Mog’s Christmas Calamity | Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Ad | Christmas 2015

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Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert, 2015. Mog sets off a chain of unfortunate events which almost ruin Christmas for the Thomas family. Can she pull it all back to save the day? 

This year, we worked in partnership with HarperCollins Children's Books and world renowned author and illustrator Judith Kerr to create a Christmas story based on her much loved character Mog. We hope that families will come together this Christmas to enjoy this very special story #ChristmasIsForSharing

If you enjoyed the story, you can buy the beautifully illustrated book here:

Every penny of the profit from sales of the book will be donated to Save the Children to be used towards improving child literacy in the UK

Take a look behind the scenes of our 2015 Christmas advert:

king kiefer moonlight
These adverts make me upset but with happiness because this is soooo sweet😓
The lexie Show
I got this story it's so sad
Stuart Davenport
Kyle marsdan
Konstantinos Papakonstantinou
thats why I keep fighting with my wife so she never come back home with a cat!!
Mario Gamer Archie
Possibly better than the '17 advert imo.
Sainsbury's my second home
Pania Thorpe
This made me laugh so much 😂 follow that cat! So cute
Pug Bro
Love it
Pro Gamer 123
Soooooooo sad 😭 though
Pro Gamer 123
Omg 😲 mog made a very big mess in the kitchen but it's ok 👌🏻 because she didn't do it on peruse
Pro Gamer 123
Awwwwwwwwwwww it's soooooo cute poor mog
GK brickworks
This is my cats life in a nutshell
Jelena Salkova
You commentators did not understand anything. The stove burned the turkey and almost burned the house, they forgot to turn it off. And the cat called the firemen when she stepped on the phone. The cat saved people! Watch the video again!
Kylie Andrews
Best Xmas advert ever 😂
i cry mog so adorable 💛
Hope LaMond
Last year: Yeah this ad won't top Mog

This year: This ad still doesn't top Mog.
Linda Edmondson
3network christmas Advert socks horses please put on for this christmas 2017
Story Time with Maya
You know I don't like mog at all he's so babyish
steve smith
Wouldn't happen in today's society with the alright jackers.
So funny and some sad
Razia Begum
Philip Neale
Charlie Mccolm
I hope that doesn't happen to my cat lol
Erin Born
Goddamn it!
carolinedan pigden
I've got that book
Rainbow Racoon
2017 anyone ?
dark lordguy2007
Hey anybody 2017 I don't know why I'm watching this 2017 was a disappointment
2017, <3
Wanda K
National lampoons strikes again!! so funny and sweet.
Noreen Ettienne
Harry Butter
Oh mog! You silly cat! SEE THIS AMERICA, THIS IS COMEDY!
Sam Castanheira-Tell
This is a great video,I love it😍😍
Ashelin Wong
hullo, guys. I`m an english learner.oh! other`s cat.and l actually more like dogs.
Carol Marsh
Prefer this Christmas advert to the new one (2017) Mog is much better 😃sorry! Not Sorry 😐
Adrienne Hay
I love this ad so much.So sweet
Shape History
Love it. But this is the ONLY Christmas ad you should be sharing this festive season... Let's make sure all families facing their #FirstChristmas since losing a loved one, don't have to do so alone.
cath evans
Watching this and comparing it to the crap 2017 Christmas ads.
IIJess Games
tracey chandler
This is so much better then this years advert and the 2014 advert was brilliant too they didn,t spent as much money on it and the singing isn,t that good as don,t under stand wat they r singing
it's chlobow
I'm way to emotionally....for god sake who cutting onions ....this advert was sooo sweet....ok bye now.
Anton Burgess
Should of seen the new 2017 Christmas ad it's terrible...
Аватария с Апельсинкой
Я тут одна русскоя кто со мной👍
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As an American I'm puzzled over the eggs sitting out on the tiered stand...
Yes of course, when I think cat I think eggs.
Lol lord snot head Kitten
Mog looks so realistic
Lol lord snot head Kitten
Charlotte Sloly
Poor mg
Lilly Popton
I love it
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