Koolpeter Gaming
Have one of those have a pet
Jaxon Maher
I'm a herpotoligist and it was a ribbon snake
Jonathan Playz
12:42 dat booty doe! xDxDxD!!!!!
Yuri On Ice
Coyote-Green anol
Me- (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Me-Green anal
Joshua Huff
Gar tastes good though
Nathalie Silva
Please do a meet and greet in austin!
Gar is extremely popular where I live
Fork-Nose Films
It'd be cool to just get one wasp and get stung
Handsome Jack
why snakes are so chill about being picked up?
That frog was thicc
Luke Bowar
Not a huge thing, but I live in Colorado, and I was outside at marching band one dar and actually found a praying mantis, and got to catch it and hold it in my hands.
Mintaka viatori patuit
Chain of Flakes? Ways out.
Black Lion
11:11 you should do a Red Wasp sting challenge
Dawg Zilla
The most bizarre animals in Texas are the humans.
Emoji Badger
I've seen a blue snake (be aware it is sad) it was dead (Im sorry snake lovers ;-;)
Alyssa Henke
I caught one of that type of fish
solitary bee
12:50 - ribbit...
Divi Photos
Cool video
Amelia Simmons
I held a alligator gar before and then put it back in the water it was cool
Amelia Simmons
I live n Texas
Zhuomin Huang
Hannah Beaulieu
I thought the green anole was pronounced the green anal when I first saw the name lol
Sam Robins
ᗩᑎY ᗷOᗪY ᗯᗩᑎT ᖴᖇOG ᒪEGᔕ
Katie Dunwell
I love how excited he is when he catches the animals
Ana Garcia
Those geckos live around my house and at night you will at least find 6 of them hunting for crickets spiders and other insects even last night I found a baby one running around my living room I gently caught him and set him free but he was really beautiful and I love reptile and love living so Close to them. ( i live in Texas)
oh wow handshake nope lol dab
In thailand i found a gecko the lenght of my ipad air
Amari Ford
when he got that frog the music made me want to watch Disney channel
Juanton the Wonton
Welp, now the name Gar face seems a little more mean. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, he's an antagonist in a book called "The Underneath" by Kathie Appelt, I think)
Gar are good to eat.
Yummy Waffle
I live in texas I see those things everday
Mia Huppunen
you should do fish bites like muskie,pike or gar
everything is bigger in texas
You know what they say. everythings bigger in texas...
Person Loa
i see green anole all the time anyone else?
Tan Sulla
by the way I'm from cebu
Tan Sulla
tiki na
Adam Scott
No way I love chain o lakes i go every year
Wabbs Wight
I can literally just imagine the animals are just hanging out and normally just walking around like "Oh, what a nice night! I guess I'll ju- AAAAAAAHHHH!!"
Poor animals trying to have a nap XD
Btw, that bull frog is... E X T R A T H I C C
Jordan Cleary
I think this might be my most favourite channel on YouTube
CNt anoles change from green to brown? I used to have a pet one but he just hid in the top corner I named him sniper haha cause he always looks prone with a ghillie suit on
Khor Ba
when I was little I used to have those green anoles bite on my earlobes and hang there. lol. they are everywhere here.
Mango Plays
Actually spotted gar dont get much bigger and they actually have pretty good white meat
Dion Davoudian
One of the few YouTubers that actually deserve to be rich
Killer Bee
Yo I love what you do. You go find the creepy stuff all around the world so I don't have to experience it myself.

The only thing I can't stand to watch is when there's an arachnid on screen XD
Keep doing what your doing man!
Matt Garcia
Blue Skull Gaming
I live in Cleveland texas
frankie Tyler
I saw a gecko at ma summa camp
XXcbRG19XX Gaming
Oh no I live in Texas
Addison Thompson
I had a bigger bull frog then that in my bushes in front of my house
What's wrong with its back?
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