Our Own Way - (Lyric Video) [Chainsmokers Parody]


i made this song in an hour then recorded vocals on my phone in one take enjoy
LISTEN HERE: https://soundcloud.com/imjohngray/smell-like-tide-our-own-way

John Fassold
100k views I can't believe you guys.. I love y'all so much and I can't wait to keep making videos for you all <3
Sachin Kumar Singh
Dope af
Guido Rodríguez
I love the non-edgy edginess this song has.
The end killed me hahahaha keep making content man you are a genuinely funny guy
Put this on itunes
William Frogge
Too complex to be by The Chainsmokers
Ethan Corgatelli
way better than Chainsmokers
Stephanie Wong
I literally listened to this song for like 30+ times hahahahahahaha and it's like stuck in my head now
Bleach is Good for ur health
iconic. better than anything they made tbh
This song is better than The Chainsmokers entire new album. Props to you dude
Haha this is amazing
Dude, I love your videos man!! You're hilarious too, those smooth jokes in there, so amazing!! SUBBED !
thursday girl
papa coups
dad pls adopt me
That's deep
Alif Putera
great content!!
Jennifer Terri
is this available on iTunes?
Man Of A Thousand Words
I'm being serious, put this on iTunes and watch it blow up
Raunak Kumar
i n o i no ino i n o
jordan donoghue
I keep thinking of Bo Burnham when I listen to this
anon anon
still better than a real chainsmokers song
Ryoko !!!
"maybe we could... get some gatorade?"
I was listing to John Fassold before it was cool
Donald Douglas
sounds alot like death cab
Eliane Keller
This song is better than everything The Chainsmokers ever wrote😂
Twenty One Pilots next, please?
Runescape Cabbage
That synth was runescape af
Elisha Halevi
Wow the new chainsmokers song is great
please make like an hour version of the synth break
siddharth halika
You really are good my friend heard me listening to this and asked is that a new chainsmokers song😂
what the hell this is actually good
Titania Sparks
Gonna make it my ringtone :)
well thanks, now I can't listen to a Chainsmokers song without laughing 😂
You've cracked their code.
The album cover is KABOOM !!! love it ...
FaTaLiiZeD KiWi
I can't stop laughing lmao
Reese Matheny
someone give this man a medal
i actuall y llike this im a fcking pleb
Tasha Rob
lowkey 🔥🔥🔥😭
Ivan Khamphoukeo
You forgot to feature Emily Waren
Vito C
You sir, are a legend
Yining Fan
you should put it up for download!
David Leon
Bro you are an absolute LEGEND! the "Oh shit an octave lower" had me dying. SAVAGE.😂😭👌🔥🔥
has anyone told you that you sound like Finn from Adventure Time?
B James
You should colab with FrankJavCee
Marcus Farr
The chorus sounds like it could be from an actual Chainsmokers song
Gurky Cecilia
This is the pseudo-emotional content that I need!
beat sounds better than the new utter chainsmoker shit lmao
Meaghan Gallagher
literally sounds like a chainsmokers song
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