10 Real Life Rambos Other Armies Can't Mess With

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top 10 soldiers who are tougher than an actual army
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Remember those awesome action films from the 1980s and 1990s? That was the golden era of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal. Naturally, no list of badass action heroes would be complete without Sylvester Stallone. He’s played a cop, a boxer and John Rambo. Rambo was one of the biggest actions stars of the big screen because he was simply an unstoppable one-man army. He took on cops and foreign armies and beat them all. Injured numerous times, how many of us can say we were able to cauterize our own bullet wound? How many of us took down an attack chopper or mowed down dozens of enemy soldiers on our own? Yup, that’s what we thought.
Hold on, however. It turns out that John Rambo isn’t the biggest badass in the world. In fact, there are quite a few real-life warriors who are at least equal to, if not more dangerous, than Rambo. These soldiers took on overwhelming odds by battling dozens or hundreds of enemy soldiers, climbing up on burning tanks, single-handedly taking out enemy bunkers and surviving numerous injuries and wounds. Whether climbing mountain sides, storming a beach, flying a fighter plane or making a stand against an enemy attack, these following individuals are perfect examples of real life Rambos who actually existed off of the movie screen.

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ASMR Medicine For The People
Eric Cartman?
KARM__ 尺丹乙丹K
Im rambo!! I carried a small box xD
Ultra Gamezz
lol Desmond​ dos puts all these guys to shame
Random Faggot
how defuq can you survive a paper cuts fricking hurts
Barbara Patrick
How do you shoot someone with one arm his enemy's have fucking DashieGames Stormtrooper aim he has the gun facing backwards HE'S SO EVASIVE
Barbara Patrick
Alvin York is me when I play Battlefield except when I go to a sidearm I get shot in the process
I think Abdisa Aga well deserved to be on this list. Few people know of him though.
holy sith!!!
Dominique Smit
Half these things sound Bullshit and untrue, how do we know this is the truth, because my great great grandfather was in the German Army and they never surrenderd to the American's, they killed them straight and threw them in their graves
wizy dalmar
I downed 2 American Blackhawk with my fathers RPG and kill 10 injured 20 in Somalia in 1993
at the age of 15
Shahid Shaid
u should knw abt M.M aalam also
Vincent Michaud
cringe the way she says simo hayha name
Ismo Laitela
Actually ussr never invaited finland, its true that finland lost some parts to russia, but never got full invaited (i know becouse i live in finland)
Gabi Ciuca
Dudes, Wut about Roy Benavidez
1 Sezar
the man in cover is one terrorist leader you naive
الة طحين 😂
It's Simo Häyhä not Simo Häjähä
Boogie Monster
Abu the 'Angel of death'
So Zwolle is in Germany apparently...
** khaled
Abu azrael killed what!?? 1500 of isis 😂😂😂 come-on the man was a taxi diver 😂😂
Hailey Keith
that's Arabic dude is a machine man isis better worrie
Ali Shah
i love Abu Azrael he is a real he is a best fighter,,,,,
Wail Alsmadi
who chose this for me i want to tell hem fuck you mother for ever.screw you self whatever you are
Monik Shrestha
american assent ohhh shit !!!
1 shot and his dead.
Paul Woodroffe
Major is Miles Teller
Thellg Schild
You missed Frederick Zoller.
john kelly
York was pathetic Gung Ho handjobber!!!(Germans were fighting that war from day one 1914 and completely exhausted and tired of the meat grinder that was WW 1 while America the scum comes in in 1917 all fresh and clean) after violating the Neutrality act from the start and thinks it's bad ass. Every American and Brit should have died in that war as well as every Frenchy and Serbian,
Badran Tnt
this is abo azrael 😂
this is totally bullshit
Ahmed Iraqi
thanks god one of our own people on the list not shity list as usual
Barne Bock
There are much more "Rambos" out there which are hidden from the public and never want to be known.
Abdul Wahab
these are the real torrorst
Rem Is Bae
I thought York jumped into some trenches and just kept poping whittiling away at the Germans and they actualy believed that is was much more than one man who did it iniatialy.
Jack Ozbloke
so no Russians that charged german armies in the face and germans that took over 5 bullets still charging russian t-34s
that abo azrael gay is a shia terrorists. ......he's killing woman and children across iraq......he is just for show...thay lie about he's stores and thats normal in shia religion... it's based on lies

and he will pay
daniel idowu
who else heard ERIC CARTMAN!?
we iraqis still get called terrorist when our guy wiped out 1500 isis memebers himself
Salute to ABU! mossad and the CIA are mad as shit ABU keeps killing all there investments! (aka ISIS) And thats on record so look it up before you open your pie hole! Salute to ALL MEN on this earth of every country to stand for Family, Honor and Integrity.... The ones who just dont ..... follow orders
AllMyBitches LikeBitches
Lmaooo do people really believe half of this stuff😂
Amemba Amemba
mi am
trump is rambo
ABU AZRAEL is just a propaganda to scare isis thats it, he doesn't actually go into battle,
Much Dank
Jack Churchill wanted to have a sword fight with a Japanese soldier💂🏼⚔️🇯🇵
alastair pearce
no one can believe this bull crap because this would of been told already
spongebill le soldier
Brix Zigelstein
Well, the winner writes the story.
1:32 1500.... Utterly bullshit. That self hyped facebook clown has probably never been in real combat.
Its a disgrace to put him on the list when thinking about all the real heroes the last 100 years.
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