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Hi friends:)
YES Summer did win the ORBEEZ TOY CHALLENGE And she went crazy LOL So funny and the challenge was awesome fun,Orbeez were everywhere:)

Snowflakes Links:)

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Tiana the Toy Fairy:)

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Kylee Nesbit
Wow why u pick summer for everything thats just jacked up
Kylee Nesbit
Jordan Thornhill
It was a tie !!! Definitely
shari lewis
It was a tie
Bryce Webre
I think summer
Andrea Hall
Wow summer u won👌👌👌👌💙💜💖
Andrea Hall
I think it was a tie
Vangeline Prince
Paris Danville
Tiana pulled it out just before summer

Tiana wins
Taleisha's Vlogs
Tie! Edit: orbeez standing ovation. Getting an orbeez shower.
Kelly Garrett
ila ceeps on finding cheese
addison mcclenaghan
it was a tie but it was nice that summer let her friend also get point
Fernanda Hinojoza
It was summer
Erene Glarou
today with ellie and layla
It was a tie and I love you all xx
Mohammad Islam786
It was Tiana
Skye Mumby
It was a tie 👍do Isla and summer have there own channel
Valerie Klein
Prettybling 23
Tie daddy cheated cause summer said it louder
Amanda Pereira
Yvonne Richardson
Jennie Fox
Millie Furness
I think TT
Nelly Lopez
bisrat semere
No one won it was a tie
Chloe Sheeran
No extra meen summer
Chloe Sheeran
I love as last
Chloe Sheeran
Daymaris Caban
no sumer fea tiana lo cojio primero
Tiopira4 Kirk
Skye Stokes
It was a tie...but it was very nice of Tiana to let her friend summer win.
Mohamed Mohamed
a tye
Ginger adewole
Justis Moreno
Roes Colon
Yes it was
cool banana
Omg Tiana is so sad
Elizabeth Sherratt
Oneize Park
nelly cruz
I have those shop kins
Zulaiha Amat Hamimam
I don't like Summer!!!
Jennifer mikeska
Vitchenzo Almeida
Alfaro Rangel
it was a tie did you watch the Emoji Movie
Anđela Bugarin
I love you😁😁
Natalie Ranney
Raelyn Walker
Amelia Stockley
Chocolate Cake
Jamel Collins
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