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In the land of Farmees we have a treasure trove of nursery rhymes, and we're compiling all of your favorites kids songs to give you several minutes of pure, uninterrupted fun learning with your favorite farm friends, the Farmees! 
Kids! The Farmees are all headed to the animal circus to play a fun game of eenie meenie miny moe with the circus animals. We warned them, it could be too much fun, but paid no heed to us. So how about you babies hit play on this fun and magical compilation os preschool songs and join the Farmees in their fun advnture to the circus. Be warned! It could be too much fun that you wouldn't want to leave your little toddler room! 
Animated children's rhymes, kids songs and rhymes for children all aim at improving a toddler's comprehensive and cognitive skills. By repeating a rhyme more than once it helps develop their memory, and we've added lyrics to the song, which only boosts the learning process. By watching their toddler friends in the rhyme songs, children develop listening skills, and the ability to follow instructions and develop social harmony at a very young age. 2D and 3D rhymes are a great way to teach kids new things without having to go through the struggle of forcing them. Every baby song and kiddies rhyme is approached with a new concept and idea that inculcate some very important values in the growing stages of a preschooler. 
The Farmees rhymes for kids mainly focuses on logical reasoning, social skills, shapes, colors, numbers, alphabets, morals and much more, which you'll know once you hit play on this very wonderful nursery rhyme compilation. Don't forget to like and subscribe for more awesome childrens songs and videos by your Farmees friends. And if your favorite rhymes don't feature in our list of most popular kids songs, leave us a comment and we'll have it up in no time!
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