Petty Fake News Embarrassment and The Hernandez Controversy Gets Weirder!

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Happy Thursday, you Beautiful Bastards! Let’s talk about some newsy type stuff…
Go save yourself some money w/ TING!:
Oh no… Not again…
TheDeFrancoFam Vlog:
DISGUSTING! Deleted Video Exposes HUGE Problem In DO5 YouTube Scandal:
YouTube Abuse Scandal Apology And Why It Fails To Fix Anything:
Cloak and Dagger Trailer:
Hot Ones w/ DJ Snake:
Wired & Bill Nye:
Secret Link:

Donald Trump Patriots Photo:

Aaron Hernandez Suicide:

Tomi Lahren vs. The Blaze:

Bill O’Reilly Payout:

DaddyoFive Abuse Scandal:
All of my coverage:
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Philip DeFranco
We made it. It's been a weird week, but we made it. Thanks!
Salene Brom
If it's real then get the judge to order physical and mental examinations on all the children to prove or disprove the claims against daddyofive
Salene Brom
How when cells are designed to avoid that
Isn't the furniture sealed to the floor
How'd he block the door
aditi raman
patiently waiting for the today's update
Goldie Knox
I have just recently discovered your channel (maybe 2 weeks or so) and that intro of yours I keep repeating over and over haha. its just that expression on your face, that arm move that goes along and a bit of weirdness when you say Whats up you beautiful bastards....have to come back every day and watch the show! just for that intro....if that makes any sense! hilarious!
oh...and great channel!
Ryan Wright
Jae Qar
Hey Phil, juste wanted to say I have been subbed to you for 7 months now and I love learning news through your videos even if most of them are related to the USA, but some are more about Youtube. Keep being the upright and beautiful bastard that you are! I wish you happiness for you family.

Regards from France.
Joe Billington
please don't promote tomi lahren
my moms friend actually worked on K2 and they actually abandoned the project due to it burning holes in the test subjects lungs.
Hayley H
Why does the President of the United States need a twitter account?...And why is that his most used form of communication?
Fadi Albouni
Where are you Phill? been a while :|
Teez Comeing
It was not suicide.
Abdur Farhan
Philip DeFranco lovessssss Trump!!
DeFranco 2020
Melinda Jones
Phil hun, don't say "what the hell" right before quoting bible verses. ; )
Kevin Millington
I think the only question I would like to ask right now is are you ok? Are you going through any safety or legal concerns with this? And then I wonder how this is all now affecting how you feel. About your channel and making these decisions. I see people are now asking you to report on other things. I just hope everything is ok with you and you did the right thing. It seems like you are on some sort of vacation which is good cause I was a bit worried when I saw no posts. I think I even recall you saying you were taking a break. I just hope everything is ok. Looking forward to hearing from you when your ready.
Markus Virma
5,5 minutes of American boring news :(
Still love your show tho
Tony Goesham
I hate Philip's thumbnails so much. He makes really ugly, weird faces for the thumbnails. It's the one thing I hate about this channel.
Marquis Douglas
When he said "we have archives of the videos". Phil was like, we have receipts just in case!
Laura Albert
Happy (belated) Birthday, Trey!
Clarrissa Zamora
ironfist sucked ass
Just found your channel through Daz Games and the DaddyOFive thing, but I have to say I love your content so far. Straightforward, to the point in your intro, immediately getting into what the title says.
Christine MG
it actually warms my heart to see you with your son because the way you two are is so sweet and from personal experience I never thought fathers could be so kind and sweet to their children.
tanner south
Philip, do you have any investment advice that has worked for you?
Awesome Prankster
my birthday is april 20th too
Just Exhausts
good to see others downloaded the DO5 videos
Ciaban Krommenhock
I dug iron fist, I liked it better than Jessica Jones, which was really hot and cold. And while I loved the first half of Luke Cage, I didn't like how they changed villains mid-season.
Ciaban Krommenhock
:Phill @1:00 50-34 is 16 not 14.
Danny Sanchez
What's with youtube unsubscribing me to Philly D....
hey Phil, can you cover the Mr. Laughinghouse story? it's a teacher who was catfished on grindr by students and had his nudes spread around school and it's a pretty fucked up situation.
Thank you Phil for another great video and Happy (late) Birthday to your son! ☺🎂🎈
Barely Shaman
Ugh, so tired of people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Sue you? Butt-head laugh
Honestly, I find it hard to believe that he wrote John 3:16 on his own forehead without screwing it up at least once or twice... go try it if you think this sounds dumb
When are you going to cover the Marvel/Nazi thing?
Will Slade
Wow! I can't believe baby DeFranco is three already! Time flies. Baby Slade is almost one... they're growing up too quick 😌
Aris Lewis
0:55 Brady's mother has been fighting cancer for 21 months with radiation and chemo. The way you said "personal issues he had to attend to" was incredible insensitive.
Squid Samnic
even leafy thinks sending death threats to people over videos is stupid (I think)
Leah R
Please keep updating on daddy of 5.. I hope to see them investigated.
Don't read my Profile picture!
you guys wannna play a game, Dont read my profile pic
Hey Phil, I have YouTube Red and I download offline everything I want to listen to and then have it on my headphones while I work. Do you know if my views and likes still count towards the people I'm watching? Want to make sure I'm still supporting while I'm consuming content.
Jack Farley TV
I've tried synthetic weed and it's nothing like the real deal! It's really bad shit and I still have some mental issues because of my stupidity!
I'm giving $100 to the first 10 people to walk up and punch me in the face.
fight me Phillip
anon ymous
where the hell is phill gone, I have no idea whats been going on in the world for the last 3 days....
The Ginger Hitman
Phil, please talk about Flint. People are getting arrested at the town hall meetings.
Daryl Asanza
new video deleted?
bigou boo
Could you please talk about the American Airlines video that is trending?? I'm super confused about the whole situation.
Hayley Alexis
why is this world so messed up
Dmaest Grim
Her right to free speech aside.... Why is that woman getting so much support ? Is she super famous ? I have personally never heard of her. 8 million ? That is crazy. Also..... Abortion is disgusting. What is wrong with people.
Did you notice you basically just destroyed a whole family's reputation and all 5 these kids future and you did't even ask them about making this video.
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