Making Out With Pregnant Women!

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Samira Bozeman
she could of kissed u for live 2 seconds and ppl could of paused the video
Haley Peptis
I wanted to flag this, but I also don't, dislike if I shouldent.
KylieRae Duran
i want to go get .
Alanna Turner
what the.......
badder unicorn84
i was watching this with my big sister and i said "those girls husbands or probaly MAD." then my sister said "how do u know they have a husband?" and i said "duh, to have a baby you have to have a husband unless they divorced" 😐
Amnaa yousuf
prank on hi
Ian Tai
What the fuck
Mhairi Gaming 100
First girl though
He probably has mono
Pandaz Sparkle
Like the third woman He kissed her and gave his number how weird is that ? Imagine what happens when the husband finds out
Haley Lively
Ajjuqureshi Qureshi
ajju qureshi 8504957714
Now George
Who else got a Bonner
Raunisha Banks
They can easily pause the vid....
Poggi Fury
Savana grace how old r u cous you look really hot omg I want 👉🏻👌🏻
Little Monkeys
XDlacy XD
ewwwwwww e-0 gross
Isaiah Mansfield
subscribe done bell rang and on
Samuel Wilson
my frickin god.. how many chicks has this guy kissed in his life..
Adrian&Jessica Pritchard
Like if this is discusting
Aaliyah Reese
The lady in blue is outside in as short ass dress and heels at 7 months
Julia Dempsey
This is so funny !!! 😅😂😅😂
Chloe Babooram
That man is a freak!!!!!!
Pregnant women don't wear heals and party dresses
minecraft beast
Zaria Phillips
did he really get arrested
Jaqueline Arias
i didn't follow non of these girls just by the fact that they did that
Lesley Joao
the man was like get in the car
Cool_ Gamer
jane sallY
8 monthes in the blue dress? damn your small
mimipaige 06
Stop making people make out with you, they can have kids and a husband! There shoutouts or anything is just wrong! ESPECIALLY PREGNANT WOMEN
Muna grg
they cheated because the girls are pregnant
Muna grg
This women are disrespectful as fuck, i would leave their dumbasses and take my kids with me
Cutie Lexi
this is disgusting nobody should go up to someone pregnant and make out with them
Josh Mottram
ur nasty af. ... not cool
Rheagan& aliessa Shogran& aranda
This is so dum
Rheagan& aliessa Shogran& aranda
chaylan barnett
That first pregnant women went from "a quick little kiss" to a "make out sesh"
chaylan barnett
The first girl and him kissed for about a minute! N
can you say herpes boys and girls
Zeus mc5
im surptised if he dosent have std
Makayla Arnold
This is soooooo wrong!!!!!
Zainab Abdullahi
This sound is so gross
star dreamer
Ritter out
I would make that pregnant girl for breeding yummy hot bitch ibwould bang very hot
Audri30503 AJ
That kiss is what got those girls pregnant in the first place lol
Ansley Bunngfgtszhk
the first pregnant woman was not 7 months pregnant
Tarah Tellez
Eww😛 not in the happy way in the disturbed way
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