10 Real Life Rambos Other Armies Can't Mess With

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top 10 soldiers who are tougher than an actual army
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Remember those awesome action films from the 1980s and 1990s? That was the golden era of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal. Naturally, no list of badass action heroes would be complete without Sylvester Stallone. He’s played a cop, a boxer and John Rambo. Rambo was one of the biggest actions stars of the big screen because he was simply an unstoppable one-man army. He took on cops and foreign armies and beat them all. Injured numerous times, how many of us can say we were able to cauterize our own bullet wound? How many of us took down an attack chopper or mowed down dozens of enemy soldiers on our own? Yup, that’s what we thought.
Hold on, however. It turns out that John Rambo isn’t the biggest badass in the world. In fact, there are quite a few real-life warriors who are at least equal to, if not more dangerous, than Rambo. These soldiers took on overwhelming odds by battling dozens or hundreds of enemy soldiers, climbing up on burning tanks, single-handedly taking out enemy bunkers and surviving numerous injuries and wounds. Whether climbing mountain sides, storming a beach, flying a fighter plane or making a stand against an enemy attack, these following individuals are perfect examples of real life Rambos who actually existed off of the movie screen.

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alois weberf
cuando acabes de lamer el culo a los americanos de mierda y te limpies la boca,cuando tengas tiempo mientras te tomas una hamburguesa llena de grasa y colesterol,te lees un poco del frente oriental y encontraras a miles de héroes...patético video,patetica vida,vete al amo yanqui para que te acaricia,estupido retrasado
Ryder Steven
Two things, simo hayha (seemo hay-ha), Audie Murphy is the most decorated ww2 vet Robert Howard is the most decorated veteran
Alex Trimm
i still think john Churchill deserved number 1. oh yeah sure you can sit in a tree and shoot people what john did was more impressive.
Teemu Jokelainen
Viljam Pylkäs, look it up.
Teemu Jokelainen
Simo Häyhä. Whit umlauts. Come on...
Daniel Kader
I hate when u put a accent in the names
kelly kust
what a bunch of total bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love these triggered sunnis cuz their isis is getting destroyed relax retards sunnis are the worst kind of scum shias arent good , islam overall is just a religion of war. Death to saudia arabia and all the sunnis
Dominic McCarthy
Plays a Vietnam hero

Is a draft dodger
Alan Wake
Were are russians?!
so only abu azrael is the only living rambo fighting terrorist!
New memes
Damn that's one tough fuckin Canadian.
2 ShadowFighter234
You should learn how to talk before you make videos...
Banana Man
Yeah 1500 my ass back in nam I killed 3519 gook soldiers, 263 gook infants, 1420 gook villagers and raped 204 gook women.
Seddam Natiqoglu Official
Mubariz Ibrahimov ? killed 125 armenian soldiers
Arrow Cross Vision - Hungarist Movement
Alright, sorry, but I am calling bullshit on the Iraqi guy. 1500 kills my ass.
Abu Azrael is 100% poser, don't believe he's a "desert warrior"!! Tacticool sand mall ninja
Merek Grimaldus
Gurung used a Kukri not a fuckin' Bayonet
Merek Grimaldus
You missed Viktor Leonov
Famous Amos
Nigga killed a whole bunker with a rock im deceased 😂😂 hes using aimbot either that or hes the best tryhard ull find
Colonel Robert Howard. The actual inspiration for "Rambo."
ΜoudourisGreek :D
In WWII Greece vs Italy a greek soldier was peeing and he saw an Italian soldier with his weapon scared hidden.With the one hand had the pistol and while he was peeing,he arrested the soldier😂😂true story
Hail to the Gurkas and to Léo
ابو عزرائيل ناكح الخليج و ال يهود 😂
Video World
Abu Azrael ✌
Rosco Pico
Rambo was played by a cowardly draft dodger.
Camp Blood Gaming network
Every allied country needs a Angel of death.
Simo was hiding camouflaged shooting in backs soldiers without camo, not very Rambo to me! He was just faggot with good aim!
You forgot Serbian woman, Milunka Savić she was rushing enemy lines alone capturing many AH and German soldiers at once!
First of Mubariz Ibrahimov.this man hero al of time in the world.
0:14 "As if they were paper cuts."

I scream when I get a paper cut.
Sam Vodopianov - Самуил Водопьянов
where is putin on this list?
Zé do EB >>>>>>>>>>
Blue Justice
Mate fuck everyone else if you take a city by yourself you are the most bad ass bad ass in the world, plus it's a fucking Canadian so it's even more bad ass
The Turtle Gamer
Eric cartman is a warhero? He freed the jews? Wow...
1:57 he's trained by Japanese
Anurag Poddar
chris kyle is absent here.
connor dukes
No! churchill went into battle armed with a set of bagpipes and a broad sword , he was the only man with a confirmed longbow kill
What about Dipprasad Pun?
Where my man Michael Wittmann at? He took down a whole British tank battalion himself.
Austin Williams
Alvin York was my grandpa
Click Bait
America: Heavy breathing
mubeen nouman
You should mention Pakistani Rambo Hawaldar Lalik Jan Shaheed.
j w
Abu Azreal hides, stands up, shoots, and ducks. That's it. They lie over there. The Arabs lie big time. I think it's funny to them.
Mr.T-rex Awesome
What about that Nepali gurkha who chopped talibans head and brought it back to base?
Mr.T-rex Awesome
Yay I'm Nepali and I'm gurung. Btw. I have British passport so I actually can speak and write English, unlike others.( my dads a Gurkhas that's why I have a British passport)
sara noori
LoganBoomer112 •
Now imagine a squad full of these badass's
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