Bull Destroys 4x4


Occurred on July 1, 2016 / Peñalver, Guadalajara, Spain

A bull runs through the streets of Spain and charges a 4x4 vehicle. 

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Melancholy Medusa
Sick of savages claiming they are cultured just because their county has "History" .
Troll God
Holy shit I did not know they were that strong to lift a car
Malhar Kulkarni
who's that genius who threw the Spanish flag?
sandeep singh
why some idiots mess up with animals and use them for entertainment... I would have been happy if bull had killed those fucking idiots​ !!
Aidan Buckley
now THAT was awesome
Jamilah Hansen
That is just sad 😭 the poor bull was forced just for entertainment 👎🏽🖕
Daniel Funes
Just wait when that car is in front of the bull and starts to run...
Stefano Longdick
Bull should've gored the human up in the ass
Too bad it wasn't doing that to one of those dumb ass humans antagonising it for entertainment.
Zanar Aesthetics
how fuckin strong is a bull? he could lift this car at a different angle, he pierced the tire like it was a balloon, those horns are made of steel or what.
this barbaric act barely gets protested...where are the hindus?...
Fernando M.F.
les queda bien hijos de puta. maltratando animales par luego matarlos
Hulk Mania
Poor animal! all alone
jazee Dawg
mankind is the animal
Maze Grimm
Such a strong animal. Sad that they tortured him to death shortly after this for their sick "tradition".
Logan Cole
What's wrong with people? Fucking hispanics
Como se nota que es españa....

How do you notice it is spain...
нихуясе в нём дури!
Joe Randella
I don't understand this tradition so I think it should be banned
Stephen Fiore
........... seems cruel to animal..........
blind color bull....."this is red "..
Raju Kumaran
Hahah ripped out all the hydraulics, its gonna cost the spic a shitload
dkdk 6842
빙신 세끼들 저러다 디져봐야 정신 차리지
Richard Catterill
Jesus that bull must be on sum sort of steroid intake Jesus.
Rudy Marcellino
Bull shit...... :D
tictoc licloc
fuckinh dick heads
someone should kill this animal omg
fucked up the piece of shit spanish car, should shove its horn up some lil spanish motherfucker. fuck those animal abusers. nuke spain...
Bud Spencer
Das glaubt dir keine Versicherung
Kérnék minden őrült spanyolt itt e helyen ,meg mindenféle más barmokat ,hogy kapják be a pöcsömet.!Happy Easter!Buona Pasqua!
Umam Pu
strings bull
ludzie którzy uczestniczą w takich scenach zachowują się gorzej niż bydło, kiedy ten debilizm sie skończy?
Simant Sondhiya
What a power😨
Amazing strength
Hanad Casanova
That car pissed on himself
war zone
holy. ..
this kind of animal abuse is fucking disgusting, shame on you
Alexander Superapple
serves you right you spanish cocksuckers
Oggy Oggy
Torment an animal until it loses its mind.
olek olecki
Fuck you hispans and your hispanic tradition of cruelty to animals. Good bull. This time he failed. Too bad.
love the tradition
romel 4life
wht the fuck do people still do bull running eveing after people have brutal deaths
Don Kuppa
stupid people fuck em
So much blinker fluid wasted :<
Holy shit bulls are strong AF :O He actually deadlifted the car with its neck only
Kurwa jaka to jest siła !
Adi Adrian
I am rooting for the bull
Fucking idiots...
Sick country! You are sick idiots! You are torturing those animals!!!
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