Wait he attends church?
Freudian slip at 2:37
"Many staffers attacked... uh not attacked... made fun of."

Gotta love those Freudian slips.
Aine ni Ghriofa
Seriously going to miss SNL and Spicey... so sad!!!
Abdu Robinson
This is what a skit is supposed to exaggerate the personalities of the president.
No lady you were right the first time when you said "attack"
Rangeleon The Random
Does Spicer know what Satire is? It's supposed to be a little exaggerated isn't it?
Tachanka Chanka
You people saying he needs to stop taking it seriously and get over it, realize that he has as much right to get offended by it as she has the right to mock him? It's what happens when you have free speech, you can say what ever you want but will face the consequences (if there are any)
Erik Gutierrez
Wow! It's the same interviews as the original! 😂😂😂
panda bear
it wouldn't be funny if she dialed it down
REP here saying hell no - she's needs to keep doing what she does. She is HILARIOUS. Spicer is an easy target and LOL he deserves it. Using her craft, not a youtube video making political statements like a lot of the useless celebrities who think notoriety equals pertinence . You keep up the excellent work Melissa!
Jo smith
anonyMousse on the Loose
This administration gives the best material everrrrrr
thanh nguyen
Sean Spicer is a body without the soul.
Eduard Vjeko
SNL is funnier than CBC News on JT and Liberal chicken-cup from A to Z
родион газманов
Derek Carter Jr.
It was still funny lol 😂
Blah, Blah, Blah. Don't even waste your time on this.
Shaq to Kenny: this news lady WHO SHE PLAY FOR?
Mitch G
Says he was
"leaving church when he got the texts"

Of coarse he was
Spicy has to be the most miserable man on the planet. He lies and literally everyone knows it.
Rosario Flores
Pub bb bt
When does the comedy start??
Carolina Murtha
She is PERFECT as Spicey. She doesn't need to change a damn thing.
Irony: Spicer is a snowflake.
A little too exaggerated. Isn't that that the point of SNL
Snazzy Msp
If someone did a comedy skit of Donald trump he would kick them on the other side of the wall 😂
Charlotte Adams
I fuking love the SNL performance
Vice Versa
Everyone knows they exaggerate people...except trump...that's pretty accurate. If they didn't exaggerate then it would be reality 😂😂😂😂 duh dumbass
i like the slip when she said ATTACKED and had to correct herself
Jared Highlands
He may be fired soon. Poor spicey
Jamie Mason
Each behind you enough Jewish counter road.
Carrie Gryte
Paul J
Exaggerated? Dial it back? What the hell do you think comedy/satire/caricature is, Sean?!
Caleb Murphy
Watch the full clip they degrade sean beyond belief.
Caleb Murphy
I support President Trump, SNL is a joke. #MAGA
gaming reaper
He's being a little birch about it...
Ashamed US Eagle
Comedy GOLD!!!
Warzombie3701 #
McCarthy is more Spicer than Spicer
Jodie Bechard
trump admin. cant take a joke lol
SNL Had it's ups and downs. But they are riding high on easy street due to overreacting from Trump and the white house. Folks, you can't make this up. The white house have sever hoof in mouth disease.
Expecto Patronum
dude it's SUPPOSED to be exaggerated
AMOSC :NikeSponsorsMe
The first host is so pretty
Terry H.
SNL has always made fun of Democrats, Republicans and Independents......that's what political satire is all about...Spicer and Trump is just pissed because they are giving SNL a lot to work with and doing it well.
Jesus this is difficult to watch. Melissa McCarthy is NOT funny. Never has been.
Jimmy Rorie
why hello Tashawna
lastinline bruce
A Smart person brings people together .. Not Divide us
Sabbe 5000
lol its a comedy show.... like wtf dude lol
Ernie Torres
exaggeration is the point lol
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