that mine started construction 2 yrs ago when oboma was in office, trump had nothing to do with it b ut he took all the credit, fake fucker, and that mine is only going to have about 80 workers not like the 2000 workers mines had yrs ago, big deal 80 jobs.
It is his doing. The mines are returning as YOU FAKE NEWS SAID WOULDNT HAPPEN.
E.t. M.
I refuse to call Trump by his official title too!
Brya Saver
Why does TYT take money from terrorist supporting Qatar?
Why would we want to mine coal again? So many people have died in the past from that
Syrus Taveras
The Reason why democrats are going to continue to lose is because of 1 person Crooked Hillary she made the democrat party look like crap. She should of never ran for president she was under fbi investigation SHE IS SELFISH. Now sit back and relax we all are going to see president Trump for 8 years, and on top of that the democrat party cheated Bernie Sanders they rigged the election for Hillary. The more negative stuff cnn and others put out on trump the more votes hes going to get. DEMOCRATS NEED STOP ALL THE LIES.
Nadiezda Mccarty
I am all for renewable energy and very aware of the downfall of coal, but a "Coal Job" is not so easily compared to a supermarket or coffee shop job. They pay better, with more hours, and benefits. That's why coal miners are not so eager to give that up for a minimum wage job. There is a big difference between $8.75 to $15, 36 hours to 50 hours, and insurance with eye and dental included.
We have been through numerous energy sources. From dried cow flops to wood to coal to oil to nuclear to solar. Coal is the past. We successfully switched from cow flops and wood.
Adani is building a $16B coal mine in Australia. Amen.
Charles Sky
Make Mercury birth defects great again!
Jose Noriega
Make America Black Lung (and no health insurance for workers because there are no regulations for coal companies) great again.
Jose Noriega
Where is Cenk? I haven't seen him at all.
Well, if he does bring coal jobs back, at least let him remove the safety regulations as well.

Wouldn't want those coal fuckers live long enough to vote for Trump a second time, do we?

Dig your own grave, Trump voters.
Libtard Slayer
WINNING!! #WinnerDonald
John Bashonger
Why are the only jobs Republicrats (aristocrats) want to create dangerous, dull jobs without any future?
John Bashonger
Coal kills: deaths in US coal industry each year (52000) more than are currently employed in the coal industry (51000).
Coal Power Is Taking the Lives of 52,000 Americans Every Year, According to Study
A new study indicates that continued reliance on coal power over solar
energy will cost the lives of 52,000 Americans per year — more than are
currently employed by the coal industry.
As recent estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that around 51,000
Americans work for the coal industry, the researchers argue that it
kills more American per year than it employs.
Talking about a killer industry.
You're more likely to die than have a job for a long time.
Republicans want: war, killer coal jobs, race wars.
See a pattern here people? They are trying to get rid of most working people by making most of them dead.
when we double down on a vastly diminished resource while other countries find their own solutions to survive in the future, we look like a country of clowns.
Trump the dumb ass at it again with ignoring facts.
Bring back asbestos too!
Pat Peacock
rush was talking about all coal jobs coming back being use in making steel but coke is only use in making steel from iron ore which most plants make steel from scrap iron and they don't use coke so it another one of the republicans lies .
Steve Joseph
Is Sink ever coming back from Italy?
No, Pruitt claimed just a week ago that they have created 50,000 coal jobs. Funny that they created almost as many jobs that actually exist. This administration just can't help but keep lying their asses off.
Keep your coal jobs America, the world will move on and leave you behind.
Brent P
Let's just do fracking instead like $hillary was in favor of.
Faris Prasko
If we could just convince Trump and Republicans that there is more money to be made with green energy. If you can't change his mind, change his revenue stream.
Daniel Sosa
I'm allways suprosed by the numbers TYT gives for Germany. We do not have single payer. we have Obama-Care on steriods. It works pretty well but there are still those insurers making money. Big money. They had a profit of a billion euros. and 2016 "only" 29 % of our energie was created renewably.
Thorium energy is what the money needs spending on. The Chinese are doing so and if the west is not quick they will be forced to buy their Thorium production facilities from the Chinese patents holders and franchisers. At the present moment even just fourth-generation nuclear uranium reactors would be a huge step forward.

Nuclear, not coal is the way forward to a better future.
Scandinavian countries lead the way with respect to renewable energy.
A country like Denmark currently produces 40-50% of its electrical power by wind turbines. Some days, they even produce more than they consume so the excess can be exported to the north European network.
Admitted, Denmark is a small country but the rest of Scandinavia (Sweden and Norway) is also working towards becoming independent of fossil fuel for power production.
There are potentially millions of jobs worldwide in developing green technologies worldwide today and a country like USA could be a world leader with that section of industry but unfortunately, the current administration do not believe in that.
USA could potentially create more jobs within green technologies in a year than there are coal mine workers in USA.
The only thing need is for the people in charge to believe in the project.
Fossil fuel essentially created the initial wealth of USA. Now would be the time for USA to step up and move ahead, embracing the new technologies.
Sadly, they don't with the current administration.
It makes no sense to invest in coal mines if producing oil by fracking is cheaper.
The coal should be left where it is so it can be explored when the technology has improved sufficiently to use it without any effect on the environment.
Right now, it is not economical to mine coal and use it.
Maybe that will change in the future.
Edgar C

Peter ptr51ntn
Coal mining today is significantly different than it was in the 1950s and before because now it is done with machines not people in mines.
jhon doe
for the record solar and wind power is still subsidize by oil and coal. Meaning energy companies that own solar and wind also own oil and coal and use the profits from oil and coal to pay for those months that solar and wind didn't make a profit which is more too often than its should be
maby trump will bring back all those home coal furnaces they had in the 30,s & 40,s, ha ha ha not going to happen trump fans, but you can dream it just like your furer in the wh.
Coal mining in 2017? You must be a loser.
I guess the dumb ass trump does not know that the new mine started construction 2 yrs ago when the black man was potus. and he has the gull to say he did it, fake fuckin LIER.
Nyquillus Dillwad
70-100 jobs made #sickofwinning #MakeAmericansGetBlackLungAgain #cucks4trump
ALL these hoes
15 seconds into the video and they're still butt hurt about his presidency 😂😭😂
Ake Hilding
Only an idiot would believe there is a future in coal, not even Trump is that stupid, he's only using coal for political reasons.
trump is a bitch, i can't wait until he is out of the white house
James Russell
70-100 jobs in coal. Hurrah!!! The US economy is so much better now.
Iron Bowtie
Making Black Lung great again!
Aaron Burr At the woods
I don't want to associate trump with any political job. He doesn't deserve it. He didn't earn it. He he sure as hell did not win it either from the populous vote. I want to refer to him by his next name: inmate # xxxx-xxxx
Andrew Grove
if you dont wanna say president just say potus
Brick Tamland
tyt colluding with 'russia today'
Garlic Breath
How long will Trump be president ?
Has Trump given he coal miners their insurance back that was ready to expire
David Harrison
Solar jobs are mostly roofing jobs. Installing and fastening electricity-generating things onto roofs. Is that not manly enough for you?
I'm sick and tired of all these whiny coal mining fanatics.
The total number of coal jobs in America is 70 thousand, which doesn't even fill the average football stadium.
Conservatives are forever trying to stop progress and keep trying to turn the clock back to the 1950's. We are getting our asses kicked by the rest of the world, who are focusing on the future, while we keep arguing over outdated garbage.
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