The World's Most Powerful Laptop!

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Dave2D unboxing and review of the Predator 21X  - The Epic $9000 gaming laptop from Acer.
The Cheaper Predator -
Blue SSD -

Predator 15 / 17 Review -

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Dave Lee
I went a bit off the books for this video. Hope you guys still enjoyed it =) Thanks for the support 2D fam!
If you’re wondering why I played Overwatch and not some other more graphically demanding game. It’s because I’ve been trying to get into top 500 in Overwatch this season and I straight up find my aim being thrown off when I switch games. I’ve become an Overwatch snob. I’m such a loser. LULZ.
Amman Elhasbi
i thougt if it was a nuclear bomb
devnis Toppo
I love laptop 8435221629 nemas Devnistoppo198@
devnis Toppo
I love laptop 8435221629 nemas Devnistoppo198@
Emre Gülşen
orusbu çocuğuna bak bu sadece 9000$ diyo biz 500 liraya pc toplayamıyoz
nopalero Lopez
You are sooooo fucking gay, but the laptop is cool faggot
Sudev Kumar
niga played overwatch on a $9000 laptop........
Sanjay Barman
Creative Oyuncu
0:32 cs:go case opening
M A Motin Sobuj
Good use of the mac lmao XD
Mercy main lul
is this more powerful than the clevo chassis with 2x 1080 in sli and a I7 7700k? i thought the 7700K was faster than the 7820HK?
a ConvolutedConscious
Looks like a word processor from 1990.
Chelsea FC
WT 9000 WTF R U KIDDING ME sorry 😐 lol umm can you give it away?
Otaku Akku
0:35 its hitmans artillery 😂😂😂
La caja parecia un estuche de rpg :v
I feel like a laptop this powerful is just unnecessary because money like this can be saved and used for later laptops that probably outperform this one and cost less. Also, I would never feel safe taking this laptop anywhere, so I would leave it at home. Therefore, a desktop, that is probably cheaper and better-performing, serves me the same purpose.
Prostě Lukáš
I want IT:(((
shamel mohammed
I'm serious, I don't have enough money to buy this thing , but if I have to kill somebody to get it , I'm gonna kill him I swear to God, you are fucking lucky , I'm gonna kill you I swear
Louis Janssens
Increase reason funding secure feed diabetes middle skin behavioral immigrant dismiss.
shamel mohammed
I'm serious , I'm gonna do this , watch your back 😂😂😂
shamel mohammed
You are so lucky to have this thing.
If I know where your house and I have a weapon I am gonna shot you in the head and take that thing with me , I'm talking searosly 😂😂
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In 10 years we are all laughing so hard at this video.. :P
Valery Lavrov
In other words they sell you desktop pc and called it laptop.
Vishal Venkatesh
0:36 that's what she said 😂
Utkarsh Kumar
Glad to see I'm not the only one who uses Macboobs as a mousepad.
Jay Jansen
Man that's huge
Jhaypee Torio
it's only T.T
Jhaypee Torio
it's only T.T
Wesley 綿花糖
Ardaシ Beyシ
veya gormedim
Ardaシ Beyシ
turkler ben bunu biliyorum herhalde bir yerde veya bir yt den gormustum ama BU DAHA İYİ V Sİ
дияр сериков
frank rossi
Totally not worth it... But then again, it is all about the bragging rights.
Omer Idan
discussing you are a mercy main im just gonna unsub now..
shaoming zhang
Maybe they should try a water cooler. Now it sounds like a helicopter after gaming for a while XD
2032 is already OUT!!
Nem roda minecraft em 4k
its probably outdated by now xD
I legit thought the case was the laptop.
junior santos
Very beautiful, too big to take you anywhere
ซากูไร โคโนะ
IT lag.
Mandla Bhengu
I want to buy it. Where can I get it? I'm from South Africa
Vincent Paire
je ne vois pas bien se qu'il a de portable dans le truc...
money badger king
how much space for downloads are there
Paul Ioannidis
Thumbs up if you want one
He says its only $9k wtf
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