Bull Destroys 4x4


Occurred on July 1, 2016 / Peñalver, Guadalajara, Spain

A bull runs through the streets of Spain and charges a 4x4 vehicle. 

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indian boy YJ
hope u got insurance..
Swaggersaurus Rex
The bull is the smartest person there.
This person is dedicated to claiming public videos that people upload, to profit
Gold Seeker
Lazy Spanish bastards doing what they do best and that is generally being cruel to animals. Shame that Bull didn't fuck up a few of those greasy cunts taunting it!
Michael West
You just cost him his no claims bonus
josip stalin
this is bullshit
Gandalf the Grey
pepper vlad
Stupid spanish tradition, nothing to do with modern world
Juan Delgado
jerem 78
They deserved it this shithead !
alejandro coons
Anybody supporting this shit is a scumbag, and deserves to die, fucking retarded tradition
Carlos Mar
damn that nigga is strong 😮
Hattaf Raj
the original power💪
pdeo boss
impressive force
Faraz Farrukh
bien hecho el toro
sumit chhibber
Perfect jack for puncture repair shop.
Бойко Александр
Good job bull. Fuck em all.
m I o . o I m
Bull was just trying to cool off
Felicia Phillips
We taurus(bulls) don't play we will beat a somebody ass. The wrestler The rock is a strong taurus!!
Humanity is truly creepy with animals.
Mr Rich
Spain Is full of animals
Jim Well
stupid humans, die
Victor Roca
¿Cómo he llegado aquí?
Fucking hate those backward spik cunts
Alfred Dickson
Savage fucking animals
I don't see nothing wrong in this video just a regular mechanic changing some fluids and regular maintenance under the hood.
oldstyle analog
lmfao.that shit was cute
josip stalin
in Soviet Russia animals hit car
Rahul Saha
fuck the bull
K Hussain
Ur car is off to scrap yard
Bull be like.....FUCK YO SUZUKI!!!!
John Stafford
They deserve it.
Ritter out
Stupid spanish bastard. Idiot barbarian
Danny Reeves
strong motha!
I as hoping so hard that the Bull would turn that thing over and toss it over the embankment. Bunch of Satanic mother fuckers that do/enjoy this shit
Jordy Ortega
#RIP suv
ravi verma
I think this video is from Spain
Orrin Bester
Man that is some neck muscles being put to good use. Good on ya bull!
Altair Kusanagi
pega esses humanos de merda mesmo
animal cruelty is not entertaining, it's sad
King Kull
That's good beast.
Sans Da Mofo
fucking kill it
ah, I knew we shoulda gotten bull insurance...
Melancholy Medusa
Sick of savages claiming they are cultured just because their county has "History" .
Troll God
Holy shit I did not know they were that strong to lift a car
Malhar Kulkarni
who's that genius who threw the Spanish flag?
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