s Tabz jr.
The desperation of this coon trying to win the black vote, though.
주현철 찢어죽일 돼지새끼
Mr. MT
Wheres connor glasses from
Josh Hamlin
Detlef vc
FROM DUBLIN IRELAND ! THE REIGNING , DEFENDING ....hold up did this dude say defending? :p
There's not many boxers who can dance like Mayweather.. Rockstar 40:28
m e
50-0 muthafucka!!!!ref saved your life on the 10th!!!
Ashlie Crawford
why did they do that to Conor at 1:02:55 ???
51:45 now look at Dana he is so quiet like a bitch dum fuck
Abbas Khan
So what happened Connor bitches?
Tevin Patby
Let's be honest, there never really was such a thing as the luck of the Irish.
😂😂😂😂😂I love to see back at this vid😂😂😂
Conor got k.o the fook out😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Doug E. Fresh embarrassng himself
Eazy E
My brother Mayweather gonna destroy McGreggor tomorrow.
Charly D
Floyd dude why do you run around with the Irish flag man? This is disrespecting a whole Nation. You wanna trash talk then talk to Connor. Put ur fucking fingers away from flags of other countries. You do that in middle east the guys kill you.
Jo joeljoel
4 vaultrons...
Connor and Danna Bitch: Oh shit...
Flyod: Yeahhhhh, Yeahhhhhh, Yeahhhhhh,
Just legend shit lmaooooooooooooooooooo
Jo joeljoel
That mayweather intro; just genius material lmao
Bet My Ace
This will be like the M1 Abrams vs the T-14 Armata. Worlds collide
01.03 best moment ever mctapper lost control looooool
Fred Polster
You may watch it online on ScreenVariety fights website , so go on and check it , is good place for you , you also have there very good live fights with all games
Puryear Eaker
Have You ever try ScreenVariety ?
Vj Thaosen
This fight could have been like this
First fight in boxing ring boxing rules

Second fight Octagon and mma rules
"brooklyn, where you at?" ... (boos from crowd)... "that's what i like." lol
Juno Millz
Did he just dissed 50
Miricle Fan
Floyd !
Lyndon Fair
wtf is the leprechaun wearing 😂😂😂
Floyd Mayweather - the worst trash talker in history. Retarded half wit.
I Shred Prestige
McGregor's got a bigger ego than even Mayweather has...and that's pretty fucking tough to do.
Nice, have you visited us yet?
noah corpus
they fucked with crowd audio... the crowd was all conor at the show
thee jambo
16:06 Sorry, skip to 30:00
Menelik Watson
If you see Mayweather's entire security detail fighting Owen Roddy for goodness sakes don't worry about Roddy help the security detail because Roddy would singly-handily kill them all by himself.
Menelik Watson
Floyd doesn't have a charismatic bone in his body, His entire segments in press-conferences during this tour were absolutely trash and cringe. What's even worst is that he rehearsed this entire New York city segment, had DJ cues and everything, and it was still hot-garbage. Floyd just needs to sit down and shut the fuck up, The people don't support him and he's a class-A bullshitter.
Steve T.
I wish that hoodie was on sale, crazy hot.
57:02 to Floyds friend.....keep that fookin mout shut when the champ turns around...

lol but seriously see how quickly he kept his mouth shut when Conor turned around
EastCoast Shine
Before this I was under the impression that Mayweather catch phrase was All work is team work. But I as a result of these pressers I stand corrected. Its 'All work is easy work' um WTF does that even mean? His other catch phrase is Hard work - dedication. Which is it? easy work or hard work? Mayweather makes no damn sense
Maryann Beahn
Money team
Dookia Sunny
1:00:27 cameraman be like fuck naaaa just kidding mate lmao
Asus PaaS
55:45 who did he say fuck you to?
Goo Tuber
Dana White looks like he's trying to push out a monster poop when he's introducing McGregor.
Slender Man
58:35 cringeeeeee !!!!!
Nikhil Mungara
conor's crew was bigger. they would have fucked them up if they made a move.
Francis Francis
What kind of dick head has a tiger tattoo and claims to wear polar bear skin?... The kind of dick head who probably is racist.
I remember these shit talking sessions back in Highschool....
jenie antonio
What a fucking body my 1 notorious I love you
Norton Clemente
Mayweather So CORNY.....
Bob Dorm
does anyone the show called doco on showtime ?
The notorious Conor mcgregor
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