Avondale kidnapping victim escapes trunk while suspect drives away from Bessemer gas station

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Surveillance video shows an Avondale kidnapping victim escape from the trunk of a moving car at a Bessemer, Alabama gas station after the kidnapper uses the ATM inside. 3-14-17

Joyce M
this gave me goosebumps
persona non grata
HOW did she get the trunk open though???
Dindu Nuffin
Had to be a filthy moon cricket. Hang him by a tree.
deanplayer69 metalplayer
That bitch grabbed that shot gun like, here use this on them!! To bad they didn't!
the yellow gloves
God help us in south africa
Jajami Cham
po co on w bagażniku siedział
We're too quick to judge the man. Maybe he bought the car that way.
Next Challenge: Escape from Alabama
x D
Magda lena
christoph putteman
I'm pretty sure she had a swiss army knife and watched a lot of Macqyver! :D
no to miała w chuj farta kobita
o fack...
That was some quick thinking running to that store
Ulysse Man.
Quelqu'un peut-il m'expliquer ce qu'il s'est passé ?
Gro Ndi
ktoś wytłumaczy po polsku o co tu chodzi?
Lucas Gonçalves
Whut in Tarnation
Mdrrrr !
Abdul Hahmed
Jaki to kurwa kraj ?
Namor #
like et abonné vous
phénixalfa solstice
O putaint
Sandra Gomes
Tak To Ja
O kurwa I didn't expect that.
John Standford
Negras are not human, true story
Adam Kowalski
Ja pierdzielę jak dobrze że żyję w Polsce
Dz IluSioN
le mec qui lui passe un fusil à pompe dans le plus grand des calmes on en parle?! 😂
The Atrix
co tam sie odpierdoliło
Karel Hoger
No camera on gas station has got better resolution - to read the plate? That's sad..
wow the youtube comment section is racist
Holly Whitt
That's a really smart way to escape. By waiting until the car was driving forward, she made sure that she knew the kidnappers location and also gave herself a big head start in the opposite direction. Pretty impressive, glad she got away.
scenes like from africa
Nice job on the guys who protected her when she ran in. Something tells me no one was getting past the guy in the hoodie to get to her.
Video Account
He dindu nuffin
Typical. Brutal kidnapping and a black car.
LOL. First they hand her a shotgun - or maybe since she black she just grabbed it cause that's what blacks do - and then she points it at one of the clerks?

She's just another hood rat criminal like the other one!
Jordyn Slaughter
0:42 did anyone else see the blood that came it of her head when she fell
shiiit dey black
M_ H_
Brown dog cunt kidnapping like a filthy pussy.
Hope they caught the fucker
C Htor
Holy shit.
It doesn't show how she got in the truck..?
walkin dude
where did that shotgun come from? and why the fuck would they let the lady who's been traumatized have it?
Jimmy Strudel
did they hand that woman a shotgun? wtf?
i hope everyone knows there is an emergency release in the trunk of basically any new car if this ever happens to you
Steve Sap
I hope that kidnapper gets a severe, memorable, astronomical ass whooping. Glad she's safe now and I'm happy that her ninja skills kicked in to escape that damn trunk. This is a fucc'd up world we live in.
Tyler Andrew
That poor woman; I'm glad she escaped. Good for her for acting when she did.
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