Sean Spicer responds to Melissa McCarthy's SNL performance

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White House spokesman says sketch was funny but McCarthy needs to slow down on the gum chewing 
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Chad Meyer
You can tell how "tolerant" the "mainstream media" is by how easily they let a "bully" take up permanent residence in their heads.
lil morgღ
butthurt spicey.
dude guy
OMG if rosey does bannon i might piss myself
olivia ollie 2003
When you're doing comedy, you have to be too exaggerated.
Luke M
God, I miss Spicey. He was the only good thing about the Trump Administration.
Raemon Suber
"I was leaving church Sunday morning" quit lying spicy
mike müller
snl Make america great again
The counterfeit President Barack Obama and his team never had to endure such disrespect and ridicule, regardless how warranted.
Its supposed to be exaggerated 😂😂
Ashlyn S. Hibbs
I actually agree with him there lol. It didnt really fit with what I would see as a caricature of Spicy.
3:38 The horrors! xO
Phoenix Fawkes

That is sort of like the purpose of impersonation.
elaine gundlach
oh.i m sorry idon t care anymore
elaine gundlach
try tic tacs
elaine gundlach
i m dyin here
elaine gundlach
well thats just toooooooooooooooo godamn funny
JL Luna
Mean? Aww poor little Trump got his little feelings hurt, Republicans and their lack of their humor.
Americans have to mention religion at some point.
Southern wolf Productions
Liberal or not (I'm republican) that skit was hilarious
Sean Spicer looks dreadful for his age .......totally burnt out, overweight and wack style
Charlie B
she look like rihanna
Lola Martin
Melissa is a national treasure!!!
I LOVE how she said "attacked"...well, Whoops...."I don't MEAN ATTACKED"...yes well maybe you did cause that's what it is...and no I didn't vote for Trump or Clinton or anyone...I don't irresponsibly for "this evil verses that evil" don't say I love trump...I just think it's disgusting how people ATTACK PEOPLE PERIOD.
Teri Ross
I always said that Trump would make SNL Great Again.
Love it.....................
loren coleman
people need to grow a pair
loren coleman
its SNL its supposed to be exaggerated
Steve Stookey
This has always been the same thing, SNL desperately trying to come up with good material. The show hasn't been really great in years. This is easy dialogue, simple skits they've always done except when directed at Obama. Those were all very very light-hearted jokes and they always painted the wrong president as some sort of hero; laughable.
Remember when the whole world gave up on McCarthy being funny? Oh right! She was never funny!!
Frank James
news-- CBC Canadian live stream of 150 year BD DISABLES CHAT - fears Canadians views against liberals and Trudeau
Everything Guitar
its just fair game man
Redpill ofmatrix
they are 100% look a like...sorry man you look like a woman and talk like woman!!
Michelle Passmore
No wonder. CBS throwing BS around
This is a time to get down to business. I don't think SNL is funny anymore. That's been long gone. I haven't watched they're crap in a very long time
Wait he attends church?
Freudian slip at 2:37
"Many staffers attacked... uh not attacked... made fun of."

Gotta love those Freudian slips.
Aine ni Ghriofa
Seriously going to miss SNL and Spicey... so sad!!!
Abdu Robinson
This is what a skit is supposed to exaggerate the personalities of the president.
No lady you were right the first time when you said "attack"
Rangeleon The Random
Does Spicer know what Satire is? It's supposed to be a little exaggerated isn't it?
Tachanka Chanka
You people saying he needs to stop taking it seriously and get over it, realize that he has as much right to get offended by it as she has the right to mock him? It's what happens when you have free speech, you can say what ever you want but will face the consequences (if there are any)
Erik Gutierrez
Wow! It's the same interviews as the original! 😂😂😂
panda bear
it wouldn't be funny if she dialed it down
REP here saying hell no - she's needs to keep doing what she does. She is HILARIOUS. Spicer is an easy target and LOL he deserves it. Using her craft, not a youtube video making political statements like a lot of the useless celebrities who think notoriety equals pertinence . You keep up the excellent work Melissa!
Jo smith
This administration gives the best material everrrrrr
thanh nguyen
Sean Spicer is a body without the soul.
Eduard Vjeko
SNL is funnier than CBC News on JT and Liberal chicken-cup from A to Z
родион газманов
Derek Carter Jr.
It was still funny lol 😂
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