Best of Dude Perfect | 2016

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It's time for the best Dude Perfect moments of 2016!
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Gyamfi The Manchester Guy
hey dude perfect I loved the way ty shot the ball
Gyamfi The Manchester Guy
this sucks
california ortega
Dp, answer the following questions: 1. Who has the most artistic talent? 2. Will Coby ever win a battle? 3. Have you kept in touch with Dillan? 4. Is Ty actually a rage monster in real life not in stereotypes? 5. Why does Garret have to be Mr. Negitive?
Who was the guy who flipped the nickel
Rexy Demon
Kellan Hickey
Team Coby not team cory
Grace Portalla
Did these get recorded as world records? btw i know they are
Friend Perfect
world record edition dude perfect
Max el loco
So Cool
Subscribe to Brandon flood (new boy)
Trojan Baller33
I always love watching Dude Perfect. Keep doing what your doing
Darlene Elson
more stereo types
Soccer Savage 46
I love your videos and I subscribe
Soccer Savage 46
I love all of your videos
Make a vr video
whats the song?
Ryan Lesage
Meir Nathan
Rachel Goff
I love u guys
this is the best channel on youtube. nothing can top this. whoevr dislikes the videos are jealous because they cant be as good as them. xD Love dude perfect
dphq 2 tour
Super Girl
Love your British accent ty
Andrej Okanik
All videos is legendary!
Gibreel Sesay
that was awsome
Mason Botwin
make a best of 2016 blooper edition, showing funny fails of trickshots, and other fails!!
closet homosexuals
joe sall
Today is my birthday and if I get 1.k like it will make my day
Vanessa Vigil
Water bottle flip
John McCLung
I love I love all their videos😋👑
B- raindy
I love you guys
Quinn Beaulieu
its funny how the wolds highest basketball shot got taken from the buy totally ridulas
tyler snell
can i get 500 likes for my grandad who died from cancer
Edwin Sagar
Pls get me to ten sub without any vids
Charlie Gaming11dee
I watch all of your videos and this brings all of the memories back to me
Charlie Gaming11dee
I watch your videos all the time and this bring's all of the memories back
finn oneill
Anton Krause
Really good video :D
Albert Kosasih
make a blooper video ;)
Iden Seidler
aboud the king 2
can u please make a soccer video!!!!
Life Changes
Thomas Johnson
thanks guys
Tirth Dave
You guys are the real extreme athletes 💪💪
Jm Laurenz Albo
flip, bottle flip,football edition is my fav
Trey Rubio
Therealstephencurry Curry
They uploaded this on my b-day
Morgan Raleigh
your so amazing
Nathan Locke
You guys are the best
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