Ashley B
15 and pregnant scared to get a pregnancy test. THEN HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU'RE PREGNANT?
Cj Beauty
8m subs and 1.7m views wow
Qwifinn The Awesome
Annabel Margens
At the end when it says content provided by Whisper behind the text one whisper says: " I like to stop my microwave with 0:01 second left; it makes me feel like I'm defusing a bomb and saving lives". Anyone else saw that? XD
Jet Paskinski
"Magic wands that make men disappear" well, she's not wrong
Sarcastic YouTube commenter
0:24 lmfao so true
Zoie everyday chick
I took 2 test and they are positive. I am praying I am 😇😆
Aumville MSP
The real question is.. HOW DID YOUR PREGNANCY TESY GO?!
Bella Leong-Smith
"Magic wands that make men disappear." Lol!!! 😂😆
Jeweliana Sanchez
ok, this actually happened. so, when summer break started last year, I assumed i was going to get my period, but you know what? nothing. Three months. what. is. life?
Dream Catcher
I'vegot a really weird one

In the test to see if u will be a girl or boy it said i would be a boy, but I came out as a girl?
"my mom said hey we're magic wands that made men dissapear. xD ur mom is pretty accurate
KK's Channel
Just saying if you skip a month or are late that doesn't mean you're pregnant. Your period doesn't always come at the same time and also it is possible to skip a month so don't worry.
Rhaiza Kohinor
most of the whisper confession videos are pretty funny. This one just seemed so scary. Idk how it looks to others, but this seems to me to be a great social research topic. The taboo of pregnancy xD
Sania Lorene
Maybe if y'all weren't hoes you wouldn't be scared to take a pregnancy test
Unicorn 17
The father is 30yrs older? GURRLLLLL
rukhaia sultana
some people getting pregnant accidentally.. n regretting... n here I'm trying everything to get pregnant
3 monsta 3 MSP
Now time to clear my history
Dev Sims
In movies and stuff they're like "OMG I'm pregnant!!! What do I do??!!?" And I'm just like bish get an abortion!
Gigi Mosa
I took a pregnancy test on fathers day. POSITIVE and ExCItInG!! Happy fathers day to my kids dad. But also found out i was 8months along... and we tried soo many times for a baby but we never planned to get baby stuff before planning the baby itself so we actually had nothing. We got the stuff the day i went into labor. We chose the name a month before baby as well. I had the name wrong but a week before found out my kids real name and got it right lol.
Chanelle Lloyd
1:05 menopause?
Angela Sanchez
My friend Coral wants to have 7 kids with a guy doesn't even like her ( he thinks she's gross😹😹😹)
stefan Hahn
A lot of gullible people here, I bet you're all from North America, right?! Get over it, they're all actors, it's not real.
Helikoptéra Bérová
I once found a used pregnancy test at school and it was positive. I asked my friend if she knew what girl could be pregnant. She said it was hers.
She was 15 and 6 months pregnant. She kept the baby and now is a single mother of a really sweet boy. Still, I think she ruined her life.
" My mom said they were magic wands that made men disappear. "
Watch her take it to school and try to make the annoying boys go away.
Brierly MacDonald
my mom said that they were magic wands that made men disappear in some cases yes but not all the time
Lizzy Adam
Kms buzzfeed
TerriblePuns Joyce
"I'm pregnant and the father is 30 years older than me" wow, that's just so depressing
MyLifeAs Sierra
You had S with you're Doctor
Drea Cat
"Stole money from my mother to buy weed and a pregnancy test" ah the wasted youth, you surely won't regret that 10 years from now :)
Cyrillia Louis
Any TTC ladies watching? Haha
Safiyah Kaiser
That looked like Michelle in the beginning
DomDoesntCare !
1:02 that's really cute...
David Welsh
Just a guy with common sense talking here.. but if you are 27 days late.. and your pregnancy tests keep coming up negative.. that is a red flag to go see a doctor.
Natanya T
30 y older? Gross!
Lauryn Howard
A magic wand that made men disappear😂
i stopped the video at 1:21, and accidentally read one of the confessions in the background. it said "I called in sick for work on 9-11-01. A hangover saved my life."
That last one..
dear god
Pamela Moreno
Everytime my period si late I prepared to tell my parents Im pregnant then I remember that Im a virgin LOL 😂
Dee Dee
If you don't want to get pregnant, go to your doctor & get The Pill (don't forget to take it everyday) or get an IUD (99% effective). Condoms are not 100%. Problem solved.
The last one is soooooo sad
Seems like a personal problem
200 subscribers without any videos challenge
That last one though....
Hatsune Miku
Pink Lady
That last one, wow!!
1 word: abortion
Juhi Fazila
The last one made me worried
So weird that all the voice overs were done by women.
Bade Akkol
The last one is actually kinda sad
Zesty Noodle
I get pregnancy scares all the time, even though the most intimate thing I ever did was hold hands
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