Justin Bieber's Best Live Vocals

Justin Bieber (Celebrity)Pop Music (Musical Genre)Singing (Musical Instrument)

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Mhd afi
Who else love old Justin?
Vinicius Souza
quase cagou
Riya Bisht
luv him❤❣ best. .he has a sumthing diff in his voicee
Nitesh Singh!!
u say this vocals.see one of the songs of an indian singer and u'll realize what does vocals means.u say this a singing.keep it up stupids.
Super. Wilderness
Hes the best singer out there trust me hes amazing !!😍😍♥️
sanne tf
bitch when i saw up and favourite girl i was on the damn FLOOOR i miss those songs 😭
Rebecca Asbury
Please say I'm not the only one who finds his voice unbearably whiny and strained when he attempts high notes
Abinash 13
1:56 best part😍
Sanjana Nayak
1:36 to 2:10 voice
holy voice♥♥
Ahmed Subhani
i cant see haters
Doğa Paçal
my idol 💞
Павел Янин
Eerie voice, hell for ears. Like a knife on the glass and these breathy sighs - fu
Linda Capecchi
i love justin with my whole heart but if I'm being honest.... the hold tight performance was a mess
Rosarioyasmin Tejeda
1:48 no.
Riya Bisht
baby. .I luv u soo fucking ...much 😫😫😫😥😘😘
Ari Tutorial
Nordic Goalie
Ana Clara
i love this boy
Evan Minaj
Chris brown > jb
This is too random for words
Can you do one for Jacob Satorious?

Lol that would be short.😝
Bae XoXo
when some people says he cannot sing or his song's suck, well I think you have to go to a doctor and check your ears if its still function well. You cannot take away his talent.
Luli perez
Serena Strangis
up>>>>> pls bitch😍
Hassan Rayyan
guys!can we take a moment to place our selves at justin's place,he maybe not an angel who does everything right but no one else is an angel.The other stars aren't followed by the fucking paps everywhere,bitches scream at him wherever he goes, can u take it,he just sometimes wanna live like a normal person.He seriously don't deserve what he's going through.Guys plzz stop the hate and leave him alone
Kevin Ramos
for people who say he cant sing. shut up. he just proved you wrong here
Aneeqa Hussain
❤❤❤❤❤❤ #proud
Hilia Annisa
Hilia Annisa
Ivan Lopez
His voice is good but it ends there...i think its nothinh different and its very plain and kinda boring
Sharon Hartmann
I hate Justin ed sheeran is way way better
Julian M29
The best
Belen swag
That's my baby! 😍
Karina Mejía
bonito playback
17Black Hazza
Just wanna make things clear up here... Was he lip-syncing in the "U Smile" performance?
Man O'Neal
When he sings, it's like I can feel all of his emotions. All of his longing, his joy, his sorrow and regret. It transcends me to a higher loft of life. My existence is enriched by his voice and his music.

Now you see, didn't that sound ridiculous what I said there? Didn't it just feel wrong when you read it? This is why 99% of singers who people slap the "great" label on are not so. Sure, you have some technical ability. But you have no depth and no craft. Bieber, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson etc...just like dolls that emit vocal sound when you pull the string. Zero life. Zero conveyance of feeling. All the range, pitch and control in the world...and for what?
Margherita Castelli
MyKingBizzle 04
That's my boy! I'm super proud of him
Felipe Drew
Patrick A6
a voz dele sempre de criança
1:33 dead!
Kate #k
Awesome 😍👌🏻💕
Dina !
This dude got so much talent damn....
Kevin J
His voice is quite nice, he has gotten much better at singing through the years.
Satan, Lord of Hell
So forced
Neik Araujo
não to intendendo nd essa comentários 😂😂😂
Anastasija Belieber
Love you 😍😍😍
he still sux ass
That Nerd Who Is In The Phandom
And then there's Brendon Urie
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