click here if you want to see unending sadness


Happy Birthday Wade and thank you all for 17 Million Subscribers! Bob and Wade are in town for the week and we're working on the tour that's happening this summer! And yes it ACTUALLY IS Wade's birthday so please send him some love through his links down below!


Also Wade:

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Sistar Sara
Agnes 5
happy 17 million subs Markiplier!
Pepper Steak
believe it or not i somehow read sadness as happiness
LolMan 123

Cotton Floss

it is what it is
GalaxyGirl RBLX
Don't worry Mark,were here for u
Jack Starbane
I don't need this video for unending sadness... I just have to think of my social life!
Deranged Gamer
subscribe to me
Jasper Knight
Juice in a box
0:41 Cheerful guitar music, while a wild Markimoo is in the background.
Lilly Lamothe
hahaha love you Mark
Ervin Iskandar
Did anyone noticed at 0:35
number 7 candle, means now he is 7 years old lol
"click here if you want to see unending sadness" over 2, 000, 000
Ros Fatehi
7. 7 members of bts.
I guess you say...

...It is what it is.
The Stoned Squirtle
wow, a lot of people wanted to see unending sadness
This video is 055 seconds long! Get it? Like that one Sc... What was I talking about? I'm sorry, something not spherical right? Meh whatever.
doctorwhonerd912 hemmersbach
I can relate mark
Me Me
That happens to me all the time don't worry markipoo
Asriel Dreemur
please come to Jesup Georgia
Jonny Berberick
Jonny Berberick
Plz play res 4
Jonny Berberick
Jonny Berberick
:( :( :( :(
Openingfever 9
Parys Milani
awsome mark
I thought he was the one whose having a bday
Poop Poop
rip wade 2010- 2017
Poop Poop
i this happened to me id die
Matthew Heck
Sometimes they ask you and you just have to say that you're fine
The typing at the start is me ordering an online takeaway when very hungry XD still, well done Mark! ;D
How rude of them.
Nicole TheNeko
Omg look at Tyler with Chica xD i cant stop laughing!!!!!help!!!
Luis Cross
The shirt really matched the video....
Pug Lover21
Wade grows up so fast I can't believe he's seven
Pug Lover21
This was amazing
Lily Dobbins
i kinda expected to see my face
Judith Aceves
Undead Killer27
I feel bad now😞
Janelle the piggy lover
now rewatch it with captions......
laura saccardo
Poor mark...
jakeswanson99 real
17 million nice
•Vani ller•
I love the thumbnail
Monster Slime Gaming
Wow thats really sad... When i clicked this I thought that it was just a joke... Clearly not...
Katie McGroddy
Angry-Markimoo intensifies.
Jesse Field
They've all betrayed Mark...Even Chica!
silver fruh
did anyone realize that bob's party hat was upside down-
Rachel Mast
Its okay mark! Just ignore the people who don't listen to you. Congrats on 17m!
Wolf Chan
throws around confetti 17 MILLION AND HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!
Chewguh •-•
I died..
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