Halsey - Now Or Never

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Director: Sing J Lee & Halsey
Executive Producer: Laura Jones @ Partizan
Producer: Laure Salgon & Targa Sahyoun
Line Producer, Mexico: Fuad Abed Dalton
Cinematographer: Kristof Brandl
Production Designer: Fernanda Guerrero
Editor: Ryan Beck @ Final Cut

Colorist: Houmam Abdallah @ MPC
VFX: Absolute Post
Sound Design: Patrick Navarre @ Barking Owl

Music video by Halsey performing Now Or Never. (C) 2017 Astralwerks


Trinnity Gonse
did anyone else tried to call (972) 435-6436 or 972-hfkngdm ?
Marcelly Fonseca
Eu te amo agora e sempre Halsey ❤😍
Tyree Tsar Ryckman Hall
He didn't wanna spread the love around 😂😂
Tyree Tsar Ryckman Hall
Man has a spell book omg 😂😂
Evelyn Larissa
Aprendemos nesse video que nuca deixe seu chus para tras se nao vcb morre ou nao ok
Simple Minded
Hears this song on the radio "Pretty nice."
Hears the song on Youtube "THIS IS HALSEY?!"
unbelievably awful millennial garbage music.
So Young Moon
That ending sucked. Like, enough to piss me off and thumb the video down........I might take it back, maybe, but im still mad rn >.>
Cherie Archer
what the fuck am I hearing? I'm disgusted
Marilyn X
What a voice , not hard to look at either :)
Shania Joseph
Every time i watch this video, I cry.
I don't know why..........
absolute fucking rip off of needed me, not to mention the other artists she's ripped off wow
kiran udhani
Is it just me that Halsey looks like grown up eleven in her bald headed look?
Tyree Tsar Ryckman Hall
You're a really good Actressë
This gives me needed me vibes by rihanna
Anyone else?
Luke B
rihanna did it better
Tanaua Wilson
i 💘 it
Sumah Lee
Aww is there a part two? 🤔☹😭😭😭 😥😢😓😱😰😬😟😧😔😕😩😩X_X PLSSSSSSSSS
cookieface 313
Melanie and her need to make a song
richard turner
Did she not completely rip off needed me by rihanna
Charles Barbosa
She biracial
Martina Martinez
Love this song 💓💓💓😢😢
Martina Martinez
Been. Threw up and down
another song I love but video that I will never intentionally watch again
Roderick Baisden
This song makes me think about strippers and sex😂😂😂💯💯💯.
[]MîdñįghtWøłf []
It's sounds like "I want you to hold me down down forever"
Bliss Blissful
Looking at her I would never guess that she is Black. BTW: Obsessed with this song.
Jason Doelman
Her peeps get rattled. No wonder she shook! Like dueces😂
Teo Xinni
can I know who is the guy with white shirt at 3:16 ?
Gabriel surdyke
Maddie Kim
I luv Halsey and this music video
N3xiph ayee
Wth have i just watched...» σғғιcιαl 𐌕 ╠⊑𒆜𒅄𒅂⊒╣ツ龱
Naya Hatchett
Love the song and angel devil concept
Julianna I love thIs song Armstrong
Spooky bee lol but anyway I like this song
Aylin Yüce
Mans name?
Active Threat 2016
at 443, anybody see a reason that they should not continue to sit on their asses while men with machine guns charge at them??? In real life I wld cut Halsey's blue ass head off for betraying the group. Hell she could also be accused of setting the whole thing up!
Allexys 232004
What's the black guys real name
Sounds like Rihanna's needed me tbh but shit still fire 🔥
shaquifa stars
I have a crush on Hasley 😂💯 she's really pretty ❤❤ she a awesome singer
Marina Vergotti
This song reminds me a litle bit the jerika song but although i hate jake paul i LOVEEEE this song and hasley

(Sorry for my grammar)
kalpesh doshi
Those angels killed the demons so basically those angels are demons
Sydney Greene
Why does this only have 31m ?
UltimateDabzz ROBLOX
I don't get how there is royalty in this song
Sally-Ann Ward
that cross is a symbol of someones religion man like thats disrespectful and its sad how nobody is pointing it out. so much hate would be here if it was another religion but because its Christianity then its ok? didnt even bother listening to the song after seeing that...
Sofia Ramirez
Is there a second part?
Pablo Rivera
Anybody here from AHS 8 commercial
Hagar Omran
i may sound stupid but i didnt really get the end.. someone care to explain?!
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