Philip DeFranco
We made it. It's been a weird week, but we made it. Thanks!
shiverme timbers
I liked iron fist F the haters.
Rahaf Emad Alzuheery
Maniacal Offroad
Part of me likes that our POTUS uses Twitter because it humanizes him a bit. But.... Cmon man... As far as the Martins are concerned, If they truly put their kids above their channel then why hire a reputation firm which specializes in eradicating negative content about you from as many sources as possible? Why wouldn't they put their focus on fixing their stupid instead of defending their channel. They've done nothing but divert blame and claim to be victims. I try so hard not to hate anyone. I'm a parent, I know how hard it is. But those two do not deserve the title 'Parent'. They are nothing more than ignorant bullies. PhillyD, please don't let that Reputation firm succeed in allowing those two to fade into the shadows long enough for people to forget. I appreciate you for putting yourself in the line of fire for those kids. I wish more people were aware of the risk you took doing that and continuing to do it. I know you're not a religious guy but I am, God Bless you!
Stephen Filer
Phil is my hero.
But why is Tomi so fit?
sammi a
absolutely brilliant
Broken Hearted
Oh my god Trey is so adorable
Broken Hearted
Ugh, my head hurts from all this
Cookie Panda
There are so many things you can attack trump on, why do they keep using things that are stupid and unimportant. Attack him on his bullshit policies or on his lies not on his "crowd size"
BossGaming HD
Can everyone just leave Trump alone? He's the president. Deal with it. It's over now. You can't do anything about it.
Bill Nye isn't a scientist
Leslie Winter
Thanks for discussing the Hernandez story Phil!!!!! I hope Trey had a great birthday!!!!!
Spencer Kinch
dang...... you fight for so many neutral situations and sooooo many great fights for the little guy. but........ you just did what you rail against. I'm sure you don't see it. You just did what you sad no one should do. Cry. You were one last hope for me. It was fun while it lasted.
Matthew Hayes
As a falcon's fan I am still angry about the Superbowl
how do you download YouTube videos?
Tyler Albright
omg he's so adorable
Derek Furst
I can't help but life philip defranco lately. I used to hate him because i didn't understand why his name was associated with so many youtube channels, but then i read up on him and how he exploded to being less of an individual creator to a publisher, and while i hate his videos like "top porn stars of 2016" or whatever, in ones like these, he's refreshingly articulate
Steve Rogers
Patriots shouldn't have went, spineless pieces of shit.
Cate Ellington
Seriously? I've not listened to u much but...You are going to praise 'President Trump'? Geez us.
Just Becs you can string words together and talk really really fast-- does not make u a person with a functioning brain stem evidently.
RaeAnn Drennen
(with help of copy and paste) in hopes that you will notice it. A recent video has been floating around on my news feed quite a bit lately about a young girl being murdered on fb live. Two teenage girls literally beat her to death in a gruesomely graphic video. This has seemed to become a trend since Facebook has offered its live stream videos. Not only has it shown people being murdered but also people committing suicide. I think this is something that should be addressed for painfully obvious reasons. The young girls name was serena mckay she was only 19. there doesn't seem to be much info on the situation going around just the video..if you do speak of it can you please request that people report it to be taken down. this has to be hurting the already hurting family and friends even more. plus is it just damn unecessary for this to be floating around. its disgusting display of violence and seeing this on my feed constantly upsets me.
hope you see this.
as someone who's huge he's so bothered by fake news.
Dude, I have watched you for 10 years. Please try to teach your child to articulate his words... that was not cute but cringy. he is adorable though
Tommy Lyons
I think that this guy owning up to his mistake is worth so much more than the usual: sorry-not-sorry apologies. yes he made the same mistake but this person will fix it in the future unlike the others
Why don't we get it on the podcast feed anymore?
I'm not a fan of Trump by any means, but it's really petty that media tries to lampoon him by comparing something as insignificant as the number of football players who went to the white house.... and they aren't even right about it.
dawww trey is sooooo cute
I think it's so stupid that people are trying to take his brain to examine and shit like what? He obviously is a disgusting person but it's his body and just cuz his dead doesn't mean u can just do what ever u want to it!!
The lack of a suicide note does not mean it could not have been suicide. Only about 20% of people who die by suicide leave a note.
But does size really matter
More advertisers pulling from things at the first spot of trouble... Welp, Youtube creators might be screwed but at least maybe we can avoid the cyberpunk adtopia
Zack Reynolds
This is something I don't understand about YouTube in general-this video in particular has a million and a half views....and only like 83,000 people give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. Are people really that damn lazy that they can't say whether they like or dislike a video by pushing a single button conveniently located below said video???lol
The Tray bit was precious
Wow, what a mind fuck with regards to law and money!!!
Daniel J
Jesus Christ, it's so hard to look at this guys fucking face without getting uncomfortable. I'm only 3 minutes in, I can't do it
The Son of Muta
And no mention of Hernandez having a gay lover in prisoner?
Janine Chalmers
Does anyone else cringe when someone quotes the Bible in the "modern lingo" translation?
Christopher Tussing
DeFranco 2020
Jay Hull
Your trump voice is darn good.
dave shoe
Really you're comparing a size between a black and white guy and you are surprised the black guy is bigger!
Alexis Ford
Happy birthday Trey!
AW STOP I'm gonna cry
also Troy don't read the yt comments lol
I love how Phil kinda imitates Trump's voice lol
Liam Sweeney
Why is no one questioning whether Hernandez had CTE? It seems pretty obvious to me that he most likely did.
Paul Chillemi
John 3:16 is a message of eternal life according to Christians, not suicide 😐
Halie Hostler
50 - 34 is 16...not 14 Phil! PS still your biggest fan!
Casey Billings
Well, Austin 3:16 says "I just whooped your ass."
Maya De. Hatchet
I'm not a long-time fan, and I didn't know you were a father. I honestly thought you were in your twenties because you look super young.
Joshua Krueger
eh synthetics arent that bad, i like it at least lmao. makes the movie "lost in space" way more tolerable
Wow, Cloak & Dagger. I don't read comics anymore but that's a duo I haven't heard of in a LONG time.
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