10 Real Life Rambos Other Armies Can't Mess With

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top 10 soldiers who are tougher than an actual army
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Remember those awesome action films from the 1980s and 1990s? That was the golden era of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal. Naturally, no list of badass action heroes would be complete without Sylvester Stallone. He’s played a cop, a boxer and John Rambo. Rambo was one of the biggest actions stars of the big screen because he was simply an unstoppable one-man army. He took on cops and foreign armies and beat them all. Injured numerous times, how many of us can say we were able to cauterize our own bullet wound? How many of us took down an attack chopper or mowed down dozens of enemy soldiers on our own? Yup, that’s what we thought.
Hold on, however. It turns out that John Rambo isn’t the biggest badass in the world. In fact, there are quite a few real-life warriors who are at least equal to, if not more dangerous, than Rambo. These soldiers took on overwhelming odds by battling dozens or hundreds of enemy soldiers, climbing up on burning tanks, single-handedly taking out enemy bunkers and surviving numerous injuries and wounds. Whether climbing mountain sides, storming a beach, flying a fighter plane or making a stand against an enemy attack, these following individuals are perfect examples of real life Rambos who actually existed off of the movie screen.

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Branden Asato
Why did this video use a photo of one of the most decorated U.S. Army units to imply a Japanese enemy? Not cool indeed...
Martin Price
There are many brave people, but perhaps Robert Henry Cain VC should have been mentioned here.
Aiden York
First Gate
Abu means "Father of" so he's Angel of Death's daddy._.
Mohammed Shabuddin
he is a muslim. what the hell is sunny now? shame to admit his religion? the book of Islam doesnt even mention sunni or shia.
Sahte İsimli Kullanıcı
jarne berings
pls never attempt to speak with a french accent ever again....
علي الساعدي
4:15 damn eric cartman at war
didnt think a south park caracter could be a soldier
Abdi Rageedii
Nothing is true about all the men you have mentioned.
Abdi Rageedii
Nothing is true about all the men you have mentioned.
mukarram ansari
You forgot to mention captain Sher khan of NLI in 1999 kargil war
Lone Wolf Aniket
Where is captain vikram batra where is marshal manekshaw where is the abdul Hamid (the soldier who make the tank graveyard of asal uttar) where are they huh 😠 u just overlook the person who made the biggest surrender of the earth (sam bahadur aka sam manekshaw) who is the real hero of kargil war who made Pakistan cry (captain vikram batra aka sher shah) you overlook the hero of Asia's biggest tank battle who make the Pakistani m4 pattons tin cans made their graveyards (Abdul Hamid) how can u be that ignorant get ur facts r8
akshay bhardwaj
I am an indian but i respect abu izrael after yadav
Karan Koli
Pakistani or China ki ammi khla ki fudi ft GYI ✌ 😂✌terrorist kom k naam bhi na h.....
Noah Hoogstraaten
Erich Hartman and Eric cartman
za memmios
No lauri torni?(Larry Thorne) or john basilone?
baroj dosky
wahid kovle
Basel Alzaeem
Fuck abu azrael 🐴🐴
FernandoVlogs#20 !!!!!
Nice an Iraq man is helping America destroy Isis
yeet on my teet
3:49 pls bby send bob and vagene
Rahul Kumar Yadav
Alan Stanley
YADAV was then fucked by 20 Pathans and also gave birth to Narinder Modi and then died in hospital because of the intense pain in his ass.. 1 minute silence please !
Onni Turpeinen
simo hayha has balls of fucking steel didnt you know that he was frostbitten in three places while destroying the Rusians
kelvin Ndung
Surely.no.one.beats the rock.guy.shiiiet
arsalan khan
search MM ALAM of Pakistan Air Force
German Redneck
where is Hans-Ulrich Rudel? he dwarfs them all
King Shadow
Wait wasn't the sword Churchill used a claymore not a broadsword
Conrad Von Hotzendorf
Simo makes commies BTFO
Is no one going to make an Eric Cartman joke?
you forgot Ssg Roy Benavitas
Smokey 420
Play this link below with the video above and enjoy:

Japanese soldier "Hiroo Onoda" is the undisputed No 1
og burzum
Abu Azrael means Father of the Angel of Death.
Paper cuts hurt alot....
Alex Lavrentiev
erich hartmann ? you know exactly who i was thinking about
Braxtyn Gentry
my dad is a curtain Rambo, he was a sniper in Afghanistan and was blown up 8 times and has all of his kind and is walking and running name is Ronnie Gentry
Aakash Dalvar
You should have included Bishnu Shrestha as well, and ex-military serviceman who took on 40 train hijackers and killed few of them..who robbed people on train and tried to gang rape an 18 yo girl on board...

He alone saved the entire boogie... A real life hero, a real Gurkha
Umair Abbas
i dont understand that only american and british are brave where are the chines germens and pakistanis. r they coward nation .. a pskistani poilet destory 5 indian air craft in less than one minute. u inluded on the bases of there ecnomy not bravery.
Perouz Vatanpour
Just small correction of '"Abu Azrael"
Abu Azrael = The Father of the Angel of Death

thanks & good luck
Im pretty sure armies can mess with all of them
Churchill was making a Speedrun of the War, grabbing a gun was a waste of time for him.
Bullshit video, no Roy Benavides?
iKing Ner0
Eric Cartmen????
Hayden Militaria
6:18 isn't Simo but a Swedish volunteer
Putin is my daddy
The music makes me want to play the old C&Cs.
Yum Yuen
no 2 in the list.. ABU is dead
looking for an incredible WW1 hero, check Albert Séverin Roche !
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