PDK Films
hey everyone hope you enjoyed the vid! COMMENT BELOW YOUR FAVORITE PART! also, check out me gaming channel King Kousky plz and thank u spank u
Daisy Nguyen
I didn't know there were first person shooter types of nerf guns. I should really get some so I could have a war fare in my house.

I get the feeling of CS:GO...

Dean o
Wow you guys changed so much in 3 years
The Quadro Crew
You Love Pdk Films?😍😍
Like! Go check out our Nerf War!
best video ever it reminds me of call of duty
daniel martinez
i dont get what the big deal is i go thru that before every meal.
Atahan Taşpınar
Türkçe alTyazilar efsane ;D
4:42 What is he watching??
Margherita Donatangelo
Aniath uzzaman
Иван Рейх
65 лямов на запястьи, стиль наших улиц! Тут лучшие мусчины осименяюют ваших сууучек
Aaron Jecevicus
Lol when u still have it v card
Infernus _Toaster
The next-gen of
Call Of Duty
McKenzie Fannin
This is cool af
Jenish Kadariya
Heh I sup and like the vidr
When you play a first person shooter and say you have aimbot kk
David Rosas Ramirez
Aún que soy mexicano tu vídeo e lo mejor
uriel fantilanan
this video is crazy he used food for gun the gun is not shooting what is this booooo
What the fuck is this
Reza Arya
this looks like a represent of hackers
these graphics are shit
I'm going home
TheHicup Elephant
0:00 I has eating a burito
Alex Pro
Yeah,you are nerf master2
Lubek Wasilewski
Stryfe isn't automatic
Fatih Birol
Türkiye Türkiye Turkish Turkish I love you Türkiye ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nerf Station
The best
Togoodforyt_ 12345
That ending taco/Burt iOS was amazing
Lunatik Lastknight
Как игра называется?
Всякая Чушь
Подпешись на меня а я на тебя
The smoothie was so gay! Who the fuck eats a burrito with a smoothie
goku 12345
You are awesome PDK films
Reminds me of OO7 for N64
Adrian Rodziewicz
can someone tell me how much people was there?
Shaun Arundell
What 4th nerf gun should I get
daniel f
daniel f
Making millions a video off this
Atharv Mule
very good and funny concept
Rendi Yansah
See my youtune channel in this account
Alexi Amaya
Secure dat burrito
nholz nholzy_11
This is how war should be resolved
wendy guzman
this was the first video of yours i ever watched
Frurry Bob
That was the gayest thing I've ever seen
New bad-guy shows up when you are done reloading. 😁
kelvin dragon
+1 incrito
Jason Alcatraz
I don’t think you could have made this video more cringe worthy if you tried.
I had high hopes with the intro drive, large collection of guns and environment size.
But the retarded shit jokes, food for no reason, and the protagonists hands acting as if they belonged to someone with a mental illness rather than an actual soldier.
Then there’s the fact you put no effort into moving about like an untrained individual would assume how a trained soldier moves to the point you flat out tank shots that clearly aren’t shot by storm troopers.
Oh, and you’re shameless self promotion as the supposed villain was already watching your channel.

I get if you make these intentionally silly and aren’t meant to be serious, but this humor is so dry and obscured by your video game crack hands.
NoahCraft05 _
Waldimar José De Souza
Muito meiro
Night_Owl _Gamer
I'm pretty sure he was fighting storm troopers
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