A jar of pickles
2:33 - fucks given
Rodolphe Duval
migue salvador
Broly vs Goku was better than this
I.A.R Tech&Gaming
My Goku vs Jiren Video is much better than this, oh well :(
vladimir dowla
Goku sage mode!!! :D
Piers Mearns
Imagine how broken this fucker would be in Xenoverse. He'd just automatically counter players attacks without any button input.
Octavio Portuguez
alguien sabe él nombre de esta musica que aparece ??
Umair Boota
That’s so good
The heat is only there because Goku is a saiyan....
Saiyans are not calm creatures but to use Ultra Instinct u have to be calm without emotions.
Ultra Instinct and Saiyans are no good mix
Gokus body is rejecting Ultra Instinct......this will be hard to master.
zeeshans unlimited
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xck2yXGredA&t=24s goku vs jiren full fight
asdas ops
Johnny Sins also acts in the Anime?
Kim Jong Oink
2M let go boys
Josh Duha
Jiren:i have unmatched power
goku:i didn't use my full power yet
meanwhile monaka in universe 7:hold my beer
FrAm gamer RKO
Luquinha thunglife
glr nunca vê dbz e queria começar a ver eu começo por onde ?
Aditya Waghmare
about to cross 2 M views, 700 views more to go
Steven Romeo
2:09 Toppos arms got alot smaller and Dypso's leg should not bend like that....
goku been on some Bruce Lee shit
Leo Lim
I hope Tournament of power is no. 1 in watchmojo top 10 dragon ball tournament.
Agustin Loor
https://youtu.be/grfATLemSV0 Goku Vs Jiren (OST You Say Run) 💪😊
João Antoni
Qual o nome da musica ?
Saint Jimmy
This fight could've been so much better without the cringe music. They should got some hype shit.
810面相 怪人
Lazybearz Weapons
Goku #BruceLee
Tio Goku
sean awks
Best 2 episodes of the anime so far

But hey why are the 110's drawing so ugly when it's such an important episode ?
Nilofer 555
animation art is terrible as fuck and don't get me started on keyframes and fighting styles.....if you compare to old DBZ fights this is crappiest shit you've ever seen....The only hype is music and transformation nothing else and if you still enjoy this crap kuddos to you.....enjoy...I enjoyed old fights in Z which were intense with some cool martial arts moves, headbutts, ground shaking, power struggle with fists etc. none of this circling and repeatation with less keyframes bullshit....
Nilofer 555
lots of people don't realize, latest episode was supposed to be perfect, top notch animation quality and superb fighting sequence. but what do we get huh...?? if you count approx. 7 MINUTES OF GOKU'S NEW TRANSFORMATION and super crappy and kind of loose fighting animation, THIS IS GOKU VS JIREN DAMN IT. do you remember Goku vs Kid Buu starting fight man, those moves were spectacular Goku's fighting moves were awesome against Cell, against Majin Vegeta, not only just vanish and make "fighting circles/clash" in the air, sure clashes were there in Z and lots of fillers too but moves were unique and whole body movement was awesome compared to DRAGON BALL SUPER SHIT.

all over, today we see half ass temporary Transformation with no further explanation on how goku got it ? or did he do any secret training ? and don't get me started on power level scale....sure Jiren may have surpassed his joker God of destruction Belmod, but what Goku has been doing since he met Beerus huh? fucking chichi....i think not or may be he did but he also went through rigorous training with Whis, fought with fusion Zamasu, Black, Beerus etc . all these fighting and still he can't land punch on Jiren with Kaioken x20 SSGSS which is quite illogical and stupid. I guess they need to show the audience some ridiculously op guy that Goku can't beat and not even compared and then boom FEW MINUTES OF FUCKING HALF ASS TEMPORARY TRANSFORMATION WITH TRASH ANIMATION ON 1 HOURS SPECIAL, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ? #LOL.

but i guess you can't complain huh...as long as they keep making crappy episodes each week with crappy paid animators. But that's just my opinion. Seriously though they need to bring it back the top animators from the industry who had worked in few episodes of DRAGON BALL Z such as Tadayoshi Yamamuro, Keisuke Masunaga, katsuyoshi nakatsuru etc. perhaps due to budget restrictions or whatnot they can't hire them.
Confirmado: Goku es el segundo protagonista más poderoso de la ficción, detrás del Dr. Manhathan.

Muere de envidia Superman.
Almost forgot to watch this today
Bruno Genzo
For all of you DBS raters I just have one thing to say: FUCK YOU ALL
Jadzia Nazario Lopez
Why is Jiren so oddly built? Looks like Knuckles (Sonic Boom ver.)
kratos 180
jaja pero que mierda es esta porqueriaaaaaa, haaaa cierto es dragon ball super
Super Gogeta Sama
He is coming.
Знать хорошо
piccolo is my new favourite db character
GabrielWar Z
Vey Quem da Deslike não tem infância mano
thank you, my life is complete now 3
Tyson Gilbert
is he just sitting there like Piccolo before Frieza's 3rd form ? xD .
Henry V.
Beerus LYD
Zakaria Nababan
The only one that can beat Goku, Naruto, Sasuke, Luffy, Ichigo, Saitama is Yamcha
Zakaria Nababan
and people say that saitama could beat goku
I cannot describe the fealling of that last part of this fight...its actually somewhat tragic as you see Goku´s will pushed to the maximum for now agaisn´t a being on he´s own league..that scream Goku did when the last resort of energy from Genkidama was fading away from he´s body and he´s urgence to try the best he can before it runs out while Whis wiselly assists to all of that....i must say...i was not expecting that at all..im Goku fan since 1996 and the way i saw Goku in this fight probably isn´t the same way new people see him..I see a being that loves to fight since the day 1 and he´´s able to reach a level behond even some Gods..its surreal see that very young boy reach this state!!!!Thank You Akira and people that made this,thank you for this special!!The best part is that Goku now allready knows that fealling..and we all know Goku..once is there,only a matter of time till mastered...I love him so much ^_^
Dembel 78
piccolo is the one with the camera ahaha
Calvary Paul
Dragon ball super one hour special episode full
Top Coin
i love piccolo
Abdo Gamer Boy
What the name of the song
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