Tiësto & The Chainsmokers - Split (Only U) [Official Music Video]

Tiësto (Composer)The Chainsmokers (Musical Group)SplitOnly UOfficial Music VideoSpinnin' Records (Record Label)

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Tiesto proving once more he’s on a roll this year, now working with The Chainsmokers for a tune that will get every crowd in a frenzy. As soon as Split (Only U) kicks in, the breakdown turns trap. Things really get going then, with vocals and a heavy bass drop doing the rest of the job. Heavy duty dance music, you better move to this one!

Video produced by Moving Box Studios:
www.movingboxstudios.com | www.Facebook.com/MovingBoxStudios I www.instagram.com/movingboxfilms/

Written & Directed by: Joe Zohar
(www.joezohar.com I www.instagram.com/joezohar)

Produced by: Rikke Heinecke (Instagram: @rikkeheinecke I Web: www.rikkeheinecke.com), Steve Vasquez (Instagram: @stevenger I Web: stevenvasquez.co)
Director of Photography: Joshua Lehnerd (Web: www.joshualehnerd.com)
Executive Producers: Danny Sawaf | Oceana Branding (Instagram: @oceana_branding | Web: www.oceanabranding.com), Joe Zohar I Moving Box Studios (Instagram: @movingboxfilms)
Production Design: Sallie Falls (Web: www.salliefalls.com)
Edited by: Joe Zohar

Drew Taggart
Alex Pall
Laura Ellen James (Instagram: @lauraellenjames)
Nikole Ornstein

Location Manager: Joe Liuzzi
Wardrobe Stylist: Sean Panella
Assistant Camera: Sten Olson
Gaffer: Joe Baltazar
Grips: Ely Gonzalez, Harrison Hudson, Alex Yoo, Radames Eliu
Hair & Make Up: Rebecca Lee Castro, Diedra Portillo
Colorist: Loren White
Casting: Rikke Heinecke
Stunts: Nick Carraro
Production Assistant: Radames Eliu

Associate Producers:
Andrew Goldstone
Adam Alpert
Carrie Owen

Special Thanks:
MGM Grand
Oceana Branding
Cinepower and Light
On The Mark Rentals
Urban Decay Makeup
Sirkus Casting
Alison Lani
Justin Levy
Austin Brown

Victor 96
nik pepper
Hey guys what type of car is this ??
House Station Live .com
truc de dingue !
Camilla m
Does anyone know the original?? I forgot:(
Hectix Gaming
90 percent chain
Pawlo Konka
100% super music 👍
Szymek K
- Mt Bom Brasil aqui tambem ouve voces !
Sergio Rincon
poor Ashanti
Ishtar Choi
Pffff I love this
This is remix / sampled of Crooked I - Gotta Get the money. This is NOT Ashanti's song.
Stéphane Turcotte
on trouve de tout, meme un ami
agustina gonzalez
tiësto el mejor 😉
darbat arabia55
Woooow that's pretty cool
Vinh Nguyễn
Tiger tiesto times
Luca The Vlogger
This song is so underrated
Alex Rodriguez
Pinche video tan mas mierda del mundo pinches djs 3 pendejotes de mierda
Roger H
Ashanti owns this.. her original makes this track
Bestia z Wadowic
Łapa w dół i spierdalam. Pozdro.
Mason Swinburne
Why Is This So Catchy?
Gerardo Hassan Toledo Morales
Brunhild Brunhildowski
From this i learn one thing. You dont need to go to the gym- just put bag on your head then stick your pic of face to the bag and then wuala. Your muscles will pump up, you will get a bit taller and a bit wider in chest. I'll try this tommorow.
Ilko Georgiev
This is not the Tiesto 10 years ago, this is like a general tune
Team MasterHD
ññññfhkdfvhkcfhb .ññl.jfvchl.ñf
Marty the Festival Bogwitch A.K.A. The Bogwitch
Bogwitch approved; this is just what my current music video playlist needed.
Liz Reinoso
Me encanta
Luis Pedro
miss this music :(
Yelika Carol Mago Diaz
Derek Necker
fake usas samples de burns
Sound №1
Laurent Chevrette
Such a lame song and video.
who watch 2017?
Agron Ademi
tiesto 50%
chainsmokers 50% lejlane ademi 😳
Dave the Youtuber
Tiestos Face when he got kidnapped xD
Fernando XD
algun español ??? 7-7
Stephini Regur
at first i love Andrew.
After watching this video i love Alex.he's hot when he was in the bathroom
killa boi
Who else think that the breakdown better than the drop
Sky Blue Necktie - Gaming, Tech, and MORE!
The Chainsmokers were better before than now
Miguel Zeferino
Si era el verdadero tiesto
Mike Rutecky
the eyes on zombie glowing tiesto kill me
Mike Rutecky
when i tell people i work with how this music gets me pumpinng they thinking glow sticks and e im thinking extream sports and epic legendary kong fu lol guess they wont get it
mmm snyorytamaral#
Smoke Productions
I love ties to💓💓💓💓💓💓
Karoll Antunes
😍😍😍😍 maravilhoso Tiesto
Jefferson Huang
This whole video is about how Tiesto prefers getting himself stomped on by commercial music and money (Chainsmokers).
Malleus Maleficarum
Porwali TIESTO hahaha,dobre,mega videoclip,ubaw w chuj hahaha :D
FilledSilhoutte !
THIS is what I love the most from The Chainsmokers.
edu_guillen -321
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