Best of Dude Perfect | 2016

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It's time for the best Dude Perfect moments of 2016!
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Dude Perfect
THANK YOU GUYS for making 2016 such an awesome year!!
Can't wait to show you guys what we have coming up in 2017!
Christian Jenks
make more war videos
Joshua Joseph
Definitely water bottle flip edition for sure!¡
Ananya Achar
dude perfect, you guys are amazingly awesome! I just love your channel! Just fab!😍❤
Hala Alsaud
C Jones
Soccer trick shots
Jennifer Hindman
You guys are so cool,awesome I can't even explane how good you are.I really want to come and see you. I have tons of questions that's why I'll save them when I see you. but I'll probably not see you.hit me back up when you get the chance.🙂💩😢pound👊 it noggin😄
Minigun88 Lucy
Team Cory❤
Shammi Shriyan
pls dude perfect make a soccer trickshot video
Kaan Karakütük
rc cars video was my fav
Dipa Vish
I can not pick witch video is he best all of them are just to good!
Dude perfect is the best YouTube channel. Like if you agree.
Hamid Zarouk
dude perfect please let us now who is the panda. like if you agree 😀
Hamid Zarouk
water botle flip edition
TrickHunter Binder
Great Videos
Brennan Grabinski
All the golf
Leila Trejos
team Tyler
Gordon Fifer
you should do a ZIPCHIP trick shots video they are rubber discs that fly very far and curve too
Shosho xox
Qatuhchchfhv was born in WWE
Thaddeus Pittman
more lax
Pug Tato
Omg when i see you toghether i cry :')
Al Bob
NBA should recruit them............................
Ashutosh Rathi
my favourite video all of the you videos you made in 2016 because in all the videos you put your best efforts and they were absolutely amazing and make us feel nothing is impossible in this world
Dakota Crandall
do a fidget spinner video
Dakota Crandall
do a fidget soinner video
Arnau Hernandez
I wanna be with you guys someday
Arnau Hernandez
Dude perfect is AMAZING! !!
Arnau Hernandez
dude perfect is AMAZING! !
Zayd Mahfuz
how could you be the best
Kresna Aryo
the epic jackass
Cooper Kann
toughen up buttercup caitlen james
Tiago Santana
eles me deixa acodado pra sempre
Tiago Santana
eles sao mitoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Tiago Santana
Emily Ramsaroop
you all are awesome!!!!
Little Pros
why does ty always wears a hat
auto jumper
Amelia Neville
You guys are perfect
Amelia Neville
Good race
Billy Ingle
6:43 am i the only one that actually hugged them
Glen Siniawski
Please do giant hockey trick shots
Arch Saint
UltimateProGamer/UPG Videos
My Favorite Video was the Water Bottle Flip Edition
Cred Dinh
U da real MVP
Zayd Mahfuz
I am team Canada
Jahmaal Davis
It's funny because I watched every single videos I n this video. And I think your not going to read this but I'm a big fan. #TeamCobyforever
Kid Flip
I like your videos​ so much I almost cried
Jackson Friedman
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