Punny Gifts for Rich People! (Dear Ryan)

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Gen Tube
Dear Ryan can speak full koeren
When Ryan blames the wind during his threes the cameraman says "There's no wind." And in the next shot you see the trees blowing in the wind...
RANDO Fusion
Now: so yeah im in the middle of a move
6 months later: so yeah im still in the middle of a move
Zavion Harper
Why did you sing the sandwich song dont fall for it again plz
Dear Ryan what do I get my mom for Xmas she says she wants nothing but that’s not true
Michelle Shumpert
(Dear Ryan) Can make a song about being single and seeing your friends in relationships
Jamie F
My god love the ending
Dear Ryan give us some pick up lines
Every 3 Dollar Chain For Jimin's Jams
BTS stop quaking
Ricky Vue
I'm rich and I'm not spending it
Palmer Kostrzewa
Dear Ryan, can you do YouTuber impressions
ClashWith SKULL
Dear ryan do somethung cool and shout "smell of victory" and a little while later say "....wait or is it my armpit?"
Angelina Fianza
Poor Erica
Luke Perez
Dear Ryan can u say toy boat 5 times fast
Vishal Chadhar
DearRyan, can you sing opera ???
i havent seen ryan's videos in such a long time and omg i missed his humor <3
Full music video for the sandwich song!
Maria Corman
Imagine that instead of sandwitch they say butt
master Crumb
Dear Ryan
Isha x Kyle
NPT Tahod
Dear Ryan can you make a movie about marly
Waiting for the ASMR asparagus video....
Explosion Trickshots
Jmevic Amortizado
#shaindawson intro
Ping Lx
I just love ❤️ how you got 4 in a row!!🌈🤣🤣🤣
Wtf when he said “I️ hope you get tingly feelings” I️ actually did get tingly feelings...
Kaz Productions
What's the song at 6:15
Jeremy Moussoli
Did anyone else notice that paco had gun holsters with bananas in them
Iris Sim
Dear Ryan, can you be That Poppy?
0:22 Ryan ASMR
Velan Arun
dear ryan, couldyou do the 24 hour box fort challenge?
NakhiaAaron TV
Dear Ryan, Can you do a asmr video
Random Reacts
Dear Ryan,

I DARE you to shoutout me ;)
Max Gu
Dear Ryan how many times can you dab in 5 min
Randy Eats food
Dear Ryan can you do a lip reading rap
Stephen Curry-ean
Saden Uttie !
Ryan could be dude perfect with those attempts
KB Cuizon
Dear Ryan
Can u build a tree house?
Thupuia Hmar
Dear Ryan, can you be an inspiration and make a video on how to be successful?
Mega Rayquaza
Yezaw Naing
Dear Ryan, can you do a boy band about you, Ryan Higa.
DeElephantshrew !
There no wind
Me: looks at trees sees wind YOU LIED
what is the song that you play in the punny ideas?
Pokèmon Trainer Pro
Dear Ryan can you do a band of David choys?
Salha Zain
Paco is handsome
Chasefan X
The song is actually good
was that actually 33,333 attempts?
Big time rush band...
Cassie Mae
Dear Ryan can you have a baby
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