13 Tips on How to Survive Wild Animal Attacks

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How to survive bear or shark attack? What should you do if you are bitten by a snake? We've gathered 13 easy tips that will save your life if you do meet a wild animal. 

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Hey guys! Which dangerous wild animals live in your area? Which one did we forget to mention?
Mitch G
Bees sting, not bite. Makes me wonder how accurate this is.
Dartanian Luczak
Saulo Hernandez
thank you now i know
Please say this is real and isn't fake because I'm taking these tips
Ra Le
Jellyfishes are rly bad
Twenty Øne Piløts Fangirl
lady boywonder
No shark and your period ladies
Benson Denis
Lol. "The bear might toss you around for a bit-Don't panic."
Kaweii Cube
Hey guys this ain’t real one of my friends went to the beach and
She was swimming really far with me I was on a floating donut
And there was a white shark coming after us
And I saw a boat I told my friend that we can be safe but than she saw this video and she told me to watch it but I did already
And she said Ima do what the video says
I was like NOT REAL and I was in fear I went swimming really fast while while
I saw my friends blood i I
Went to the boat and cried Lucky the people caught the shark in a tank and get my friends body
And guess she went to the hospital

She did not make it
Jack worlds TV
How do you know all this
Joanne Mincher
pa yang
I did that before
Andrea Simmons
Taylor Altizer
Xenith Terrek
for a jellyfish you can also put pickle juice on the sting and it will stop the pain
Cheryl Harris
Kimmella Msp
I think if I came in contact with any of those animals I'd still try to run
FireGod Plays Plays
the lion at 3:29 in his eyes he looks like hes saying in his mind: what the heck is this guy doing..
Long Nguyen
The last one is racist
Maya Rain
depends on the bear
This is for white people. Y'all are the ones that love to go to the jungle and picnic. Ow and for people leaving in Australia and Africa, they don't really have much choice but to live with them animals.
Dragon ball z beast 12321
You for got hog try to put run it for long enough and then turn left or right in front of a very hard solid and the hog should get hit in the head
wholf bud
Thanks bright side I love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!
Kitty Girl
This video save my dad life from a shark attack thank u so much❤️❤️❤️
Kyla Strobel
the shark can still smell your blood
Ana Sosa
cool video thank you
Idt the death statistic is accurate
Timmy Hudsom
I did number 11 and i died . I am commenting from heaven
King ShawtimeHacks
I tried your tips. I am dead now. thanks. Well, this is my ghost speaking.
Mary Rose Rivera
Whales , Cheetahs , Jaguars , Tigers you forgot
Ashley Jefferson
thank you for making this video
Warnock Podiatry
What about the mosquitos
lollah fashoyin
Thank you for your help
Sonya Neve
Panha Kong
Bro go to the ocean and do that
Sameer Choudhary
thnx man
Dark Soul
U missed dogs and cats also humans
This will save someone's life one day
Caitie Duncan
Good luck with being safe
Ender Neika
Your video was good
The Ranger
Is it just me or did it look like in the thumbnail look like the person was attempting to use karate on the shark...
Lorraine Patamise
Uhh thx I think we already know that
Eric Ancel
Thanks! Can't wait to try these!
Calvin York
9:06 this warmed my heart
Heather leather
I still debate over squares
Fabio Laochunshack
I just won't go outside ever again.
Eridanus Serpens
The Bear tip is inaccurate.
SnowyGaming 911
How about jellyfish
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