The World's Most Powerful Laptop!

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Dave2D unboxing and review of the Predator 21X  - The Epic $9000 gaming laptop from Acer.
The Cheaper Predator -
Blue SSD -

Predator 15 / 17 Review -

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Dave Lee
I went a bit off the books for this video. Hope you guys still enjoyed it =) Thanks for the support 2D fam!
If you’re wondering why I played Overwatch and not some other more graphically demanding game. It’s because I’ve been trying to get into top 500 in Overwatch this season and I straight up find my aim being thrown off when I switch games. I’ve become an Overwatch snob. I’m such a loser. LULZ.
It's only 9000 dollars?????????
Ian Kirwan
that box is stupid big!! just to add to the transport
Polash Quadhi
This are for 300 Lazy Time Waster retards who got money from their Bandit War Monger Ancestors, and has no talent to serve the world. Their Coming to world is in vain
Deutsche Elite
Overwatch is gay
Looks cheap.
Buys Awesome gaming Laptop....
Plays Minecraft.
I'd way rather trick out a Dell 17" Precision
subhayan bhowmick
check out top 10 laptops:
Dennis Björling
i don't know if i meant to do it BUT! when he switched the buttons it's spelled ass XD
Vorname _
I hope my desk don't break if I put this on it :(
4:04 It spells ass
Yousir Cantknow
Porn has met it's match.
Need slave to carry it for me
J4R H34D
Can it run Crysis 1?
None OfYourBusiness
its worlds most powerful laptop of 2016-17
ive actually played on a 9000 dollar msn before
Simon Heldal
Yes! I finally got it!


are you french
Asif !
Don't laugh like a stupid
Nick :D
again ritch motherfuckers
Nightcore Doraemon
Vãi cả lồn
The Noid
and in 5-10 years this will be outdated by the implanted into your brain chip laptop to be used by eyewear as the screen
Eric Moore
That is a weapons case.
Michael Grafl
I've always wondered what a modern portable computer with a mechanical keyboard might look like. Now I know.
rakesh gautam
very fast and powerful laptop
But can it run knack?
Paul Crony II Nano
fuckin gay caster ha ha
this laptop is very big....

i wonder what does his phone looks like..
Philip Lucky
How did it go with Rainbow Six
Kira Kira
Super portable mais a 9000$ on a bien plus puissant en PC fixe avec un ecran 35p 21/9 bien plus beau
De plus il est gentil mais grave pretentieux ce mec en fait quand il sort a la fin que "ce pc n'est pas pour vous"
Sérieux il ce croit riche car on lui file des beaux pc, pfff encore un guignol de youtubeurs de plus !!!
Thomas Kings
I wanna play some games: and he plays a game that runs on an ultrabook on highest settings....
dude go run something demanding like Witcher 3, Battlefield, Watchdogs 2, GTA V or whatever.
GamingWithMz !
But the real question is, can it run Minesweeper more then 5 FPS?
alyssa walker
Participation level presidency cross abuse kick controversial soft injury
P. Enis
This thing doesn't make anyyyy sense hahahaha
BillyBob Bobbins
2.9ghz from a gaming CPU; fair enough thats overclockable, but they've obviously limited it so low for a reason, my guess is the thermal limitations. Considering that gaming is heavily reliant upon clock speed... my guess, this laptop wont perform in real-time testing as well as hoped.
ivan jm
a mi la marca acer no me gusta nada
Hariz Rafie

Splash water to the laptop = (×O×)
Ben Ishmael
I just had a nerdgasm.
Terrible review or what ever you wanna call it. All I saw what an asian having an orgasm. 625k subs? wtf.. He is shit
Ropi Mopi
case opening
will you actually use it or just use a different?
Icie Flake
mehh... Eurocom are even more expensive AND better ^^,
dislike bc ow
Angorocker Metalover
31 552,1557 Türk Lirası
S Newton
è mostruoso, nel senso di Proprio BBrutto.
Soo Ker
it's so ugly
This is the most biggest laptop i've ever seen
JustA CubingGamer
Dude stop making fake vids. Its a freaking murcielago.
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