Waking Up Next to a Cheater | Hannah Stocking

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Hannah Stocking
X Wolfie MSP
Hannah spelt backwards is hannah .-.
Cermet and Paesh
I HATE IT when he says “I LOVE MY LIFE!”
Is that a pan from PUBG (2:08)
Lena Aguilar
Honestly Jen is totally me when someone cheats on my friend. I gave a girl a black eye bc she kissed my bf and then kissed my sisters bf
Abigail Oakley
I saw Noel's head up when hanna was hitting her with a pan😐
Daniela Manakounou
I'm surprised her ankles didn't fall off! 😂 this video is hilarious
Kawaii potato lord :3
La puta XDDDDD
jwood hard floors
No if you look closely at 2:58 and pause at a very good timeing the did a HARD accident
jwood hard floors
CAUGHT BY A DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
charlotte fink
When the phone range tho and her face
Rowan Grosvenor
Fake LV bag 😂😂😂
angelatu loves cookies
Best ending EVA!!!!
AA Forever
at 3:02 Chipotle is under the girl with the frying pan and she's smiling.
Lizbeth Ramírez
Hannah looks like an actual barbie😍
Fwuffeh Muffin
Jen is literally me whenever my bff’s bf cheats on her i get the pan a gun a hammer
Bitch i aint letting that thirsty dick gets his full hunger on girls >:c
luss baru
1:46 that walk man 😂😂😂🤣 super funny
llama lover
She the side chick
kimx xtae
"Lets get this putas"
ImJustANIME Alex
The guard dog is my mom :3
KittyMeowUnicorn928 ;3
Ashton Lu
Your a killer
Nadia Khan
karina o
Oh wow that girls boobs so big
Im Just Maja
When I grow up I want to be as beautiful as Hannah
XXFreyCatxX Cat
The story of my life

I get a BF

They cheat

I slap them

I kill them
Dee A
Oh my God you said beautiful I love you should I love everything you look like a beautiful and I'm definitely going to thumbs up to eat this is this is something I am please shut out today fromsanayah
Gie Is Here
You are so beautiful
Shadow Kat Girl
0:41 Chipotle?
OMG Hannah, you don't have to crack your ankles for us, babe. It absolutely cracked me up but take care, alright? Ok, LMAO.
Moon Glow
I love her outro
Kayley Nuom
Daniel Ramirez
subscribe to daeud. chrto
Ok im back. I cant with these bitches! The way they was walkin down that street when those heels was too much. I just adore the fuck out the minut details in this video. The faces, the voice inflictions, the angles.... this shit beast.
Reatha Slayzz
Jen morel? That’s my sisters name but spelt like Jane Morrell. If only one of those girls name were Rita morel. So it sounds like Reatha Morrell my name
Love how she beat dat ass wit the pan!!!
Rosangeliz DE LaCruz
I'm in love with your videos and I have to be a great star just like you
Never Mind
Londyni Simmons
Danielle G.
Pause at 3:02
Diva Babe
Lol the door was already broken😂
Ivy Alcaraz
1:48 I ALMOST DIED LAUGHING!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Agust
Daniel Agust
Hannah is a Graet youtuber
Abby Walter
That dog is so cute
Eliana Rod
The girl he was cheating on Hannah with she s ugly
Eliana Rod
2:25 she got Jordan's on ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Raquel Cruz
Chipotlea is better then Hanna
xoxo. beautiful
She beat the heck out of her with that pan
Alondralove Diys
2:27 😂😂😂😂🌹😂😂😂
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