Prince Harry's Girlfriend Meghan Markle COPIES Kate Middleton's Curly Hair

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Prince Harry's Girlfriend Meghan Markle Copies Kate Middleton's Curly Hair

Melay Perez
No need to add the passionate kissed at the balcony in order to justify the "FROLICKING" as described by lainey gossip. The fake beach photos had already tell us the truth.
Natasha Bennett
Are they really going to take those images right here and try to compare the two in the LOOKS DEPARTMENT? REALLY! You have one who's trying really hard,who's robotic,wearing pounds of makeup, and is in a happy place. OF COURSE as the results of the public PUTTING DOWN and TEARING DOWN one woman TO BUILD UP THE OTHER. A woman who's is obviously not trying,not in a good mood,and probably not wearing pounds of makekup. ARE THEY THAT DESPERATE TO TRY AND MAKE KATE (Catherine) THE FACE OF THE MONARCHY! BECAUSE GOD FORBID A WOMAN OF COLOR BECOMES THE FACE OF MONARCHY! WAKE UP FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pretty Prudent
This is such a joke -really. We can wear our hair any way we like, lol.
Melay Perez
the duchess wanna be and her pr team are working overtime informing almost all the media that she'll attend the wedding of pippa middleton.Of course, if she'd be seen at the wedding, the conclusion will be that she's accepted by the RF. These people never run out of idea of feeding us that she's becoming a future duchess. I still believe what i've seen pictures at jamaica wedding that prince harry was not responding to her kiss and was not interested, as if ignoring her.And the beach fake scene.
Tess Goldman
Meghan Markle doesn't need to COPY anyone's hair style. Her hair always looks gorgeous no matter how she wear it.
Felicia Hill
A 'holla' moment for me......Duchess Catherine has a uniformed style, while Meghan Markle embodies a self-creative style.
Ingrid Catherine
OMFG ! that's her hair for the tv show. She didn't styled that way herself to copy Catherine.
Jeanette Vaughn
Hmmmm why does the press depict a black women with weave as white. Please stop lightening her photos and Let her shine as what she is..... A beautiful strong black woman
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