10 Real Life Rambos Other Armies Can't Mess With

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top 10 soldiers who are tougher than an actual army
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Remember those awesome action films from the 1980s and 1990s? That was the golden era of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal. Naturally, no list of badass action heroes would be complete without Sylvester Stallone. He’s played a cop, a boxer and John Rambo. Rambo was one of the biggest actions stars of the big screen because he was simply an unstoppable one-man army. He took on cops and foreign armies and beat them all. Injured numerous times, how many of us can say we were able to cauterize our own bullet wound? How many of us took down an attack chopper or mowed down dozens of enemy soldiers on our own? Yup, that’s what we thought.
Hold on, however. It turns out that John Rambo isn’t the biggest badass in the world. In fact, there are quite a few real-life warriors who are at least equal to, if not more dangerous, than Rambo. These soldiers took on overwhelming odds by battling dozens or hundreds of enemy soldiers, climbing up on burning tanks, single-handedly taking out enemy bunkers and surviving numerous injuries and wounds. Whether climbing mountain sides, storming a beach, flying a fighter plane or making a stand against an enemy attack, these following individuals are perfect examples of real life Rambos who actually existed off of the movie screen.

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lvhdensuo v1
imagine if these all guys teamed up
badi999b 9
you for got wahid kovli kurd jenral peshmrga who called barzani family Lyon
omg the laughs i had... whether true or lie.. its fucking great
The list goes on there are more. Just look up World war indian Muslim soldiers who came to assist Britain thus the allies
jim bob
I LOVE that Iraqi guy who kills ISIS!! Please kill them all!! And thank you from Texas!
Хішам Hichem Dz
Its okay they can belive anything..just sub.
Kaleb Borud
Alvin York had other platoon members with him to assist him in it. He didn't venture off on his own. He and a couple others that guarded the prisoners WITH HIM did fire at the Germans but yes Alvin York did the majority of the work. The Germans weren't, "so shocked they surrendered to York." He actually got there corporal and the corporal blew a special whistle to single there surrender.
Stef Blok
So they could just bomb him right
real life killstreaks
El Diablø
Mot of these stories are so unrealistic that I call them bull sh3it
Jamille Gayak
brrrr rambo-lalisa manoban
Shelton Ross
This is some bro shit!
Ahmed Hussein
Abu izrael my brother 😍
GHosT Drew
where's henry johnson
mhmd ali
YellowDragon Gamer
whats the music on this video? pls
Über Mensch
How about the soldier of three armies?
Rose to the rank of Captain in the Finnish Army
Held the rank of Hauptsturmführer in Waffen SS
Died in Vietnam as Major of the US Green Berrets
Lauri Allan Törni
مستر شاطح
Abo azrael is terrorist and he not kill 15000 isis i am not from isis if you dump but he don't can kill isis but he kill sune muslim so Be careful and look well Do not rush And i now my English bad :(
Dylan Rott
this bitch twisting stories and names your channel is muff cabbage. check your resources smh
#بيض_وطماطا_أسمي_وبكيفي '-'
This Iraqi man is not from the militias, as you claim this hero came out to fight the titans and urged when they entered Iraq their goal of sabotaging Iraq and killing innocent people, but they were successfully expelled calling threatening the world and the Iraqis stand for him
Shark fan of the sea
Vinayak Parasher
An Indian field Marshal 'Sam Manekshaw' once said in an Interview post 1971 Indo-Pak War
"If a man says he is not afraid of dying, He's either lying or he's a Gorkha"
YellowDragon Gamer
John Kellems
Darrell Cole doesnt make that list?!?!?!?!
Zulfiqar Ali
abu azrael the real hero the legend
king khozame
there is many rambos in syria they destroying isis with no mercy.
Simon HAYAHAHAYAA .... :)
avtomobil elanlari
Mubariz Ibrahimov
Adrian Curiale
ayyy my name is adrian
TheCamoTrooper 450
ASMR Medicine For The People
Eric Cartman?
#ᴍᴄᴅᴏɴᴀʟᴅ ᏞᏆFᎬ
Im rambo!! I carried a small box xD
Ultra Gamezz
lol Desmond​ dos puts all these guys to shame
FireBreathing ChickenNugget
how defuq can you survive a paper cuts fricking hurts
Barbara Patrick
How do you shoot someone with one arm his enemy's have fucking DashieGames Stormtrooper aim he has the gun facing backwards HE'S SO EVASIVE
Barbara Patrick
Alvin York is me when I play Battlefield except when I go to a sidearm I get shot in the process
I think Abdisa Aga well deserved to be on this list. Few people know of him though.
holy sith!!!
Dominique Smit
Half these things sound Bullshit and untrue, how do we know this is the truth, because my great great grandfather was in the German Army and they never surrenderd to the American's, they killed them straight and threw them in their graves
Ogaden warrior
I downed 2 American Blackhawk with my fathers RPG and kill 10 injured 20 in Somalia in 1993
at the age of 15
Shahid Shaid
u should knw abt M.M aalam also
Vincent Michaud
cringe the way she says simo hayha name
Ismo Laitela
Actually ussr never invaited finland, its true that finland lost some parts to russia, but never got full invaited (i know becouse i live in finland)
Gabi Ciuca
Dudes, Wut about Roy Benavidez
Jamil Mar
the man in cover is one terrorist leader you naive
الة طحين 😂
It's Simo Häyhä not Simo Häjähä
Abu the 'Angel of death'
So Zwolle is in Germany apparently...
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