Ryan Reynolds Time-Travels Into Stephen's Monologue

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This Tuesday's Late Show is interrupted by last Thursday's Ryan Reynolds.

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he will always be Van Wilder in my eyes!
This was so amazingly meta.
Mr Pool
Alejandro Simian
Ah yes, 3R, like 3M but without the environmental devastation
skeptical flow
In my country its Monday!!You sick Bastards.
Winona Kraus
I think it was actually Monday the whole time.
Mikey Vengenz
God Ryan Reynolds can even make stuffing a taco in his face (ha!) look charming.
Ketsia Niati
His wife picks his clothes.
Anthony Marquez
colbert's pretty evil
Arturo Juarez
"God, you smell great"!!
Jane Doe
Are you more jealous of Deadpool or Colbert???
Just noticed Stevens odd ear on his right side... whats with that?
Alex Boricua
Jackie Chan
hi ha
Joshua Sweetvale
Just noticed that Ryan Reynolds is wearing a solid 4 layers inside 🤔
Pototo Rolon
This dude is tall
Ryan Rodney Reynolds does the best fake anger.
Alejandro Arciniega
It's a shame you call that a taco Steven, and just so you know in México it's always taco's time
th4t gi
ya know, I disagree. Its Saturday
Omfg STFU and stop screaming like that
Naina Talvar
God Ryan is adorable
jana mullinix
No one tell them that it was monday
Linda Mai
5:17 OMG I DIED😂😂
Pike Msonda
So he grabbed ass huh?
Jackie Chan
Hi there
legionofangels9 gameplay
Keshav Sapru
Is he going to do Deadpool forever?
Liz Mmay
It actually is Tuesday
Jerry Fitzgerald Hieronymus McPoopenheimer Von Tiddlywinks The Third
Ryan Fucking Reynolds. I love that guy
Nick Worster
Stephen Colbert didn't make any jokes about Donald Trump that's weird
Yaoi fun fun
Only the triple R threat, could make eating tacos SO funny!
Gotta love that Ryan Reynolds!
"Now. You're looking at now, sir. Everything that happens now, is happening now."
"What happened to then?"
"We passed then."
"Just now. We're at now now."
"Go back to then."
"I can't."
"We missed it."
"Just now."
"When will then be now?"
"How soon?"
Paul DeVito III
Omg so hilarious!
Amo Sunwukin
Ayy nigga you Gay-Boondocks lol
Lorna Ginette Harrison
"Shut your gorgeous mouth!"
Maxine Segalowitz
This is one of the best bits about pre taping in late night history.
Ryan Reynolds is just one of these annoyingly unhatable human beings.
Shawn Smith
D silva
Thats not a taco. Thats a chingadera.
Just 3 Minutes
Why deadpool is acting like a movie star ryan renold 😂😂 who is ryan renold we only know deadpool
Seth Roy
2:18 literally made my heart skip a beat
what a beautiful man joe saylor is
That's weird usually late shows are taped in the late afternoon of the same day then aired at night
Wyatt Arnett
Shia Z.A
Imagine if Ryan had gone back back stage and then everyone suddenly hears the TARDIS noise
Fake tuesday...fake taco...hehehe.
By 'national treasure', you mean awful actor? I mean, has Ryan ever seen Inspector Gadget?! 😂😂😂😂
James Lowe
He actually ate the entire taco though, love this guy!
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