Sean Spicer responds to Melissa McCarthy's SNL performance

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White House spokesman says sketch was funny but McCarthy needs to slow down on the gum chewing 
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the title is totally misleading!
Kamal Hussain
Here I was, thinking Spicer was the exaggerated version of Mccarthy lol.
Stinking Liberals
walter garrison
We need some comedy to offset this nonsense .
lol. love trump and love melissa McCarthy
Aimee Brown
Lol....The funny thing is....SNL is portraying everything I'm already thinking!! Making SNL Great Again!!
Joseph Montante
Sean Spicer was right Melissa is getting Over Reacting
Liam Stutz
Spicer du its so funny
Rebecca Cotten
Baldwin comedy is old-time for new, but Mccarthy is hilariously perfect!
Rebecca Cotten
Baldwin comedy is old-time for new, but Mccarthy is hilariously perfect!
Simon & Elliot Original films
"too exaggerated" that's the whole point
Jay West
Did SNL make fun of Obama's press secretary?
Guess she has to do something on TV because her movie career is the SHITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Norma DeRosier
Don't dial it back! Yay!!!
Eric Olsen
Somehow Hillary running a private server in her basement and being exposed by the FBI director as a liar and avoiding indictment even though she was clearly guilty according to the director just wasn't funny to SNL. That said, the Spicer routine is hilarious. The Trump schtick is just mean and nasty.
He said she was just a "little" much exaggerated 😂 not to much exaggerated
Jason Boner
I'm a trump supporter and I get a kick out of these but I don't watch the show.
Nick Hackett
check mate fascists: sean says trump doesnt own a bathrobe, guess what, here's a picture of him in a bathrobe in 1975
im just glad they are not making fun of President Hilary
Scott Witkowski
I'm a conservative and this is still hilarious. Comedy is supposed to be exaggerated.
Chris Alan
Thankfully, we still live an America with the Freedom of Speech AND Freedom of Press. She is satirizing the behaviors of a very important government official...something Americans enjoy doing whether they like the person or not. She doesn't have to dial it back. She has the RIGHT to have fun with someone who makes it that easy to poke at them. He needs to stop taking things that seriously. You live in the Limelight, you are gonna get scrutinized. It's a price you pay in a consumerist and capitalist society. We want a show. Feed them to the Lio....I mean...make fun of them on SNL...
I like Alec as Trump & Melissa as Spicer. This is all for fun.
lol my little brother has that water blaster 1:14 😂
Dylan Clarkin
A little too exaggerated? It's called satire
Wonder how Spicy felt about the recent one with the Easter Bunny?
kaykay Jones
She is so freaking funny as Spicer. The gift that keeps on giving, the Trump administration. lol
England Gem
It's comedy geez he needs to get a sense of humor. Love Melissa, she is hilarious.
Eric Silva
Too exaggerated says the guy with no joy in his soul
zip dideedooda
GO SNL!!!! LMAO!!!
Liberal Tears
Honestly, I agree with him. Funny, yes, but a bit too exaggerated, obviously playing to the left.
Suraj Karki
mccarthy is brilliant
Too exaggerated he does realize it's a comedy sketch right?
Gannon Beverly
Because Sean Spicer has the authority to tell Melissa McCarthy to chew less gum?
Kristy Melendez
he was at church.... I'm dead
Dion Radimacher
Melissa hit the nail on the head being spicy lol
William Dashe
ATTACKED was the correct choice of worlds
John Coffee
McCarthy's Spicer impression is the only time she's made me laugh.
patty Segura
Go Melissa Go! :)
Black Terry
Can't dice the Spice.
Rob McLeod
Saturday Night Live is completely brilliant. Omw, Spicey's character is soooo funny!!
Suzanne Stephan
Expressful Kitten
if your going to call out others and mock them you should be acceptable to people mocking you simple as that
BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile]
lol SNL has been making fun of everybody since it began. This ain't new. sketches are meant to be exaggerated and funny.
Ayoub E
poor Sean Spicer has the toughest job in the world
Steven Carbuhn
apparently the satire was to satirical for Sean Spicer
frank castle
This wasn't an exaggeration, it's ridiculous. Too off the mark to be considered satire. Just more left wing propaganda being fed to the masses disguised as comedy. Spicer can be blunt at times but definitely not a hot head. Just more liberal BS thought coercion.
Patriot Jay News Channel
Because they can't understand English!
Nina Simone
The Kaiser
Nonsense, Spicer! Melissa was spot on!
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