is this
Kemily Play
muito legal
jack flash
Kinda defeats the purpose of having a case on a phone just for the case to be a phone itself
Ishan Gupta
iphone android iphone android......
Jonathan Simmel
The only way i would use an iPhone.
Nargis Dolly
Where I can find
that thing is a fire starter
I'm about to blow your mind. What if the iphone is the case and the android is the real phone.
Pavel Titarenko
Uaw) it's coolь
aryan tambewagh
What is the price
Riyadh Abu
That looks sick bro
Frost 2025
This is great, but can we make a device that can connect to the ps4 that allows you to play xbox one games?
Steve Kralik
If Apple shipped iPhones with mini SD card slots, it would probably help reduce manufacturing times and reduce inventory problems. But no, they have to be stupid.
mansoorthazi bk
How much
If you drop it, your gonna ruin a phone anyways
Audrey オオドリイ
Great. Another screen to shatter.
Tommy Molitor
is there any update to this?
Josh Motionless
UT I got a question how long was the shipping for your eye case and did you go through Kickstarter to get it? Thanks for the great videos you do.
Yo dawg...
Lucas Claudio
Where can I get a case for my case?
Why not IPhone Android case?
If u do this I'll change my mind.
Camito H.
It's good, but needs more protection on the back screen
Mark Macdougall
does look brilliant hopefully it works.
geometric moose trends YT
Delirious 234
Best thing ever
Henil Sonani
by this you will get lots of profit............... JUST THINK ABOUT IT
The JMiguelF
You and your friend could play the same video game at the same time
Minh Hiếu Đặng
việt Nam hay coi like phát
Mr. Djentleman
special android abilities..
lt can turn into anything.. even a case...
but can u do that with ios?????
Adam Kagdi
Fahed Al Ali
It's great but the problem it's not working in some Middle East countries
Farnas Far
D&B nation
How do u get it I went it bad 😩😩😩😩😩
John Colina
this going to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Fahad Ali
Where do you get this
Srishti Sanjay Daiv
What is the other black wireless charger that Lewis uses after the lamp?
Thrashtallic Manington
This is fucking awesome and should exist for all phones.
i can just buy the cover and put nokia in it
Vasilis Zenonos
its a yotaphone2 concept/idea i have the yotaphone 2 dual screen display phone with a 5" amoled FHD front and a 4.7" e-ink desplay
Marvi Marv
Best of both worlds. The device could be a major hit.
Bla Bla
yotaphone did that long time ago
The GanjaGamers
dealers delight
Frito Gringo
I doubt apple will allow it but they should release a version of android phone and apple display on back
sand gara
how much is it
Shamim Ahmad
I wanna buy this bro huw much is thia
Juan Cabeza
1:08 You're welcome!
As a french canadian, I find this really funny
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