Fаst and Furiоus 8 "Save the BABY" Clip + Trailer (2017) Vin Diesel, F8 Movie HD

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Fаst and Furiоus 8 "Save the BABY" Clip + Trailer (2017) Vin Diesel, F8 Movie HD
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Joey Faircloth
If I had kids I'd want this guy as a babysitter.
seema sharma
which glider they used to enter in plane
Sergios T40
pest movie ever 👏👏👏👏
Nathan Sazon
That was the whole movie in one trailer
Maty Mateo
the baby its so cute
natasha walker
wanna hear a spoiler??...........

doms son dies.
Lilli Tibbitt
the baby's face at 0:14 is hilarious!
Jayson Tello
The movie was so awesome and that part 2
Wtf???? Man I'm so lost in these movies. I stopped at 3 lol. The. Randomly saw the other parts in bits. Love the one wth Luke Evans in it.
Mohit Sawant
That baby is badass
Katlyn C-M
I honestly thought they would of named him Paul. :)
This movie was everything!! And that baby was so adorable!!!
I love these movies.
this is so cute
SweetyBows 4409
Fast and furious always starts and ends the same

Starts with a street race
Ends with a barbecue
Lovely ☺️
Roxana Marquez
que bueno que suena en inglés.
Peterson Aaron
I just saw this movie last night so cute baby 
"where's that smile there it is 😊" shows a different side to him in a movie like a white jackie chan
Is it really bad that this movie had far more action than the fourth Twilight movie, but Dom's baby is actually a REAL baby and can emote and be funny far more than the Twilight baby? I haven't found any confirmation, but I am half convinced that is actually Vin Diesel's son. He looks just like him.
Yo Balti
watched it yesterday and i still cant stop thinking about this movie. GREAT WORK. and please the ones who havent watched it yet better shut up, because you actually dont know shit. this is nothing.
subasish das
legends of tomorrow
Manoj Varughese
damn just end this series...
Major lbgaming
what happen to the streets
This is so fucking stupid..............
Desy Sanko
ini lucu banget
Stephan Reichelt
cute/funny scene
Max 4K
this is like expandables 4
Eriyan Saputra
Jason Statham still the best choice till this day on Fast and Furious franchise
Aniya Harris
Don't spoil it if you went to go see it
Oh yeah cuz we need a baby in fast and furious.
it is
Tanicia Morgan
This looks really exciting cant wait to see it
El Issami Yahya
Jason statham best babysitter in the world
Domingo Rubies
One of the most Ridiculous Scenes I've Ever Seen
Sana Ayub
awesome movie
That's me as a father just like holding the baby and shooting a machine gun
this movies went from good ol street racing to wtf is this shit smh
Elktmato Enlacama
Fast 9: turns out everything from 4 to 8 was a memory flash that Dominic was having while being in a big auto crash while he was raising, and when the car finally stops tumbling down he regains consciousness, every body is there alive and well, well except for Bryan because he was an alter ego that Dominic created in his mind, anyways., he steps outta the wreckage and teams up with Optimus prime who he had been raising against, to go fight superman, in planet cripton. So so sorry I just couldn't lol
shanice castillo
I can't wait to see this movie!!! Saw Scott Eastwood in it too!
Ivan Pavlović
The best movie I have ever watch
Hanan Ali
did the rock pushed a missile by his hands!!!
Chris Dimas
Fast and furious 8: optimus' prime resurrection
Daniel Joyce
Its a zombie movie with cars.
Damian Mendoza
it was a good movie
Gesha Ayden
10:43 ➨ W░a░t░c░h░ ░T░h░e░ ░F░a░t░e░ ░o░f░ ░t░h░e░ ░F░u░r░i░o░u░s░

ima marx
Vin Diesel said that the fast and the furious is going to change because his brother Paul is not here anymore so they had to change the dynamic of the movie but we will maybe get Brian back in fast 9 or 10 vin is already talking to the walker brothers to play Brian again and he will use 3rg to make Brian work.; so stop criticising the movie what do you expect them to do when their friend and the person that was like a brother to them died in real life so stop with your shit and go watch the movie i watched it last night the premier and it is a good movie and he mention Brian in it and the baby has a name his name is Brian and it is dom baby that he had with elena that he did not know about. spoiler if you thing you can act better than them then go do it you dont have a f clue how difficult it is for them to continue the franchise with out Paul with them so keep your opinion for you self
It seems, F&F 9 will be shot in the Earth`s orbit.
erica wan
may i know the song that Jason play to the Baby Brian?
Saw it in theaters a few hours ago!
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